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Chapter 2

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Getting ready for Italy, fluff ^_^

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-Gerard’s POV-

Frank was almost ready to leave for work. He had on tight black pants, nice shoes, a white button up shirt on and a red tie left untied around his neck. He was fixing his hair in the bathroom connected to our room. When he finished he walked over to the bed. “Bye babe.” He said and kissed me.

“Bye, Frankie.” I said and gently grabbed his tie and tied it for him. “Have a good day.”

“You too” He said and smiled before going back downstairs.

I laid back down and went over my mental check-list for today. I had to clean the house, go grocery shopping, pick up new shoes for Frank, get my hair cut so it’s nice for the trip, go get at least one sex outfit for the trip because that’ll make frank happy, and oh yeah.. dinner. “Shit, what to make for dinner.” I muttered as I rolled out of bed.

-3rd Person POV-

Frank walked into the large house and into the dining room to find his husband already sitting at the right of the head of the table. He had put lids and such over the food trying to keep it warm. “Hi baby, sorry I’m late.” Frank said and kissed Gerard. “How long have you been waiting?” Knowing full well that his answer would be since seven, which was a half hour ago.

“Since seven. Sorry if it got a little cold, I can go warm it up again if you want.” Gerard replied looking down at his plate.

“It’s fine.” Frank responded and he sat in his chair. “You waited for me right there, where you’re supposed to, didn’t you?”
Gerard nodded. “of course, Frank.” He gave a soft smile and kissed Frank’s ring.

“You’re amazing, Gee.” Frank smiled.

Gerard smiled and blushed slightly, Frank had taught him how to please him well but Gerard was getting close to his breaking point. He was getting sick of this.

Frank began eating which meant it was ok for Gerard to do the same. “How was your day, babe?” Frank asked after he finished chewing his food.

“Pretty good, I went shopping for the trip.” Gee responded, smiling.

“Good.” Frank smiled. “Matt’s going to be here tomorrow for dinner, so set three places for us.”

Gerard nodded. He knew that Matt was Frank’s number one worker in the US. Matt was good to him, he was a good guy to a very select number of people, his bosses wife being one of them.

“Wear something nice too, you know his wing, I want to look good.” Frank said and then took a sip of wine.

Matt not only was Frank’s right hand man, but also was in charge of the whoring side of the business. Which meant he always was judging peoples looks. That didn’t make him an ass, it was his job. He’d never even think about hitting on his boss’s husband, but everyone knew he thought he was the sexiest guy he’d ever met. Frank liked to show Gerard off, most bosses do. They know their spouses are sexy, they also know no one would dare to touch them, and if someone did, they definitely would have a fun time making a show out of them.

“Yes sir.” Gerard said.

After they finished eating, Gerard asked for permission to clean up but Frank shook his head. “Nah, I wanna watch a movie with you or something. Leave the dishes.” Frank got up and went upstairs.

Gee bit his lip and followed. Frank pulled his tie off and un-buttoned his shirt leaving his toned chest naked. He then flopped on their specially made bed. He liked to show off their wealth and he definitely bought anything he thought he may want. So, their bed was specially made bigger than any standard size.

“What movie? I’ll put it on.” Gerard asked standing by their cabinet filled with DVDs.

“You choose.” Frank said and yawned.

That was odd, Frank normally dictated everything. Gee shrugged and grabbed his favorite movie. It was a romantic comedy that Frank wasn’t a big fan of. He wasn’t trying to make him mad, just taking advantage of his freedom.

Frank chuckled. “I knew you’d pick that.”

Gee turned around to see a un-expected smile on his husband’s face. He smiled back and put the movie on. He then climbed into bed next to Frank and laid his head on his shoulder. Frank put his arm around Gee and kissed his forehead. “I love you, Gee.” He whispered right before the movie started.

“I love you too.” Gerard whispered back and gently stroked Frank’s chest. Frankie loved that, it made him feel like the alpha male, and anything that made him feel like that he loved.

Gerard fell asleep in Frank’s arms long before the movie was over but Frank stayed awake and watched the whole thing. He smiled as the credits rolled, he could see why Gerard loved the movie. It was so cheesy, so romantic. He remembered when he was that romantic, That caring, That spontaneous. Frank loved his husband, but the power, he loved that more. He knew their relationship was messed up, he knew he needed to work on making Gerard feel loved. Frank felt loved when he was respected, when Gerard followed his rules. But Gerard didn’t feel loved by following rules. Frank knew that Gerard was a great husband, the best a boss could ask for. He knew he needed to return the favor and be a better husband to Gerard. Someone Gerard would still marry at their wedding if he could see himself and Frank, now, in the future.

Frank pulled his husbands pants and shirt off and gently tucked him under the blankets. He turned on the heater to exactly the temperature Gee liked it and crawled in next to him, he wrapped his arms tightly around him and fell asleep.
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