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Sometimes I'd Like to Kill All My Friends

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Gerard takes Frank out on a date, and God only knows what could go wrong there.

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AN: Deliciously Emo is mine, got it? Good. Now enjoy some fluff.

Two weeks passed without much excitement, but that was just the way Frank liked it. While Gerard was at school or work, he'd spend the day either lounging around the apartment or walking to the mall. He still had money left over from his 'working' days, and he used some of it to buy an IPod Touch.

On weekends he and Gerard would take long drives and hang out in various places around Jersey. They would then come home, exhausted and laughing, to snuggle on the couch and watch horror movies.

Frank's past life was nothing but a memory. Under Gerard's care, his bruises had faded and his tight clothes replaced by ones that actually fit. The sex was fantastic and Frank no longer had to scrub at his skin until he bled in the morning.

This is the way it was supposed to be.

Frank smirked as he watched Gerard sleep on the couch, mouth open and his black hair sticking out everywhere. It was Saturday evening, and the couple had come home from the beach to catch an episode of Dexter before bed.

Seizing his chance, Frank crawled up Gerard's sleeping body until they were nose-to-nose.

'Correction,' Frank thought. 'Mouth-to-mouth.'

Frank bent his head down and placed his lips over his lover's. He had barely gotten his tongue in Gee's mouth when Gerard stirred.

"Frank?" he called out groggily.

Frank's grin widened until it rivaled the Cheshire Cat's. "That's my name, and judging by the way you yell it over and over again, you know it!" he teased.

Gerard swatted halfheartedly at his head. "Watch it," he growled. To Frank it sounded like a cross between a purr and a growl. "Remember what I'm capable of."

Frank rolled his eyes. "Yes, O Sex-God of my life. I am fully aware of what you're capable of. Fully aware indeed. Now get up so we can go to bed!"

Gerard, blushing from the 'Sex-God' comment, stretched and allowed Frank to pull him off the couch. The shorter man laughed at the way Gee stumbled across the kitchen/living room.

"Better lay off the booze, Gee!" Frank chuckled. The two made their way into the bedroom and flopped onto the bed. Frank snuggled into Gerard's chest and shut his eyes.

"Hey Frankie?"

"Yeah, Gee?"

"Do you want to go on a date tomorrow? A real one?"

Frank's eyes opened and turned up to Gerard's face, which was gazing down at him. Seeing Gerard looking so nervous made him smile.

"I dunno," Frank said, drawing out the last syllable. "I might have plans. There's this guy I met about two months ago, and you would not believe the size of his-"


"Okay, okay," Frank giggled. "I'd love to go on a date with you, Gee. You know I would. Where are we going?"

Gerard visibly relaxed. "To the movies, I think. And dinner at Swiss Chalet. Nothing fancy."

Frank hugged him. "Well it's fancy for me," he said simply. "But we should probably go our separate ways after that. What kind of person would I be if I went to bed with you on the first date?"

"Frank..." Gerard warned.

Frank laughed. "Alright, keep your pants on! Or, you know, off," he added, grinning wickedly into Gerard's shirt.

Gerard snorted and pushed him away. "Get back, you perverted little midget!" he ordered, laughing. "Screw you!"

"You'd love to, wouldn't you babe?" Frank said, returning to his spot next to his boyfriend. "Just keep it down. The neighbours would have a fit."

Gerard sighed into the darkness of their room. "Dear God, kill me now."

Frank giggled into his shirt.


Gerard woke up somewhere around 12:20. He'd remembered to shut off the alarm last night, thank God. Stretching his long arms over his head, Gerard looked around for Frank.

He found Frank somewhere in the center of the mattress, bundled up like an Eskimo in the comforter and snoring softly. Gerard chuckled and decided to let him sleep before climbing out of bed.

He walked over to his desk and got out a sheet of paper and a pencil. Gerard then went to the kitchen table and began to draw. 

The picture was of Frank and himself. In the drawing, Frank was playing a lethal-looking guitar and screaming into a microphone. Gerard danced around him with a microphone of his own, looking excited and a little insane. On the bottom of the page, he wrote: Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us.

Gerard stared at the title, wondering where it had come from. Sometimes his brain did that; produced a thought that made no sense and had nothing to do with him. Gerard stared at it harder, and lyrics bubbled in his mind.

'The amount of pills I'm taking
Counteracts the booze I'm drinking.'

Ah, that made sense. His mind had reverted back to the days when he'd been taking anti-depression pills. Lovely. 

Gerard pushed the paper away from himself and put some bacon in a frying pan. While it was cooking, Gerard went back to another song he was working on.

'Hand in mine
Into your icy blues
And then I'd say to you-'


While Gerard had been inside his head, the bacon had remained in the pan. Grease flew out at him like a tiny missile, burning his fore-arm.

Gerard heard someone moving in the bedroom and mentally slapped himself. "Good job, moron," he said to himself as a yawning Frank Iero made his way into the kitchen.

"Morning, Gee," he said, sniffing. "Is that bacon?"

Gerard grinned and pecked him on the cheek. "Indeed it is! But I should warn you, it's pretty violent," he added darkly. "Did I wake you up?"

Frank reached out a floppy hand and ruffled Gerard's already wild hair. "Naw. I just couldn't stand my dream anymore."

"Oh? What was it about?" asked Gerard as he flipped the bacon over. More grease. More swearing.

"Well," said Frank. "I dreamed that there was some idiot in the kitchen that couldn't cook bacon. But I didn't mind too much; he had a nice ass," he finished, grinning mischievously.

"Grow up," said Gerard, trying to sound serious but failing. "Really, though. What was it about?"

Frank shrugged. "I can't remember. Something about an accordian and a forestfire, I know that."

Gerard raised an eyebrow and transferred the bacon onto a plate with paper-towel. "That's deliciously emo," he commented.

Now it was Frank's turn to raise an eyebrow. "'Deliciously emo?'"

"My new catchphrase," said Gerard proudly. He'd thought it up the night before and had jumped at the chance to use it.

"I don't like it."

"I don't like you."

"You're screaming Friday night tells me otherwise."

Gerard squinted at Frank, searching for an argument. "Get some bacon," he said finally. "We'll talk about my catchphrase later." 

They ate in the living room and watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon and Leonard were on opposite teams for a Brain-a-thon, and Sheldon was just telling Leonard that "It's on, bitch."

"You know," said Gerard through a bite of bacon. He swallowed. "You kinda remind me of Leonard."

Frank looked surprised. "What? Why?"

Gerard grinned. "You're both short and bad-tempered."

Frank's expression was mutinous. "I am not short," he said firmly. "And if anyone around here has a bad temper, it's you, Mr. 'Goddammit you electronic shit-weasel."

"I hate that alarm clock," Gerard muttered. "Now get dressed, because it's one o'clock and we've got a movie to see!"

Frank frowned. "At one?"

Gerard grinned like a crocodile. "That leaves plenty of time for dinner and, er, other activities when we get home."

"Why, Gerard Way, are you flirting with me?" asked Frank in a scandalized tone, skipping off to the bedroom as he did so. "Because if you are, I may have to run screaming for the police."

Gerard followed his boyfriend to the bedroom dresser and stood behind him, wrapping his long arms around Frank's shoulders and kissing the exposed skin of his neck.

"Believe me, baby," Gerard growled in what he hoped was a sexy voice. "I'll have you screaming either way."

Frank slapped him away playfully and snatched some clothes out of the dresser. "And you call me a tease."

Gerard got some clothes of his own and changed, glancing at Frank out of the corner of his eye when he could. Frank seemed to notice this, because he took an almost obscene amount of time putting on his pants.

Twenty minutes later, they were blinking in the sunlight next to Gerard's car. It was incredibly warm out, so Gee cranked the AC once they were inside.

"So, what movie are we seeing?" said Frank, watching the streets zip by from the passenger side window.

Gerard reminded himself to keep his site on the road as he answered. "The theatre is showing Steven King movies all day long. We're going to see 'Carrie', 'Pet Sematary', and 'It'." He was quite proud of himself for finding such an impressive lineup. 

Frank's eyes widened. "Day. Made," he said simply.

They reached the movie theatre at exactly 1:58, giving them two minutes to buy tickets, get snacks, and find a seat. All this was done in record time, and the couple managed to snag some seats near the back.

'Perfect for making-out during the scary parts,' Gerard thought, taking Frank's hand in his own whe the other held his popcorn.

They didn't even make it past the first movie when all hell broke loose.

Just as the pig's blood was poured over Carrie's head, Gerard made his move. He leaned sideways in his seat at the same time Frank leaned in his. The two met in a long and needy kiss, wrapping their arms around eachother while Carrie's school burned in front of them. Gerard was vaguely aware of the screaming coming from the screen, but it was another voice that made his heart stop.


Oh. Fuck. 

Gerard opened his eyes to find Frank already staring at him in shock. His head snapped around to see Ray Toro seating two rows ahead of him with a blonde guy Gee thought was named Bob. Ray's eyes were bugging out of his head while Bob somehow managed to keep his poker face.

"Ray?" Gerard croaked. "Uh, hey..."

Ray looked at him, looked at Frank, and just stared. Gerard shifted in his seat uncomfortably. He and Frank were still tangled up in eachothers' arms.

A slow smile spread across Ray's face. "I knew it. Didn't I tell you, Bob? I knew Gee was getting some action!" Ray laughed loudly, and a bunch of people threw popcorn at his bushy head.

Gerard and Frank looked at eachother. 

"I take it you know him?" observed Frank in a 'this is awkward' kind of tone.

Gerard swallowed.

Completely unbothered by the tension, Ray led Bob up to the row that Gerard and Frank were sitting in. They sat down.

"Frank," said Gerard quietly. "This is Ray. The blonde one's name is Bob. Ray, Bob, this is Frank." He swallowed thickly. "Frank is my, um, boyfriend."

"Yeah," said Ray with a snort. "I could tell."

Bob stretched out a hand to Frank, who realeased his grip on Gerard and shook.

"Nice to meet you," said Bob before turning back to the movie.

When intermission was announced, the four young men stayed in their seats. Gerard and Frank finally let go of eachother and waited for the lights to dim again.

"How long have you guys been dating?" Ray asked.

Frank answered. "Two weeks, but we met about two months ago."

"How did you meet?"

Gerard and Frank looked at eachother, unsure of how to respond.

"Okay, Frank, where do you live?" Ray pressed.

Frank blushed and muttered a barely-audible answer. 


Gerard intervened to save Frank from any more embarrassment. "He lives with me."

Ray was about to say something when the theatre darkened and Bob told him to shut up.

Most of the second film, Pet Sematary, was spent in almost painful silence. Gerard longed to grab Frank and take off, but Bob and Ray were blocking his exit. Only when Church came back to life did Ray finally break the silence.

"So, which one of you's the chick?"

:::::::::: Demolition Lovers ::::::::::
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