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frankie and GeeGee frerard yes, Gerard deals with his wifes death while finding himself in love with Frank.

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I watched Franks car pull out my driveway, and it felt like that day all over again, something I love driving away, but I knew Frank would come back unlike the last time. Memories flooded over me like New Jersey rain, memories of Jennie, it had been five damn long and lonely years. All these memoires I had put into a box and hoped to never face them again, but here I am facing them. I walked up to my room, remembering the day I proposed Jennie I need to ask a favor of you, meet me at our park. “okay” she went to the park in a Greenday Tshirt, I kept telling myself she was the one and only. I had anecklace instead of a ring she said ‘rings were for old crotchety people with sticks up their arses’ . She ran over to me “what GeeGee” I got down on one knee “spend the rest of your life with me” I said. She said yes. I miss her so much, I love her still. I closed my eyes and lied on my bed. Gee honey, let go of me and make new memories it was always the same I could hear her voice but never see her, never respond to her, I got chocked up and teary. Frank called me Gee, no only Jennie can call me Gee. Jennie is not here. Yes she is. Let her go Gerard. I can’t! Let me go Gerard be happy with Frank, I chose him for you.
“What do you mean Jennie! Answer me!” I screamed out loud
She was a shadow in the corner
“Gerard honey it’s me, only you can hear me or see me and I will never do this again. Frank is perfect for you, I found him whilst wondering. You need to let go of me, and be happy with Frank he is a great guy so nice and caring he was my first friend in grade school. Let go of me, and if you don’t or won’t you will never be happy, I want you to be happy. So let go Gerard, let go” Her shadow went away like leaves being blown in the wind.
“JENNIE DON’T GO!” I yelled but it was too little too late. I opened my eyes to see Jessica’s face licking me, on the nose.
Jennie oh god it was a dream, or was it. How can I let go of the only thing besides Cora that I love? Does she not get that? I know she wanted me to let go, her last words were only testament to it.
I looked around our room, no she’s gone, my room and walked into the closet only to be met head on by all the memories I have thrown in here, all her clothes were in here. Cora’s clothes were in here, my life was in here. I needed to let go so I picked up the phone to dial Jennie’s sister
“Cathy, its Gerard.”
“Hello Gerard what’s up?”
“I need a copy of Jennie’s will”
“Why? Are you finally going to let go?”
“I need to do what she would want, I need to”
“Okay I will email it to you and Gee?”
“We all miss her, and Cora too and we love you”
“I love you guys too, say hi to your parents for me and tell them I will mail them some of Jennies clothes”
“they won’t want it, they may still miss her, but they don’t need to keep memories of her lying around”
“Okay Love you bye”
I went into the closet and pulled out all of Jennie’s clothes, and Cora’s. I only need to keep one thing, the GreenDay shirt. That was the only thing I needed
BEEP the email came
I walked over to the computer and opened up the email
All clothes go to charity, donate usable organs, bury me in a t shirt and jeans, I will get a wedgie in a dress. Please don’t wallow in my death, celebrate my life, and please move on, don’t hold on forever. I love my friends, family, and husband and daughter. Gerard and Cora you can carry on and please let me go.
That was the first time I had ever, ever read her will. I never had the heart to do so, it scared me it made me realize she was never coming back, I would never see her again. She was gone, she was gone. It hit me like a ton of bricks, the first time I ever realized I truly needed to let go
“Jennie I love you and want to make you and Cora happy, this is me letting you go” who the hell am I talking to no one, to myself, telling myself I am letting them go.
I grabbed the Green Day shirt off the floor, hung it up in the closet next to my Anthrax shirt. I grabbed the rest of her clothes and trudged downstairs with them, I set them down next to the staircase, went into the kitchen and saw our wedding photo on the Kitchen counter. I picked it up and moved it into the living room, I may be letting go but I will never forget you. I ran back into the kitchen and got a bag and shoved her clothes in it, I swear my heart felt like it was shoved into a four in box and when I put the clothes into the bag, the lid of the box had been opened. I sunk down onto my knees, clenching my head in my hands, tears pouring down my face, like rain pelting my world. Looking up at the clothes, shoved into a black bag I finally felt closure, I had thought seeing my wife and child’s murderer die would give me closure, but it hadn’t all along my closure would come from Jennie’s clothes, and Cora’s. I grabbed the bag and my keys off my desk. I slammed the door open, and shut, locked it quickly ran to my car and opened the trunk throwing the bag of clothing in the back and jumped into the driver’s seat. I chugged my BMW into motion and sped down to GoodWill Charity drop off center. I drove up to the window
“Hello sir what are you dropping off today?” the boy at the window said
“Um clothes”
“Okay I can take them here”
“Okay one second”
I hopped out of the car and grabbed the bag out of the trunk I handed it to the young boy at the window
“Here you go” I said
“Thank you for your donation and have a nice day” he smiled as I sped off. I didn’t remember consciously driving there but I was at Frank’s house, no he doesn’t need to see me like this. I drove to Mikey’s and ran to his door and slammed my fist into the hard wood
The door opened up it was Alicia
“Hey Gerard what’s up?”
“I-I just dro—dropped off Jennie a—an-d Cora’s clo—thes”
“Come here Gerard” She opened the door and grabbed my hand and let me in, she walked me over to the couch and I instantly started sobbing into her shoulder. She sat there and petted my head
“Gerard you will be okay, she would want this”
“I know” I said in between sobs I noticed Mikey was on my other side, he was petting my back, trying to figure out what had happened. I sat there and cried, I don’t even know why, to get this out? To let everything I ever held in out? I kept crying until I ran out, Mikey and Alicia sat by me the entire time. I looked up at Mikey through my red and puffy eyes
“I need to go home” I said, I needed to sleep
“Okay I will drive you and Alicia can drop your car off kay?”
“Okay” Mikey held my arm to support me, he opened the front door and walked me to his car opened the passenger door and put me in. He slid in the drivers’ side and turned the car on
“Gee, are you still going to Franks?”
“Um yeah, what time is it?”
“Okays and Mikey?”
“I love you and Alicia never forget that”
“we won’t”
The rest of the ride was in silence, I remembered the time Mikey fell out a tree and I sat by him in the hospital while he got his cast on. He was so scared then, I was his big brother I told him he would be okay. Now the roles were reversed, they have been reversed for five years. Time to change that.
“We have arrived” Mikey said trying to lighten the mood
“Thanks for the ride and seriously I love you guys and by the way I told Frank about you and Bert so we are even” That was my lame attempt to lighten the depressed ambiance
“Oh yeah now I’m telling him about the time you pissed yourself because your boyfriend wanted to make out and you have never kissed anyone.”
“You wouldn’t”
“I will later bro” Mikey said as he waved goodbye, just then Alicia pulled my car into my drive way and tossed me the keys
Gripping my keys for dear life, I slid the key into the lock shaking slightly. Opening the door was not as hard as I found it, still the memories of us flooded over me but not as prevalent as they have been for the last five years. Pings still went through my heart, don’t get me wrong, but not as forceful and griping were the pings of sadness. I need to move, this house has too many bad memories, sure it hold many a good memory but, I cannot hold on to everything Let everything go Gerard, let me go, let us go, I am happy, you need to be happy too Jennie’s voice said. Running to the kitchen, I picked up the phone next to the cutting board and dialed my mom’s number.
“Hello, Mom it’s me Gerard”
“Hello GeeGee we haven’t heard from you in a while. Are you okay?”
“I’m fine mom, everything is fine” I lied, through my teeth to my mother
“If you say so” She said
“Mom I didn’t call to argue about my mental stability I called to ask you for your friend um Linda’s number?”
“Oh sure but why?”
“Um I’m going to sell the house, though the best realtor in NJ might as well sell it”
“Okay um its 123-434-9804(totally made that up plz don’t call it!)”
“Um okay and what’s her full name?”
“oh um Linda Iero I think, no its Linda Johnson I think she got divorced, I keep thinking its Iero, maybe it is I don’t know”
“Okay mom later, love you”
“Love you too honey, bye bye”
“bye” I hung the phone up quickly, oh shit Frank’s mom is probably going to be my realtor, oh well then.
I picked up the phone and dialed her number
“Hello may I ask who is calling”
“It’s Gerard Way”
“Oh! Hi honey your Donna’s son right?”
“Yeah, I was wondering if you were still a realtor”
“I sure am, what can I help you with”
“I am looking to sell my house and move to I higher end neighborhood, not far from where I am right now though”
“Okay, do you mind if I ask why?”
“Um, too many bad memories in this house,”
“Okay let me check your listings, what’s your price range”
Wow I have never thought about that
“5 to 10 million”
“Wow, what do you do?”
“I am a artist, freelance and a art lecturer at colleges, I also do cartoons and such for Cartoon Network and Nick”
“Oh wow that’s cool”
“Well I will check the local houses and get back to you, also what’s your address, do you mind if I stop by today at say 6 ish?”
“Not at all, 21 Mediterranean Drive, Belleview, I just have to be out by 7” ( again fake address)“Okay thank you”
“See you at six, bye”
I hung the phone up, I really was letting go. Walking upstairs I checked my clock soon realizing it was 5:50, I tugged on a clean shirt, well cleaner shirt, and threw on a scarf and a leather jacket. Soon enough I heard the doorbell go off, I jumped down the stairs two at a time before gracefully landing before the door, only to open it up to a older, female version of Frank
“Hello Mrs. Iero”
“Hello Gerard, please don’t call me Mrs. Iero it makes me feel old, call me Linda”
“Okay come on in”
I opened the door up and lead her in towards the couches
“So, you looking to move huh?”
“Yeah too many memories here”
“Okay honey, your price range for a new house is 5-10 million correct?”
“How much did you pay for this house?”
“Um 3 million I believe, maybe even four, it was quite the large outdoor area and upper floors, five bedrooms, two offices, a very large attic, one kitchen and one kitchenette in the guest house”
“Is that outside”
“uhuh, its right over there” I pointed to the backyard, wow I haven’t been out there in ages still looks good though, guess that’s why I have gardeners
“Okay I think I could get four million for this house, but you will have to mask the smell of smoke with a lot, a lot of febreeze okay?”
“And which neighborhood were you looking to buy in?”
“Um Lake View actually”
“Oh that’s only well two blocks from here right?”
“You know my son Frank lives there”
“Actually yes, I met him once whilst walking my dog, and my brother’s band is on Skeleton”
“What’s Skeleton?”
“Its Frank’s record label”
“Oh I never keep up with his entire music hubbub”
“Well Gerard I must be going, the market over here is pretty good right now, what’s the earliest your willing to move out”
“I would say one week or two, enough time to pack”
“Okay Gerard, nice meeting you finally”
“Pleasure is all mine Linda”
With those parting words she walked out the door and drove off in her car, another Cadillac, must be a family thing.
Running into the kitchen I checked the clock, oh shit its 6:45 I best be going. I grabbed my keys and remembered I had four other cars, why didn’t I take one of them?
I walked into the garage for the first time in years, two years. Right after Jennie died my popularity exploded due to my depressed sadistic new style of artwork. I still kept my Cartoon Network job, writing comics for them, which they gave me shitloads for. I have five car, a Porche,1970 ish trans- am, two BMW’s. I guess I will take the Trans am. I grabbed its keys for the first time in five years, it was my first car ever, I loved it still. Opening the six car garage I jumped in the seat and backed my baby out slowly. Soon I closed the garage with the clip on open/close garage keys, and sped off towards Frank’s house. I didn’t think about anything but driving, how great it felt to be on the open road, in this car, MY car. I drove to Frank’s house, high on life and driving. Parking in his driveway, I noticed a note taped to his Escalade
It read
‘ Gerard I am inside come through the back gate, broke the front door, xoxo ffrank”
Okay now where the hell is that back gate oh there it is
I walked towards the gold gate, ironic right? And opened it slowly fearing I would trigger a house alarm, but finding I didn’t I walked through the gate and his backyard was beautiful, rose bushes outlined the walkway, colorful flowers painted the yard, I could see a guest house not too far off, resembling the main house, the house was brick slightly worn brick though, three stories high with brick pillars all the way around, my feet feel wet. I look down only to see the guys had a fucking moat surrounding the house. Not deep, maybe a foot at best deep, no more than a foot wide too. I knocked on his backdoor
he walked over to the door in an apron that read ‘kiss the cook’
“well well, Gerard didn’t see the perfectly good bridge over the moat did he”
“No Gerard didn’t” I answered, why the hell am I talking in third person
“Well come in Gerard and take yo shoes off bitch”
“kay but just for that I am not kissing the cook”
“well I didn’t really cook so you can still kiss me”
“then why are you wearing that apron”
“lost a bet to Bert, I said you wouldn’t go on a date with me back when I was stalking you, he bet me you would, but he never told me you were Mikey’s brother to be fair to me”
“so he said if you lost the bet, you would have to wear that apron on our date?”
“Yepoo and these” he said lifting the apron only to reveal leprechaun boxers over his jeans
“ OH my god Frank, why do your boxers have pictures of you one them?” I asked teasingly
“THAT’S IT GEE” he yelled, not needing to but defiantly meaning too
He stalked over towards me and grabbed my jacket and ripped it off, wow Italian got attitude. He threw my jacket across the hallway, and ripped my scarf off my neck.
“You are so fucking hot” he whispered in my ear
“Someone is bipolar”
“Yes, yes I am” he said.
He grabbed my hair and pulled my face into his, smashing our lips together vigorously, with the same ferocity of a puma ripping apart a deer in the headlights so to speak. I was frozen, and he was pressing his mouth into mine with such want I wasn’t sure I would be able to reciprocate, can’t hurt to try I thought. I moved my lips slowly at first, this seemed to make him hornier so I sped my lips up, soon opening my jaw up so he could force his tongue in. Soon I found myself rubbing my tongue against his, moving our lips in harmony It was perfect.
“ DING DING DING” the loudspeakers bellowed from above
“Shit that must be dinner, wait right here” he said pointing at me with sincerity and authority like a father
“Don’t call me that shit” he said walking to the front door”
“I thought the door was broken?”
“Nope, just wanted to see your ass get wet in the moat” he giggled
He opened the large double doors, heavy and wooden, with iron work melded into the wood, and over the glass that sat two feet off the ground upon the door, allowing partial viewing from inside to out.
“Hello, drop of for Iero?”
“Why yes that is me”
“Um 73.32$”
He pulled his wallet out his back pocket, oh he has a great ass. He pulled a hundred bill out his wallet and handed it to the boy, barely 18 most likely
“Keep the change,”
“Thank you, wait one moment while I get your food”
Frank nodded
“What kind of drop off food did you get for 70 Frank?” I asked genuinely curious
“Mikey told me you love Thai food so I got Thai food from the joint on Jersey Way”
“Dude thanks, but I hope you know I don’t drink”
“I know, Mikey told me”
“Cool man”
The boy was back with two large boxes stacked atop each other
“Thanks and have a nice day” he said as he handed the boxes to Frank
“Dude I can’t eat THAT much, I’m not pregnant” I said
“Yeah well… I am” he responded
“hahaha okay”
“And it’s your child”
“dude that’s not possible” I struggled to get the words out my mouth whilst laughter also spewed out my mouth.
“haha okay lets go eat”
He guided me upstairs to a formal dining room, he had rearranged it though, there was a small two person table I the center of the room, elegantly decorated and had a vase of fresh roses on top, but to the left side.
“Wow, I’ts so pretty” I said
“Thanks,” Frank said, grabbing my plate
He put rice, sate, curried stuff, beef and other meats I couldn’t make out. He soon closed up the box and opened the other one up. He put on his plate the contents of this box, tofu curry, vegetable medley I think and possibly a soy casserole version of sate.
“Are you a vegetarian?” I asked wondering why he hadn’t put meat on his plate
“Yep, have been since I was twelve”
“Thanks” I said as he handed me my plate
“So I never got the full gist on what you do Gerard, my mom tells me otherwise he said as he sat down opposite to me, taking off the apron to reveal a black flag shirt, a tight very tight black flag shirt.
“Um” how he looks sexy “ I am a freelance artist obviously, I draw cartoons for freelance but mostly Cartoon Network and Nick occasionally I do sketches for comedy central”
“Wow that awesome any cartoons I have heard of?”
“Um Breakfast Monkey, Invader Zim and Yo Gabba Gabba, and Avatar the Last Airbender”
“Dude I watch Avatar all the time!”
“Haha dude even I don’t like that show and I draw it”
“Yeah well it’s my guilty pleasure, so is Breakfast Monkey”
“Yeah I actually like Breakfast Monkey, I actually have to draw a new episode next week for that and avatar”
“Cool man, you doing freelance in your spare time or like every other week or?”

“I do it when I feel it I guess”
“So since you talked to your mom I guess you heard I am moving”
“Yeah she asked me if any homes around here were available, and why you knew me”
“Oh and what did you say?” I furrowed my eye brows, failing at looking sexy
“I said I knew you because you were the dude I was stalking, and that yes there are homes available”
“You told your mom you were stalking me?”
“no Bert did, accidently, one time she picked up the phone when Bert called and asked if I had made out with the dude I creep on, it went over surprisingly well with her. She just wanted to see me happy again”
“Oh that’s nice of her” I just noticed I had been shoving food in my face while talking, well we both were so its cool I guess”
“So how long have you lived here?” I asked
“Um this house about six months, um New Jersey my whole life”
“Same! Bar the this house part” I said
“Haha I was going to say if you have been living in my house for six months I may not be the creeper I thought”
“You would like it though”
“You’re probably right” I realized I had finished eating, so had he
“I had a lovely time Frank,”
“Me too, we should do this again”
“Yeah what about you come over to mine and we watch a few movies”
“Call it a date”
“Tomorrow at 6 my place, ‘tis a date!”
“I should get going, I need to feed Jessica”
“Yeah I wouldn’t want to be the reason your dog starved”
He walked me down the stairs and to the front door
“Thanks again” I said lightly kissing him on the lips before walking out the door
“Bye” I waved.
“Oh shit, my jacket” is said
“I’ll give it back when you come back here”
“Okay is that a threat or promise”
“It can be whatever you want Gee” he winked at me
“Okay it’s a promise then”
“bye” Frank said
I waved goodbye. I gripped the keys in my pocket oh good they’re in my pants I thought I would have to spend the night here because Frank wouldn’t give me the keys. Well it wouldn’t be bad, but I didn’t plan on starving my beloved Jessica. I got into the car, shoving the keys into the ignition, happy and truly loved for the first time, I was happy. I hope to god he doesn’t slip away, he can’t be the one that got away. I won’t let him get away; I will not lose another Jennie.
[*PLEASE R AN R I need to know if I should keep this going anyways R AND R
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