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Frank and Gerard finally meet at an Iron Maiden concert and get to talking. Mikey and Mystery finally get a minute alone together. Ray and Christa start a relationship that will last forever.

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Gerard's P.O.V
BEEP BEEP BEEP BE-. The alarm clock. I slammed my hand down onto the alarm clock."Urgghhh..." I groaned when I stretched my arms. I peered at the clock. 4:00am. I swung my legs round to the side of my bed. The concert was today. I did a little dance of joy, y'know as I do when I'm happy, and slipped my shirt off over my head. I picked up a tee shirt saying 'Iron Maiden' on it in gigantic red letters and slipped it on over my head. I changed my pants into skinny fit black jeans, slipped on my black converse and backpack, and opened my bedroom door. I crept out into the dark hallway. There was only a crack of light coming from a slight space in the curtain at the top of the stairway that lit up the a small part of the floor. I could barely see. I squinted my eyes and tried to figure out which door was Mikey's bedroom. There it was. A number plate saying 'M1K3Y' was nailed onto the pale wood door. We got that during spring break with Ray. I have one too but with 'J1GGY' in number plate letters, spelling out 'JIGGY'. Well I couldn't exactly use 'Gerard' 'cause I mean c'mon that would be boring. I tip-toed across to Mikey's door. "Mike." I whispered, gently pushing his door open with one hand. With the other hand I slipped it through the crack I made in the door and waved it. Mikey opened one of his eyes and stared at my flailing hand. He got out of bed already dressed. Impressive. He picked up his backpack and swung it over his shoulders. He crept up to the doorway and awkwardly smiled at me. I grinned and stepped back a few steps out of the doorway. "Hey." He whispered, shuffling out of the doorway and closing the door. I put my thumbs up and turned to go down the stairs.
"Ladies first." I said grinning at Mikey. He glared at me in a way that said Oh haha you think you're so fucking funny. He stepped down the stairs first anyway and I followed after. I bet you're thinking. Why are they being so quiet? They're in their own house? Well our Mom and Dad were sleeping and they were leaving in an hour for Atlanta for a small uhm what did they call it 'weekend getaway'. Mikey tip-toed over to the living room and stood there trying not to make any noise. I walked into the living room and stared at him. "Mikey." I said, looking at him. "Yeah?" He replied looking at me. I laughed. "you can talk now dude." He sighed and put down his backpack. "Oh. Right." He sat on the couch and tied his clunky black boots. I hopped into the kitchen and opened up the refrigerator and pulled out a six-pack of beer. I slid back into the living room, opened up my backpack and shoved the beers into my bag.
"Uhh. What are those?" Mikey asked looking anxious. I hauled my bag up and over my shoulders.
"Well. We can't exactly go to an Iron Maiden concert without getting a little wasted." Mikey got up, grabbed the keys off of the table and walked over to me. "How're we gonna get wasted with a six-pack of lousy beers?" I wandered over to the front door.
"Did I say that was all we have?" Mikey looked more confused than ever. I smiled and spun round facing towards the front door. I held my hand out to Mikey, signalling to pass me the keys. He threw the keys into my open hand and I unlocked the door. Stepping outside into the freezing cold snow, the snow crunched and I walked down the path, Mikey following. I didn't really feel much of the cold. I never really do. "Who chose that stupid signal anyway?" I looked at Mikey.
"What?" I replied, putting a black beanie hat on top of my black hair. We walked across the road and onto the side-walk on the other side. "The signal that you did through my door." I smiled.
"Oh that! I chose it. I call it, the 'Flail'." Mikey rolled his eyes at me.

We walked over to the bus stop and caught the bus to the concert. When we arrived, the mechanical doors opened and me and Mikey hopped off of the high metal step. I stared at the giant building in front of me, swarmed by people in band tee's and jeans. Actually it seemed like everyone was wearing band tee shirts. Most of them with band names on them, such as 'Metallica', 'Iron Maiden' and 'Led Zeppelin'. There was a huge line going all the way round the building. Luckily I had thought about this and I got backstage tickets, which also meant getting in as soon as we got there. I know. I'm a genius. "I can't believe we are FINALLY here!" I shouted, above all the other voices in the crowd outside. " This is fuckin' AWESOME Mike!" Mikey finally started looking pretty psyched about the concert. His face was totally priceless.
"Hey man got your tickets?" The ticket guy said holding out his tattoo covered arm. I looked at all the amazing drawings of mermaids and skulls on his arms. He had quite a few band logos too. Nirvana, Iron Maiden, Metallica. I dug out the tickets from my jeans pocket and shoved them into his hand. He inspected them and signalled for us to come through into the doorway. He picked up two purple backstage pass wristbands and handed them to me and Mikey.
"These are your backstage passes. Put them on your wrists and show them whenever anyone asks for them. Uhhmm....oh yeah that was it, and also there's a giant coffee machine in there and a snack table. Knock yourself out." He smiled at me, staring into my hazel eyes and waved. "Have a great night. See ya." He toddled off toward the doorway again and left me and Mikes in a darkish room. I slowly turned around and looked at Mikey, grinning veerrryy widely. He grinned back. We honestly felt like two kids in a candy shop. I ran around the corner to check out what was in the next room. Mikey was slowly turning around and around staring at the walls and ceiling of the room. It was covered in black glass and skull and crossbones wallpaper.
"Mikes!" I ran back with my hands out in front of me to stop myself from falling over. "You GOT to come see this!" I ran back and Mikey, looking confused, followed doing a little skip walk. He reached the corner of the room and widened his eyes at the actual amount of snacks on the snack table. It was a mountain of chips, cakes, crackers, chocolate, cookies and beers all squeezed onto one table. I opened a six pack of beer and cracked it open. Mikey waddled over to the table and took a bite out of a cookie.
"Oh my gosh Gerard these are the best cookies I've ever tasted in my LIFE." He scoffed the whole thing down in one go and grabbed a beer. I walked into the other part of the room that was divided by a wall with an arch in it. The room was filled with comfy couches and chairs. I scanned the room quickly and turned around to head back into the other room. I realised there was someone in there and shot my head back round. It was a guy. He was wearing a Metallica tee and a black hoodie with a skull on the back. He was wearing black and grey skinny jeans and black converse. I stepped back in the room and looked at him. He realised I was there and looked into my eyes. I looked back into his and a shock of electricity ran through my body. He moved his dark black hair out of his face and smiled. I smiled back and stepped forward a few steps.
"Hi." I said sipping my beer and stepping forwards more. He stepped forwards out of the corner he was stood near.
"Hey." He replied, picking up his own beer and taking a sip. He was cute. My heart was beating fast and I stepped forward again, not even realising what I was doing.
"Uhh I'm Gerard. But like you can call me Gee." I sat down on the closest couch. He sat on the couch opposite and looked at me.
"Cool name. My name's Frank. But you can call me Frankie." He winked at me. He was even smoother than me. I felt a bolt of electricity run right through me again. I bit my bottom lip whilst looking at him. He got up to get some chips. I stared at his cute little butt as he walked into the other room. I ran my hands through my jet black hair and sat back on the sofa. He was so cute! He came back into the room and my heart pounded harder than ever. Gerard what are you doing? I thought Just do it. Make a move!

Franks P.O.V
Wow this guy's cute. My heart was pounding in my chest. I started to get nervous. I walked back into the room and there he was. Gerard. I sat back down on the sofa with the bag of chips in my hand. I opened them and put it on the table in front of us. He smiled at me again and I smiled back.
"Look." We both said at the same time looking down at our feet. I looked up at him and he looked surprised. "Uhh you go first." I said and he giggled. Awh it was so cute.
"Uhm well. Since you came in here...." He was on the edge of the sofa in excitement.
"Well I kind of c-"
"AHH SHIT!" Gerard screamed holding his hand in pain. He hit his hand on the table trying to get a chip. I jumped up and rushed over to the other sofa. I held his and looked at it. A wave of electricity went right through me. I stared at his hand. He stared into my hazel eyes. He looked down at his hand in mine. He held it tight. And squeezed it back.
"What were you saying?" Gerard said looking at me. I leant forward and kissed him. His lips touched mine and threw a wave of electricity through me again and I pulled him in close. After a few seconds we parted lips and stared into each others eyes.
"So.." I said holding his hand tight. He turned his body to face mine.
"Frank. Uhm..." He said holding my hand in his. "Soo uhm where do you go to school?" I smiled and we talked for about an hour about our families and schools. Where we grew up and where we live now. A guy with ruffled hair and glasses with lipstick smudged all over him.
"What the..Mikey what happened to you?" Gerard said standing up and letting go of my hand. I stood up too and stood next to him.
"Uhhm. Mystery's here!" He grinned awkwardly. I looked at Gerard looking puzzled.
"Really? Oh and uhm this is Franki- I mean Frank. And this is Mikey, my brother." He smiled at me and shook my hand.
"Hi" I said, shaking his hand back. You could kinda tell they are brothers.
"Uhh Hey. Listen I gotta go I just left Mystery in there." He scampered off into the other room.
I grabbed Gerards hand again. He looked down at our hands.
"What're ya doin?" He asked smiling.
" you-" Gerard looked surprised.
"your hand. I love your hand Gerard." I giggled and we both walked out of the room and got to the door for the concert.
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