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The Concert

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Frank and Gerard met at the Iron Maiden concert that Gee and Mikey snuck out to. Mystery meets Mikey at the concert and they fall in love. N'awhh :3

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Gerards P.O.V
WE walked through to giant doors leading BACKSTAGE to and IRON MAIDEN CONCERT!! It was pretty awesome. I pulled Frank into a nearby corner and kissed him on the lips. He stared into my eyes and I sank into his. He pulled me in and gave me a giant hug. He felt like a cute little teddy bear. But a hot, cute little teddy bear. Like a sexy care bear...if that makes sense? Anyway, I pulled back and his smile curved back down into a rather sad looking frown. I leant forward towards his ear. "I don't want to leave you after the concert Frank Iero..." I whispered into his ear. When I retreated back to where my feet were. His smile came rushing back to his face and he blushed. He literally jumped into my arms and whispered back, "I don't ever want to leave you either Gerard Way." I grabbed him back and kissed him even more passionately than before, grabbed his hand and pulled him towards and sign that said 'VIP Access'.

Franks P.O.V
Wow when Gee kisses me its like fireworks in my stomach. Its like electricity pumping through my veins. I've never felt this way before. I think him. There I said it. I LOVE GERARD WAY. Whew that felt good to get off my chest. Anyway, Gerard pulled me through another giant door into the VIP part of the concert (basically a part of the floor in the concert that didn't have any barf or sticky stuff on it) and we made our way to the front. He stood there wide eyed at the giant stage with flashing lights beaming into our eyes. It kinda hypnotised us. I looked over at Gerard who was still staring at the stage, never mind the lights and fire coming off of the ceiling. You could so tell this was his first concert. He was telling me about his parents and how they never let him out without looking after Mikey. It all sounds like bullshit to me but hey. He finally looked back over at me and grinned that cute little grin. I laughed and put my arm round him. He was just in a total trance by the time the actual band came on.
The second they stepped onto that stage and played the first note on the guitar my heart jumped in my chest and beated harder. Gee looked over at me, this time not just a smile on his face, his eyes were wide and I could feel his heart beating and he could feel mine. It was the most magical moment of my life. I was with the one person that I wanted to be with forever and ever. Forever and ever huh? I'm starting to get soppy.

Mikeys P.O.V
I saw Mystery in the VIP section when we arrived at the concert. She looked into my eyes as my mouth gaped open. She giggled and walked over to me. Her purple Mary Jane's clunking all the way down the wooden floor and settling next to mine. She swung her arms around my shoulders and I awkwardly wrapped mine around her waist. He black hair swung back as she pulled her arms back to her sides. "Hi" She said smiling and showing her pearly white teeth. I smiled back.
"Hey." I grabbed her hand and leant in. I kissed her and she kissed me back. It was awesome. She pulled me through to the snack room and picked up a chip. She placed it into her mouth and bit into it. Even when she was eating chips she was hot. Uhm...Anyway, giggled at her and she pulled me through to the VIP Access to the concert. I was so psyched about the concert and meeting the band that I was shaking. My knees curved in, awkwarder than ever, and I tried not to topple over. We reached the concert and all you could hear was crowds of people screaming and shouting to talk to each other in the loud noise. I could see Gerard and his new 'friend' at the front of the stage. I think it's sweet though. I kinda always knew that Gerard was...y'
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