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Give 'Em Hell Kid

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Five guys meet in an apartment. What could possibly go wrong?

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AN: One more chapter, then I'm done for the week...

The band-to-be met in Gerard and Frank's living room Friday night. Frank couldn't help but notice how drastic the differences were between appearances.

Ray; tall and skinny with an impressive 'fro of brown hair on his head.

Bob; massive and muscular with blonde hair hanging in his eyes and a matching beard growing on his square jaw.

Mikey; dangerously skinny with spidery limbs, glasses, and dirty-blonde/brown hair.

Frank himself; short, scrawny, and slightly muscled with black hair that covered one eye and tattoos on his arms.

And in the middle of it all, Gerard. Pale and thin with medium-length black hair that refused to be tamed.

'We're either gonna be really famous or really anonymous,' Frank realized. He didn't care much for the first part, but he definitely didn't want to be just another guitar player.

Ray stood from the couch and raised his beer bottle. "First, a toast to Gee and myself! Here's to making it through our second semester of college!"

Everyone raised their drinks and cheered. Frank, who was currently sitting on Gerard's lap, leaned back and kissed him. Gerard went red as the guys started wolf-whistling.

"Yeah, Gee!" Mikey yelled, grinning wickedly. "Get some!"

"Later!" Frank called back, earning an approving laugh from Mikey and the rest of the guys.

"Alright!" said Gerard hastliy, looking like a fire-engine. "To business! Frank, if you would please move your fine ass off of me."

Frank patted Gee's head and slid onto the couch next to Bob, who smiled slightly before returning to his 'I-don't-give-a-shit' face.

Gerard stood before them, his eyes alight with excitement. "First thing's first! Band names! Who's got 'em?"

Frank noticed Mikey shifting on the arm of the couch and pointed at him.

"Methinks the boy over there has an idea."

Mikey coughed. "Er, yeah. Gee and I work at the same bookstore, and there was this one book that caught my attention." He looked around shyly. "On the back it said 'five tales of chemical romance,' so I thought, 'wouldn't it be cool to put a 'My' in front of that?'"

Ray frowned. "What, 'My Five Tales of Chemical Romance?'"

Mikey shook his head. "My Chemical Romance," he said, waving his hand with a flourish.

Frank cracked a huge grin. 'Damn,' he thought. 'I'd like to see someone top that.'

No one did.

"Okay! Second! Let's practice a song, shall we?" Gee clapped his hands together and disappeared into the bedroom.

Frank looked around. Mikey was getting his bass out of its case while Ray tuned his guitar. Bob sat like a giant at a fold-up drum set. 

"Here," said Ray, waving a hand at Frank. 

Frank approached the man, wondering what this was about.

Ray produced another guitar case from behind the couch and carefully passed it to Frank. "I brought it in case you didn't have one," Ray said in answer to Frank's questioning look.

Frank managed to say 'thank you' just as Gee returned with a few crumpled sheets of paper.

"This is the only song I have completely written," said Gerard, handing the papers out. "I only know a little guitar, so you guys are gonna have to come up with what you want to play."

Frank glanced down at the lyrics, completely unsurprised when they turned out to be pure gold. It was the same song Gee had sang in the car, the one that Frank had imagined writing notes to go along with the words. Feeling excited, Frank opened up the guitar case in front of him and pulled out a battered-looking acoustic.

"Sorry," said Ray, avoiding eye-contact. "It's the only spare I have."

Frank shrugged, put the guitar in his lap, tuned it, and positioned his fingers on the hard strings.


Gerard kicked Ray and Bob out of the apartment at 11:30, after discussing My Chem's image and sound. Everyone agreed that fantasy would play a key part in the lyrics, and that the music should be powerful with a twinge of eerie.

"Like vampires meet electric guitar," Frank suggested. "Except, you know, none of that sparkly Twilight shit. I'm talking old-school Dracula here."

"Here here!" crowed Ray, tapping his glass against Frank's.

Gerard was still buzzing with energy when Mikey made his bed on the couch and fell asleep. He and Frank walked into their bedroom and stripped down to their boxers before climbing into bed.

"You know, Frankie," said Gerard, staring up at the black ceiling. "I don't think I'd be doing this if I hadn't met you."

When he turned his head, he could see the outline of Frank's lips turning upwards. 

"You mean if I hadn't wiped out in front of that motel, you wouldn't be sharing your epic song-writing skills with the world?"

Gerard's hand traveled over the comforter and found Frank's wrist. He lifted it to his lips, kissing the skin there and thinking of the faded scars on his own wrists.  

"Yeah," breathed Gee. "Something like that."

:::::::::: Demolition Lovers ::::::::::

AN: I hate short chapters, don't you?
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