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chapter thirteen

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it was over just as quickly as it had begun…

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Party Poison`s pov
The deafening, uncomfortable silence is broken suddenly by a bright, colourful flash of light. Someone screams, an ear piercing, heart breaking sound that set my abnormally small, white teeth on edge. We all turn to look across the sandy, scorching hot, sunlit horizon to see where the gun shot had came from. With a sickening, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, I see the familiar, evil BL/ind car approaching us steadily. Korse, one of the most evil, deranged beings to ever walk the earth is leaning out of the rolled down window, his ray gun in hand, finger on the trigger, a smug, horrid grin on his face.
We could have run. Or at least try to escape but it would be a stupid, pointless effort. They would have caught us and shot us down if we turned our backs. If we were to die today and never see the light of day again, then we would go outfighting, with dignity and our masks on. we would die as true Killjoys. I never believed that I would ever think this, but I was glad that my younger, slightly more innocent brother was not here with us. I was thankful that he had stayed behind to protect the girl he loved. I glance at Jinx who was stood a little behind me, her eyes were shinning bright and staring straight ahead. I would not let them get her, over my dead body would she be harmed.
The two former, now brainwashed killjoys, Static and Poison are still stood there uncertainly, their ray guns held loosely in their sweating hands.
The BL/ind car screeches to a halt less than a metre in front of me and I push Jinx behind me even more. Korse gets out of the car, followed by two, tall, also armed, masked Dracs. He strolls leisurely closer to us, the two evil, masked beings stood slightly in front of him protectively, shielding him like the disgusting little coward he was.
“Kill them now.” He orders Static and Poison, who glanced at each other, eyes filled with confusion as what was left of their better, former selves tries desperately to break through the brainwashing. They turn away from each other to stare at Korse, whose eyes were fixed and waiting for them to shot at us. I take a deep breath and prepare to fight, but a huge part of me thinks that this whole thing is wrong, shooting at people who we used to be friends with, our former allies.
Twisted Poison, the black and red haired girl was the first to lower her ray gun, her hazel and green flecked eyes were still full of confusion but she wore a determined look on her young, pale face.
“No.” she speaks in a clam, low voice that trembles with power and determination as she lowers the weapon. After a split second of hesitation, the brown eyed Electric Static does the same.
My hazel green eyes widen behind my brightly coloured mask as I watch the two supposedly brainwashed killjoys raise their guns once more, though not at us, at Korse.
“No?” the evil bald man questions, not looking as smug as he had done moments before, raising one eyebrow at the two girls, his voice shaking with anger and his cold eyes narrowed.
Electric Static and Twisted Poison shake their heads, small smiles forming on their faces. “No, never.” They say at the exact same time, talking in the same certain, confident tone.
“Killjoys are doing nothing wrong, absently nothing.” Poison begins. “It is you that is in the wrong, killing innocent people and brainwashing and drugging them.” she spits angrily on the dirty, sandy floor at his feet, glaring up at the bald man evilly.
“Better Living Industries.” Electric Static sneers the three, feared, hared words sarcastically, “has gone too far, way too far and has destroyed everything. they ruin anything that is remotely different, killing off the colour, purging our world of those who do not fit into their twisted, warped ideas of perfection and what is right.”
Korse yells angrily, his eyes full of hatred for the two girls as he raises his ray gun, aiming at them both, poised to kill. I could see the anger, the fury and disgusted hatred in his eyes and on his ugly face as he glares, but there was another emotion here too-confusion. He wondered how the two brainwashed killjoys had suddenly become…un-brainwashed.
I was curious about that as well. How had the girls managed to fight back against the drugs while so many other people had not. But their case was not unique, though it was rare. Bob, our former band mate and close friend who had recently joined us had also fought it, and won. It was strange very strange.
“Last chance bitches.” He spat on the ground, speaking in a voice that was little more than a snarl. “If you shall not kill them, then you shall die alongside them.”
The fight breaks out of nowhere, suddenly bright flashes of coloured light are being shot everywhere. We all duck and doge them, just narrowly missing being hit several times. I manage to shoot dead one of the tall masked dracs, and the other falls to the sandy ground soon after, the skilled work of Twisted Poison. i narrow my eyes and grit my teeth as Jinx narrowly avoids being hit by Korse, who just laughs, a cruel sound lacking emotion or humour.
Everything was a random, bright blur of light and distorted noise. Then it stopped, it was over, just as quickly as it had begun…
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