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Teenagers Scare The Living Shit Out Of Me

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Gerard and Frank first meet at a concert and fall in love. Mikey finds love as well as Ray.

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Gerard's P.O.V
December 1st 1993.
Well This is how everything started. Me finding Frank. Mikey finding Mystery and Ray finding Christa. It all started on this day. Listen carefully...

RIIIIING! The school bell rang and every student came out of their classrooms and swarmed the corridors. Gerard came out of his Biology class and walked down the corridor with the rest of the lucky stooges in Belleville High School. The usual blonde bimbos all over their jock boyfriends. The nerdy kids with the huge piles of books with titles like 'Maths Amongst The Ages.' and 'The History Of Geometry'. Then there's people like me. Rockers or 'Emos' to anyone else on this planet. The people that wear black band tee shirts and skinny jeans, black boots and hoodies. Eye liner and dark make up. All of them Gerard knew. Mikey Way, Gerard's brother, was walking the opposite way towards him down the corridor. He smiled his awkward smile as he joined Gerard through the crowd.
"Hey Gee." Gerard laughed at his nervousness.
"Hey Mikes. Have you thought about the concert yet?" Gerard replied. Mikey sighed.
"I don't think it's a good idea bro..." They stopped at the doors to the cafeteria.
"Mikey." Mikey rolled his eyes. "Mom and Dad are leaving town today. All the way to Atlanta. They'll never know." He looked into Gerard's hazel eyes.
"Well...okay. But you can't tell anyone that would tell Mom and Dad okay?" He smiled and replied, "Don't worry about it Mikes. I got this." He winked and walked off outside. Mikey opened the door to the cafeteria and braced himself. He swiftly walked through, dodging the food and mush that was flying into his direction from the jocks. "Emo kid!" shouted Brad, the 'king' jock as the cheerleaders called him. Splat! Mikey stopped dead. He looked over to his shoulder, that was now covered in mashed potato. He looked over at Brad. He strided over to Mikey, smirking at the potato on his coat.
"Hey, Michael. Oh sorry about that. My hand just-" He had a tray full of mush and cafeteria food in his hands. "slipped." He shoved the tray onto his chest. The lunch room became silent as the tray crashed to the ground, plates smashing and food falling all over thee floor. Mikey was covered in the crap. The room filled with sniggering and laughter of every student in there. Except one. Mikey walked out of the lunch room with a straight face. He had been bullied ever since he was young. When he got outside, a voice followed him. "Mikey?" He turned round. It was a girl. A girl with long straight black hair with a white stripe in her side swept fringe. She had big blue eyes surrounded with black eye liner. She was wearing a Metallica band tee. He stared into her eyes. "Mikey?" Pull yourself together Mike. It's just a girl. "Uhm Hi." She walked towards him. "I'm Mystery. I saw what they did to you in there." He looked at his mush covered shoulder. Dammit she's gonna think I'm a loser. "They're all douche bags." She said. He smiled. "Hahaha." She laughed and smiled at his awkwardness. C'mon Mike you can do this. "Uhhh. I was wondering if..."
"yeah?" she asked stepping forward.
"If you would like to maybe ,if you wanted to, come hang out with me later?" He said this looking down at his shoes. She leant forward and kissed him on the cheek.
"Sure." He smiled, blushing. "See you later." And walked off. He stared as she walked away towards a bunch of people wearing band tee shirts like her. Ray came walking over with Gerard following behind. "Hey Mike. Wow who was that? And why the hell are you covered in potato?" Ray said,staring at Mystery walking away.
Gerard also stared. "Uhhm Mystery. And it was Brad."
"Her name was Brad?! And I think I would know why I had mashed potato on my shoulder..." Ray said,opening his bag to get out a packet of Twizzlers.
"Uh no. She her name was Mystery and Brad did the potato." Mikey replied. Gerard hit ray on the arm.
"Oh right." Ray said feeling stupid.
"How do you know her name Mikes?" Gerard asked, pulling out a Twizzler from Ray's packet.
"Uhhh well. She saw Brad do this to me and she came up to me, told me that he was a douche bag and then well..." Gerard and Ray looked at each other smiling.
"What did you do Mike?" Smiled Ray nudging him with his elbow. Gerard giggled.
"Well I...asked her out." They smiled to each other.
"Well did she say yes?" Gerard asked. Mikey blushed. Gerard and Ray jumped onto Mikey laughing and hugging him.
"Mikey's in love!" Gerard chanted. Mikey laughed too and they stood there eating the Twizzlers and making a plan. "So." Gerard began, "What's the Plan Of Action?" Gerard exclaimed. Ray replied "Well, I think you should think of the 5 date rules." Mikey looked worried.
"What are the 5 date rules?" Mikey asked, nervously. RIIIING! The bell rang for Home Room.
"Meet at iur place after school?" Mikey said walking backwards towards home room.
"Yeah see ya later lover boy." Ray yelled, winking at him.
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