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Love Is In The Air

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Mystery and Mikey meet after school to find that they are in love. Gerard meets Frank at the Iron Maiden Gig and Ray finds love in Christa.

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"So remember everyone needs to bring their Science projects in on Monday for Mr.Johnston to use in the science fair."Yelled Miss.Redman, through the loud students. RIIING! The students all rushed out of the small room and out into their cars and buses. Gerard and Ray strolled out and waited for Mikey in the corridor. A girl with long brown hair and sparkling brown eyes was walking in the corridor. She was very beautiful and was wearing a green and black dress. Ray watched her as she walked gracefully down the hall. Her eyes met with Ray's. She smiled and came over.
"Hey Ray. Uhm Hi Gerard." It was Christa. She was in the grade below us. She didn't really like Gerard. He always sort of just ignored that fact.
"Hey Christa. You look beautiful." The Oh-So-Smooth Ray said smiling at her, showing all of his teeth. She blushed and giggled.
"Thanks Ray. Uhm are you doing anything tonight?" Ray looked at Gerard. Gerard smiled at him and looked over at Christa and realised why he was looking at him.
"Oh, uhh you go ahead I'll go meet Lover boy." Gerard said and back away. Ray smiled and put his thumbs up to him. Gerard laughed and walked off.
"No I'm completely free." Ray smiled. She giggled and pulled him out of the corridor to the deserted school grounds. They ran over to a huge chestnut tree near the football field. Christa grabbed his hands and smiled. He smiled back and leant forward. They kissed, Ray holding her back and pulling her towards him. Christa held him tight and kissed him back. They sat for hours talking under that chestnut tree.

Gerard walked towards the parking lot and there was Mikey standing with Mystery. They were holding hands and talking. Gerard sneaked up behind them and put his hands on Mikey's shoulders. Mystery looked round at Gerard and giggled.
"Hahaha. Mikey I think we have company." Mikey smiled at her and nodded.
"Uhh Yeah Gerard?" Gerard smiled.
"Yeeees?" Gerard replied smiling.
"Please get off of my shoulders." He replied. Mystery laughed and introduced herself.
"Hi I'm Mystery. And your Gerard I see." She said confidently. Gerard smiled. He liked her in a way. Obviously not as much as Mikey, but he saw something in her.
"Why yes I am." He said bowing like a true gentleman. She giggled again and smiled at him.
"Hahaha." Mikey glared at Gerard in a way that said What the fuck are you doing you freak?
"Aaaaaanyways I guess I'll see you later Mikes. See you Mystery." Gerard smiled and winked at both of them. He walked home alone.
BEEP BEEP! He got a text. From Ray.
Hey Gee thanks for earlier. Me and Christa are kind of an item now ;D see ya later I owe you one. BEEP BEEP! Another text. From Mikes. Hey Bro. Sorry I couldn't walk with you. But I am SO happy to tell you that MYSTERY IS MY GIRLFRIEND. im so happy XD see ya
So the only one left is Gerard.
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