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March 14 [1]

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The story starts off with Gerard and his reaction to the accident... this is more like a background chapter, chapters will be much more longer than this.

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Many emotions were running through Gerard Way's head. It was like a bullet piercing one's heart [Not really, of course lol}. It hurt to even think.

Pain, grief and anger were the 3 dominant ones. Pain and grief for the loss of his wife and young daughter, earlier that morning. Anger, for the bastard slamming into their car, killing them. And for recieving the news of the accidents and their deaths, hours after the accident occured. Why had he not recieve a notice of this earlier?..

The anger soon dominated the pain/grief, and Gerard saw red. He wanted to kill anything or anyone who crossed his path,even though he was strongly against violence, after all, he did witness 9-11...

He couldn't hold in his anger for much longer, so he threw the phone he was holding at the wall. He threw the phone so hard and fast, that the phone smashed into tiny pieces as it made contact with the wall.

Gerard was to pissed off,to even give a damn that he broke a $350.00 phone. His fists were tightly clenched, ready to collide with someone's face.You could practically see the steam come out from his nose and ears. He was that mad...

A minute or so later, he felt the all to familar wet feeling,gathering in his eyes. This indicated that he was one second away from completely losing it.

He collapsed onto the floor, with a heavy thump and immediately curled up into a ball, blocking his face from anyone who might walk in. His sobs filled the room. It was a heartbreaking sound. And it was also so loud, that everyone in the whole building could hear him.

Gerard didn't care if someone could hear. He wouldn't even care if anyone walked in on him. Nothing mattered to him, except the fact that his family was dead, anymore. Nothing. Not even his own band, his fans, or even his own brother, Mikey....

All he wanted was his lovely wife,and his little Kayla back in his arms.

Gerard closed his eyes tightly, and thought back to the last time he last saw his family alive, as the tears continued rolling down his cheeks, onto his shirt, soaking it.

~ ~ ~

Like most people do,when upset,Gerard eventually turned to the alcohol and drugs to attempt to drown the pain and agony away. It didn't work at all....

His depression becoming even more serious. Nobody knew what was going on. They didn't even suspect it either. Gerard put up a front, in front of everyone. He made it seem like everything was alright, that he was happy, but really, everything wasn't alright at all. He was far from being happy...

Mikey knew about this, but didn't do anything. He tried to, but it didn't help his brother out at all, so now all he could do was watch helplessly, as his brother slowly kills himself... nobody had no idea, what was going on. Mikey wished that he could do something, but he knows Gerard would only get worse, so he remained quiet about this...

As the months slowly progressed since the accident,
Gerard seemed to be getting worser and worser each passing day.

That is, until he met Lindsey Ann Ballato, the bassist for the band Mindless Self Indulgence. They had apparently met back in 2002 somwhere, but Gerard had no interest in her, as he was engaged to Kristen.

This time,they fell in love, and the two got married sometime in September of 2007. 2 years later, Lyn-Z gives birth to their daughter, Gerard and her's first child. Bandit Lee Way. Even though, Gerard loves Bandit and Lyn-Z, he wasn't really 'in love' with her.

His heart will and forever belong to Kristen...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A/N: Well guys, what did ya think? I worked really hard on this lol. It took me two days to write, so I'm really proud of this! :D It's sad I know, but I just am..

In this story,...

1) Gerard does not wear the wedding ring from his current marriage to Lyn-Z, but wears the wedding ring from his marriage to Kristen.... [I know weird/confusing much? Can't blame him through]

2) Oh, and the song 'Summertime' off MCR's album, Danger Days, is not about Lindsey in this story, it is about Kristen. He met her [Kristen] in the summer of 2000.
~ ~ ~
Yeah, things are alot different in the story, from reality. This chapter was kind of a background chapter. Anyways, can't wait to post chapter 2! :)
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