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Chapter Eight

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MOSTLY Shannon/Skyla. It deviates from the main storyline but if you are very interested in how their relationship turns out, READ!

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Shannon turned to look at Skyla. "Well?" he asked.

"Well what?" she smiled. She was standing behind him, her hair all askew. He had woke her up to help him decide what to do on an entirely different matter. Shannon always relied on her help when he was in a sticky situation.

"Where do you think they're taking him?" Shannon asked her.

"France. I told y'all I had a feeling about the place for a reason." She was toying with her necklace; Shannon didn't even notice she was wearing it, it was so small.

"What's on your necklace?" he asked her. He could make out a hint of gold between her fingers, and a gold chain.

"A miniscule heart covered in diamonds." He watched as she slid the heart back and forth along the chain. "I got it for my birthday."

Shannon's stomach did a free-fall. "When was your birthday?" Shannon asked.

"April 11th. The day after Jared went missing." Skyla sat down in a chair beside him. He finally saw the necklace; it looked like something a boyfriend would give his girlfriend.

Shannon got up and started pacing. He did this for so long Skyla got worried.

"Shannon! What is it?" she asked him. She stopped playing with her necklace.

"It's your necklace- who gave it to you?" He was worried she would say her boyfriend and then he'd be up a creek without a paddle.

"My brother," she said. Shannon's stomach dropped even lower.

"Your brother?" he choked.

"Yeah he's a med student. He's totally more focused and everything than me." Skyla walked over to Shannon and draped her arms around his neck. "My brother is a bit overprotective, but I ignore him." She gave him a smile and a peck on his cheek. "You are like my brother now, but you give me some freedom."

Shannon blushed beet red. His heart leaped into his throat at her touch. He kept telling himself that he only liked her as a friend, nothing more. But his mind was telling him more. He had to restrain himself from kissing her this time.

But Skyla wasn't letting up. She put one hand on his chest, and with the other hand she traced his slight five o'clock shadow. His heart was pounding; he put his arms around Skyla's waist. She put her arms back around his neck.

They were about to kiss when Shannon's phone went off. They broke apart.

Shannon picked up his phone; it wasn't a video call from Jared, but rather a simple two-word text message: "In France." Shannon showed Skyla the text message.

"Great," Skyla said, and sat down on the bed.

Shannon set his phone down on the bedside table. He kept watching it, hoping Jared would start up a video call or send another text message. Skyla's voice brought him back to reality.

"I thought we weren't going to do that kind of stuff anymore," she smiled.

"We weren't..." Shannon started, but was distracted by Skyla's actions. She was kissing him along his jawline; he pushed her away forcefully.

Skyla hit the bedside table with such force that the corner broke off. Shannon's mouth dropped open; he ran to try and help her up.

"I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to... I just..." Shannon couldn't get a sentence out.

"Just leave me alone!" Skyla screamed at him. She ran out of the room.

Shannon sat down on his bed. He never felt so much regret before.

Hours passed, and Skyla never came back. Shannon sighed. He walked toward the door and before he opened the doorknob he saw a glint of gold laying in front of the bathroom door. He leaned down and picked it up. It was Skyla's gold-and-diamond necklace from her brother. He put it on the counter and walked out.

"Skyla!" he called. He looked in every nook and cranny for her. About five blocks away from the hotel he heard a familiar voice scream his name: "Shannon!"

"Skyla!" he said. He took off running in the direction he heard her scream come from. He finally found her in an alleyway surrounded by three guys; he couldn't get to her even though he was bigger than them. "Skyla are you okay?" he asked her desperately.

"Just peachy!" she said sarcastically. Shannon kept praying they wouldn't do anything to her.

Suddenly a police car drove up the street. It slowed down when it reached the alleyway. Shannon hid behind a Dumpster; the three other guys scrambled to run away from the police car.

When the guys were gone, Skyla ran crying to Shannon and hugged him hard. "You came!" she gasped.

"Of course," he said. "You're like my sister, aren't you?"

Skyla kissed him on the lips. "No. Forget the whole 'like a sister' thing!" she said.

Shannon kissed her back. When they were done kissing they went back to Shannon's hotel room. Skyla had grown used to sleeping in his room every night.

Shannon kissed Skyla. She pulled away long enough to pull off her shirt. Shannon smiled and pulled his off as well. She then gave him a smile and kissed him again. Shannon guided her to the bed; they laid down together.

Shannon put his arms around her and pulled her close. Skyla fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat. They laid like that for hours, wrapped in each others' embrace.

When they woke up, it was time to go to France. Skyla went about her steps to get ready to leave: putting on clean clothes, brushing her teeth, and trying to brush out her hair. Shannon just threw on some rumpled clothes, brushed his teeth, and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Let's go!" Shannon said. He grabbed his and Skyla's bags.

"Aww thank you!" she giggled. They headed out of the hotel room, stopping long enough for Skyla to get her necklace off of the counter.

"Oh. The clasp is broken," she frowned. Shannon hugged her close.

"I'll pay to get it fixed," he assured her. "You look nice wearing the necklace. You should keep it on."

Skyla smiled and looked down. She noticed Shannon's phone was lit up.

"Shannon- your phone!" she said.

Shannon held it up for them both to see. It was a video call from Jared. He accepted.

"Where are you?" were the first words out of Jared's mouth.

"Getting ready to leave Spain. Why what's going on?" Shannon asked. He heard hundreds of angry people in the background.

"Riots! I think this might actually be my chance to run away!" Jared yelled.

"If you get the chance, run!" Shannon said. "Do not hesitate to run!"

"Listen I'm in a bad area- I'll talk to-" Jared cut off.

"Dammit!" Shannon said.

"Let's go!" Skyla pulled on his arm. "We'll have a hard time getting into France if they're rioting."

Soon Tomo, Vicki, Emma, Braxton, and Tim were outside with them. After Shannon told them what Jared had said, Braxton and Tim announced they'd be flying back to New York in case Jared was able to get away.

"Let's go to France!" Shannon said.
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