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chapter twelve

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“Go on then, kill us. Do it.”

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hey there guys! I am so so sorry about the long wait. I hope that you like the chapter and that it was worth the wait. xoxodakota

The group of brightly, rebelliously dressed killjoys were tired. They had been walking around the zones, following the smudged and badly drawn map for a good few hours now, the midday sun beating down on their sweating, weary bodies mercilessly. Every so often they would stop for a few minutes to rest their aching feet and to have a sip of their dwindling supply of water, taking it in turns to keep watch for any of the BL/ind bastards that wanted them dead.
“Do you see that?” Jet Star asks the others, pointing with his right hand across the sandy, barren landscape, to where two brightly coloured shapes were moving, appearing to be heading straight towards them.
“Huh?” the leader, and the killjoy top of BL/ind`s most wanted list, the flame haired Party Poison looks up from his girlfriend, Jinx, using one pale hand to shield the scorching hot sun from his hazel eyes.
The others look up from what they were doing, all conversations stopped as the colourful rebels try and find what it was that Jet had seen.
“Is it dracs?” Fun Ghoul asks, pulling his ray gun out and holding it in front of him, finger on the trigger, ready to shoot and kill if needed.
“I don`t think so.” Jet answers him, if a little uncertainly, narrowing his eyes and trying to get a better look at the approaching forms. “Whoever it is is too colourful to be Dracs, I think their killjoys.” He stops, takes one more look and nods, dark curls bouncing at the action. “Definitely killjoys.”
“Should we go see if they are alright, it isn`t safe to be out here on your own for long periods of time.” Jinx suggests, her kindly nature coming through.
“I don`t see why not, they`re heading in the opposite direction to us, but maybe we can offer them some water or something.” Poison said, flicking his wild, tangled hair out of his eyes, placing his ray gin away and nodding at his best friend, Ghoul to do the same.
“Ghoul, their killjoys, like us. What are you doing?” He asks, a little concerned when Ghoul shakes his head, refusing to put his gun away.
“L…look at them…look!” He says desperately, his voice shaking with something that resembled fear, something that unnerved Poison, his best friend rarely showed fear.
“I-it looks, that isn`t possible….they`re dead….we saw…” Jinx mumbles, her eyes wide with shock, her hands down by her sides, frozen in fear and shock.
“Hello.” The two former killjoys, Twisted Poison and Electric Static grin, their eyes gleaming with some emotion that defiantly was not happiness. They held their ray guns firmly in their hands, their fingers on the trigger, the brightly coloured weapons both pointed at their former friends and allies.
“Miss us?”
Before anyone could say o do anything, one of the girls shoots, narrowly missing Jinx, and it would have it her if Poison hadn`t of pushed her out of the way.
“What are you doing!” He screams, standing gin front of Jinx protectively, his own ray gun aimed at the two brainwashed killjoys.
They laugh, but one that lacked any joy or happiness, it was bitter and empty, a taunting, teasing that that stung the killjoys ears.
“You thought we were dead, we know.” Static grins, showing off her perfect white teeth that glinted in the sunlight.
“But we`re still here. And now we are going to do something that we should have done long ago.”
“Dispose of you rotten, no good rebels.” Electric Static finishes, smirking at the group that were all in fighting stances, ray guns held in front of them, yet they were all finding it extremely difficult to pull the triggers.
They didn’t want to hurt their old friends and former allies, it felt wrong, inhuman somehow. They had clearly been brainwashed, and didn’t have a clue what they were doing. And seeing the two girls standing there alive, eyes full of hatred it hurt worse than knowing that they were dead.
“Go on then, kill us. Do it.” Poison speaks, breaking the deafening silence, shocking everyone. “You ain`t gonna gain anything from it, BL/ind will kill you too, in the end. Betray us, go on do it if you think it will do any good. At least we will have died being ourselves, at least we haven`t become something that we hate.” He spits the words, his face an expressionless mask.
The two brainwashed girls stare at the usually confident, joking but now sullen leader, their glares faltering slightly as some small part of them that was left fights desperately to break through the walls Better Living Industries had built…
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