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Early Sunsets in Monroeville

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A birthday surprise ends in a bloody tragedy for Frank and his boyfriend...

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AN: Last chapter until December 7th!!!

The next few months flew by faster than Frank thought was possible. By the time October rolled around, he'd managed to find a job in the local mall as a video-game clerk.

The morning of his birthday was insanely cold; Frank actually saw his breath coming out in tiny white puffs when he woke up. Frustrated with the temperature, Frank pulled the comforter over his head and tried to go back to sleep.

A finger poked him in the stomach. Squealing like a little girl, Frank hastily scrambled backwards off the bed and glared at his boyfriend.

"What the fuck, dude?!"

Gerard Way smiled innocently at him from a sea of red blanket. "I just wanted to make sure you were awake, Birthday Boy," he said, barely concealing an evil tone.

Frank eyed him warily. "Don't call me that," he muttered, crossing the room and getting some clothes out of the dresser. Today was Monday, so that meant dressing up for Halloween wasn't an option. Finally, he found a pair of loose-fitting jeans and his favourite shirt; the white 'Thank You For The Venom' tee.

Gerard was right behind him, trying to comb his hair while at the same time pulling on his pants. "Don't be mean. Today's your birthday, and you're my boyfriend. Nicknames are necessary," he insisted.

Frank glared at him. Gee smiled back, showing all his teeth. 

"Bite me," Frank growled. On one hand, he was excited that today was his birthday and that Gerard cared. On the other, it was Monday and 'Birthday Boy' wasn't very creative.

Gee stuck his tongue out. He'd finally managed to somewhat brush his hair and put on a dark green sweater that said: 'Officially Undead' on the front. "Whatever. You. Me. Dinner at 5:00. I'll pick you up from work at 4:45."

Frank was touched. "Aw, Gee, you didn't have to do that."

"Nonsense," Gerard replied, pulling Frank to him and kissing him. Frank ran his tongue along his lower lip to deepen the kiss, but Gee wouldn't give.

When Frank whimpered, Gee laughed. "I have to get to school and you need to get to work. No morning make-out for you."

The couple went to the living room. Frank was wondering about  what they'd have for breakfast when he ran smack into Gerard's back.


He looked around Gee and felt his jaw drop. In the middle of the living room, perched on a stand, was a brand-new guitar. Gleaming red and white, it looked ready to tear up an amp and spit it out.

"Oh my shit," he breathed. "Did you buy that?"

Gerard rolled his eyes. "No," he said sarcastically. "I broke into a music store and ninja-rolled home with it strapped to my back while I played the banjo, which I also stole."

Frank smacked him on the head. "Ah, shut it! This is too much!"

Gee smiled down at him. "Not for you. Nothing's too much for you," he said seriously. "Now, before you start drooling at my feet, we need to get a move on."

Frank grumbled a bit but loyally followed Gee out the door and down the stairs. He'd get extra food for lunch on his break.

Gee dropped him off at the mall, yelling 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIDGET!' out the driver's side window as he sped away. Frank flipped him the bird and went inside to face another day of dull work sorting video-games.


Gee pressed on the gas pedal, throwing anxious glances at the digital clock on his dashboard at he drove to the mall.

'Dammit' he thought angrily. '4:46! I'm late! Oh damn, oh damn, oh damn!'

He parked the Subaru in the lot and dashed to the mall entrance, almost forgetting to lock the doors as he did so.

'4:50!' his mind shrieked. 'What kind of monster are you?!'

Gerard Way flew like a bat out of hell through the mall. Up an escalator, down a hall, take a left at the washrooms... There!

Tears of joy nearly sprang to the corners of his eyes as the blinking sign of Gamestop appeared before him. He was only six minutes late; not too shabby!

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Gee walked into the store and promptly ran into Frank. Frank had his headphones in and held a stack of games, no doubt ones he was putting away instead of buying them for himself. 

For a second it looked like Frank was about to tell him off. Then Gee saw recognition brighten his green eyes and a smile curve his lips.

"Gee! Hey!" he said loudly, taking out his headphones. "I'll be ready to go in a second, I just have to put these away and sign out."

Gerard nodded and floated over to the counter, watching Frank flit about the store with an intense look of concentration on his face. He smiled. The only other time Frank looked that serious was when he was playing the guitar.

Gee tapped his foot in time to the music coming out of the speakers as he waited. "In a crooked little town, they were lost and never found. Fallen leaves, fallen leaves, fallen leaves on the ground," he sang under his breath.

"Nice singing," said a voice next to him.

Gerard turned to thank the owner of the voice, only to find a revolver pointed at his face. On the other end of the gun was Henry.

Gee felt his heart stop. His first instinct was to scream for Frank to run, but he didn't want to put him in danger. They were the only ones in the store, and Gerard doubted that anyone would come in anytime soon.

To his horror, Frank rounded the corner of a shelf and started to walk toward him. "Okay, babe," he said cheerfully. "Ready to-"

The gun swung in his direction, and Frank stopped dead. Henry sneered at him.

"Hey there, Frank," he snarled. "How is the little whore doing today?"

Gee looked anxiously from Henry to Frank. "Hey, come on," he pleaded. "No one needs to get hurt here." All of his vows to rip Henry to shreds died in that moment. All Gee could think of was that gun pointed between Frank's huge green eyes.

Henry turned on him, his finger twitching toward the trigger. "Are you fucking kidding?" he demanded. "You fucking broke my nose! I've been following you two fags for months!" His eyes were wild, his blonde hair matted to his forehead with sweat.

Gerard tried to back up, but he was blocked by a wall. "Listen, you-"

"No!" Henry roared, waving the revolver. "I've got the gun, you listen to me! I'm gonna blow your fucking brains out, you pale little queer!"

Gerard looked over Henry's shoulder and saw Frank with a hand clamped over his mouth and tears in his eyes. He swallowed.

"But first," Henry continued. "I'm gonna make you shoot the slut in the head."

He whirled around and grabbed Frank by the arm. Gee cried out, but Henry slammed the youngest man to the floor like he was a doll.

'Oh please,' Gee begged silently. 'Someone hear this! Someone stop this! PLEASE!' Hot tears rolled down his cheeks as Frank shifted on the floor and sobbed in pain.

Henry grabbed Gerard and pulled him in front of him. Gee tried to fight back, but Henry pushed the gun into his hand and aimed it at Frank's head.

"No!" Gee screamed, struggling to move the gun away from his lover. "No! Please, not Frank!"

Frank coughed. "Gee," he said hoarsely. "Just do it. He's not gonna l-let us out of h-h-here alive... Just shoot me. I love you. I d-d-don't want him to be the one to end it."

Gee still fought, becoming desperate.

"Hear that, you little cunt?" Henry hissed. "He wants you to do it!"

"No," Gee moaned, feeling himself tiring. "Me instead. Shoot me instead, just don't kill Frank!"

Gerard felt Henry hesitate. He looked into Frank's green eyes and saw pain and fear; an exact copy of what he was feeling.

"Alright." Henry kicked Gee's legs out from under him, sending him to his knees with a thud. Gerard felt the gun tugged out of his hand, felt the cold metal of the revolver press against the side of his skull.


Frank felt like he was going to die. He looked up and saw Gee's eyes looking wide and dark. Henry had the revolver to the side of his head, like an executioner.



And Gerard felt himself shaking. 

"I love you, Frankie," he whispered.


And Frank heard the deafening crack as the bullet shot from the gun.


And Gerard felt more pain than he was prepared to deal with.


And Frank felt the hot spray of his lover's blood on his face. An inhuman scream of agony ripped up his throat as Gerard fell to the side.


Frank felt his control slip from his limbs, but he still managed to crawl to the body.

'Not a body' his breaking mind told himself. 'Gerard. Gee. My boyfriend. Oh, God, Gee! WHY IS THERE SO MUCH BLOOD?!'

He didn't even realize he was screaming out loud.

Gee's eyes were closed. Frank wanted them to open, wanted to see that unique shade of dark-hazel shining up at him. 

They stayed shut. Frank was dying inside. He wanted to die outside, too, but then he wouldn't be able to see Gerard's relaxed face as he 'slept', or the still-sexy mess that was his hair. His pale skin was even paler than ever, with scarlet flecks of blood that spattered over his face and chest.

Frank choked on his tears and waited for someone to kill him.

:::::::::: Demolition Lovers ::::::::::

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