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chapter eleven

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I wasn’t sure. I was no longer sure of anything anymore.

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Hey there,I`m really sorry about the long wait. I really hope you like the chapter, please let me know if you do.xoxodakota
Party Poison’s pov
It was with a heavy heart that I set off with the group on our way back to the old diner, leaving behind my younger, much loved brother. I can still see the sad smile that he wore on his young, pale face as I hugged him goodbye, still felt the warm, salty drops that had escaped from my hazel green eyes resting on my even paler cheeks. To me Kobra was more than just a family member, he was a best friend. He had always been there for me, through the good times and the not so good. He had never once judged me or told me he was disappointed in me.
It killed me to do this, to leave him behind, but it was what he wanted, wha the thought was best. And he wasn’t a kid anymore, Kobra was no longer than innocent geeky little kid brother, Mikey anymore, he was a grown man who had found love and had to do what he felt was best in order to protect it. All I could do as his brother an friend, was to respect and honour his decision, no matter how much pained it caused us both.
“Poison, it`ll all be alright, they`ll be fine.” My beautiful red haired girlfriend, Jinx places her left, tattooed arm around my shoulder, trying her best to make me a feel a little better and to reassure me, whispering the slightly comforting words in my ear, her cool breath tickling my skin.
“I hope so Jinx.” She frowns at me, her beautiful eyes narrowed as she glares up at me. She hated being called her real name, but we all called her by it, her reaction could be scary, but it was worth it.
Letting it slide she squeezes my shoulder. “I know they`ll be alright, trust me.”
I nod, tucking a strand of silky hair behind her ear and out of her face for her, a faint blush appearing on her cheeks.
I wanted to trust her so badly, to believe that the others would be okay and that we would live to see them again, but in this world you just could never know. It was not wise to make promises about things such as life and death, you never knew if they would be unintentionally broken or not.
Up ahead of us, where the others were walking in a close group, Bob stops walking and turns around to face the two of us, a smug grin on his face when he sees our interlocked hands.
“How far is the diner anyway?” he asks, impatient as always. Over the past few days I had noticed a slight change in my former band mate, he had been acting more distant than usual, less like himself. I was not too worried of course, he was probably just tired like the rest of us, and I didn’t see how it could have anything to do with what the evil bastards at BL/ind had put him through. At least, I hoped it didn’t have anything to do with that.

Twisted Poison`s pov
“Do you see that, Static?” I ask the long haired, brown eyed girl who was walking slowly beside me, pointing with my left hand at a moving coloured form in the far distance.
“Hmmm?” she looks up at me, following where I was pointing, her eyes focusing on the moving shapes I was pointing at.
We were too far away to ge a clear look at whatever it was, but it seemed as though the moving forms were people, dressed in brightly coloured, rebellious clothing. Killjoys. Our enemies.
I tighten my grip on my ray gun, prepared to shoot as soon as we were in close enough range.
“I think it is killjoys.” I tell the Electric Static, who glances at me, her eyes focusing a split second longer than necessary on my hand wrapped tightly around my gun, then back at the approaching killjoys and nods once.
“It is.” She grabs hold of her ray gun after a slight moment of hesitation, her finger on the trigger, ready to shoot.
I briefly wonder if what we were doing was right, I mean how did we know that the killjoys were the bad guys here? All we knew was what the bald guy, Korse I believe his name was, had told us. Could he possibly be wrong? And even if he wasn`t, did we really have the right to take their lives from them?
I wasn’t sure. I was no longer sure of anything anymore.
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