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Chapter Ten - Getting Worse

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He didn't know it was possible, but she looked ten times worse. She was sweating bullets, there was fresh blood on her bandages, the white cloth was almost completely red with her blood, and her br...

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A/N Hai, it's me again ;) A part of this chapter might shock some of you, but it's a REALLY important part of the story. Thankies to Lenorebear for reviewing again! Sorry if there's any typos or mistakes. Enjoy =D

Chapter Ten - Getting Worse

Party Poison woke up the next day in the front seat of the Trans Am because Dr. Death's voice filled the car. He had a huge hangover, he remembered that Ghoul kept some booze in the back of the car and ended up drinking all of his beer the night before.
"Remember Crashqueens and motorbabies, if you see Party Poison, tell him to come home or Kobra Kid'll snap his neck. This next song's for Party Poison." The song Party Poison started playing in the car.
He started driving back to Dr. Death's diner.

The second the Trans Am pulled up, he was greeted by all of the Fabulous Killjoys.
His brother was the first to walk up to him.
"Do you have any idea how fucking worried we've all been, Poison?" He shouted, making Poison's head pound even harder.
"Fuck, Kobra, I've got a fucking hang over, so don't shout in my fucking face, okay?"
"I don't fucking care! I was worried sick! Where the fuck where you?"
"The outer Zones. I drank all of Ghoul's beer and passed out in the car."
"Hey, you drank all my beer?" Ghoul demanded to know while he brushed his long hair out of his eyes.
"Not the time, Ghoul." Jet murmered to him.
"Do you know what? You weren't the one who had to tell Acid that her boyfriend was doing fuck knows what and that we didn't know where he was!"
"Acid's awake?"
"Not right now she's not. She kept asking where you were and I said you'd gone out drinking. She mumbled something I couldn't make out and she closed her eyes again."
Poison felt a wave of guilt wash over him when he pictured Acid wondering where he was.
"I'm not going to listen to this right now, I need to see Acid."
Poison walked passed his brother and rushed to Acid's side.
He didn't know it was possible, but she looked ten times worse. She was sweating bullets, there was fresh blood on her bandages, the white cloth was almost completely red with her blood, and her breathing had become uneven panting.
He sat down and held her hand.
"Hey, Ace. It's me, it's Poison." He waited to see if she would reply, but she just lay there. The only sound in the room was her panting as if she'd run a thousand miles.
"Kobra told me that you woke up before and asked for me and I was being a fucking idiot and I wasn't there. If it's any consilation, I've got one hell of a fucking hangover." Again, she said nothing. "You know, I really wished that you could hear me right now, because when you actually were awake, I was too much of a wuss to say it, but I love you, Acid. I love you so fucking much. I can't lose you, I just don't know if I can take that. When Bob and Layla died, it was bad enough, but with you . . . I can't even begin to imagine how I'd get over you. I love you, I love you, I love you." He chanted.
"Love . . . you . . ." She barely wispered.
"Acid? Acid did you just-"
"Poison." Her lips barely even moved when she said his name.
"I'm right here."
She didn't say anything.
"Ace, please say something." He begged her. "Just anyting."
She remained silent.

Rose pressed her thumb onto the sensor pad and it examined her finger.
"Acess granted." The robotic voice said.
Rose walked into the hospital, she was wearing a Better Living nurses outfit so she blended in with everyone else at the hospital.
She walked into the supplise room, she knew the hosptial almost as well as the back of her hand. She looked for a small box of pills called 'healer'. Healer was a medication that BL/ind made that helped fixed any injuries within ten minutes. She took several boxes, there were roughly thirty pills in each box so they would last the Killjoys a while. She grabbed needles so she could stitch the wound and anything she could find incase something happened in the future that they might need it for.
Her bag was filled with medication and equipment within minutes. She heard alarms go off.
"Time to go." She mumbled to herself.
She started running to the exit to find Draculoids there. She grabbed her gun and started shooting. They were all down in no more than twenty seconds.
She ran out of the hospital, trying to get back to her car as soon as possible. She could hear Draculoids running after her, but she smiled knowing that she was too fast for them to catch her. Her mind was filled of images of the Draculoid's hands just inches away from her, but them knowing that she was too quick.
She started shooting them and she watched them drop dead onto the ground. She hopped into her car and she started driving away from Battery City.
"Fuck you, assholes!" She shouted out the window to the Draculoid on the ground.
She grinned when she knew that she'd done it. Acid was going to be okay . . . as long as she got there in time.
Her car was almost out of gas, but she knew that if she managed to get to Zone three then she'd be able to find Crimson Killer. She knew that Crimson would happily take her back to Static and Cherri, Crimson was like a brother to her and she was like a sister to him.
She just begged that her car wouldn't fail her before she got there.

Static sat in the living room, worried sick about Rose.
All Static could think about was Rose being caught, or Korse killing her. She knew that no father would kill his own daughter, but this was Korse they were talking about here.
Kobra saw her chewing on her nails, nervously. He knew that she was worried about Rose. He walked over to her and sat next to her on the couch. He handed her a beer.
"Want one?" He asked.
She sighed. "Yeah. I really fucking need one." She took the beer and started drinking. Within a couple of minutes, she'd finished her beer.
"You can really drink."
"Yeah, I guess I can. I'm just so worried about Rose, I swear to God if Korse hurts her . . ."
"I think even Korse would stop at some levels."
"He used to beat her before she found me and Cherri. She was almost fifteen, she was covered in bruises and scratches from what he did to her. She ran away from Battery City and into the Zones. She had no idea about what Korse was doing to everyone or what Killjoys where. They've caught her a couple times, but she's always either come back to us or we've gone to Battery City and taken her back into the Zones."
"She sounds like one hell of a girl." He took a sip of his beer.
"She is. How's Poison holding up?"
"Honestly? He's a wreck. He's just in there with Acid now."
"How long have they been together?"
"A month. I know that it doesn't sound that long, but she's had one hell of an impact on him. He's like a totally different person. He's the same Gerard from before the bombs."
"He really does love her, doesn't he?"
"Yeah, he does."
"Do you think she'll die? If it wasn't infected, then I know that she'd be okay, but now I'm not so sure."
"If Poison asks, I said no, but . . . I think she will. I really don't want her too, but she's only getting worse. She's lost more blood in the past twenty-four hours and Jet said that the infection's getting worse."
"I wish I could've met her properly before she died, she seemed like a good person."
"Yeah, she was."
"Oh, so now you're talking about her like she's dead?" Poison said from behind her. They could smell more alcohol on his breath.
"Poison, I-" Kobra was cut off by his brother.
"She's going to wake up, she's going to be okay. I'm not losing her."
"Poison, look at me." Kobra stood up and put a hand on his brother's shoulder. "She's probably going to die, have you seen her? I don't mean to come off harsh or any shit like that, but she's not got much time left. She's dying."
Tears filled Poison's eyes. He didn't want to admit it, but he knew that his brother's words were right. She was dying. "I don't know what I'm going to do. I love her."
"I know you do."
They both sat down. "I swear, I'm going to make that son of a bitch pay for what he's done. For killing Jenna, for killing Bob, for killing Layla, for hurting Ace. Then he's killed our family, he's killed everyone. He's a fucking waste of oxeygen."
"We know. He's going to get what's coming to him, that's one of the reasons why us Killjoys are here, my friend." Static said. She took a sip of Kobra's beer.

Static, Kobra and Poison all got drunk that night.
Poison passed out at around midnight, but Static and Kobra were alone in the living room.
"You know, I had the biggest crush on you when I first met you." Kobra confessed.
Static giggled. "Oh really? Well, you ain't so bad yourself, Mr. Way."
"Well thankyou."
"No problem. You're pretty fuckin' hot, actually." Static took a gulp of her beer.
"You think I'm fuckin' hot?"
"Hell yeah. Have you seen yourself lately? Your blonde hair really suits you, it's sexy."
"Your eyes look like emeralds."
"Emeralds?" She raised her eye brow.
"Yeah, emeralds. They're real pretty, they look like . . . trees. Not the dead ones, the alive ones. They're pretty."
"You're pretty."
"Guys aren't pretty. Girls are pretty."
"That's sexist."
"How is it sexist?"
"You're saying that guys can't be something but girls can."
"You're drunk." He laughed.
Static started laughing at him laughing. "So are you, so you don't have fucking shit on me, my friend!"
They started laughing hystericly until they fell on the floor. Static was lying ontop of Kobra and she stared into his eyes.
It wasn't long before she pressed her lips to his. Kobra wrapped his arms around her waist and rolled her over so that he was lying ontop of her. Static moaned when he slid his tounge into her mouth. She could taste the alcohol on his tounge and vice versa. She took his jacket off and he slid his hands under her shirt, feeling her back.
Kobra's lips moved to Static's neck. He gently bit it and sucked on a certain area of her neck.
Neither of them could remember the rest of the night, they just had a bad hangover and they woke up completely naked in Kobra's bed the next morning.
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