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Chapter Nine

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Jared gets away from his captors... or does he?

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Jared looked outside at the thousands of people rioting. His guards were nowhere to be seen. This was his chance; after five long days, he can be a free man.

Jared ran into the crowd with the rioters. He started yelling with them and looking around for his guards. He didn't see them anywhere. He made a break for the street three feet away and started running as fast as he could away from his captors, the rioters, everyone. He started running to the only person he knew: Shannon.

But Shannon hadn't left Spain yet.

Jared ran ten blocks, twenty blocks, fifty blocks... He ran over one hundred blocks before he finally stopped. He could barely hear the rioters. He didn't know where he was. But he was away from his captors.

He tried starting a video call with Shannon, but there was no service. He was tired of this bullshit. He wanted to see Shannon and Tomo, Vicki and Emma, and that Skyla girl. He missed them greatly.

He stood on the curb under a crossing signal. As he was waiting to cross, he looked at the phone in his hands. It wasn't a BlackBerry, but it was communication. He sighed deeply. Suddenly the crossing signal changed and he crossed.

Jared headed over to the nearest coffee shop and sat down at an outside table. He piddled around with the phone for about thirty minutes. He finally got tired of playing with it and left the shop. He walked down the sidewalk for about a hundred feet and stopped in an alleyway.

"Ahhh!" Jared yelled. He threw the phone against the side of a building. He looked at it lying in a pile of garbage for a few seconds and then he walked over and picked it up. It was still as together as before he threw it. Jared sighed heavily.

It was past midnight when Jared tried a video call again. It still wouldn't go through. Jared gave up; he was never going to see Shannon again.

Jared walked down the sidewalk. He looked side to side, then crossed the street. Right after he got onto the other side, a car came whizzing past him, almost running over him.

"Dumb fuck!" he yelled at the driver. Jared stood there on the sidewalk, watching the car disappear into the darkness, and finally started running away from everything. He was frustrated with everything. He looked to his right and saw an empty road. He started walking that way.

He kept his brother's face in the front of his mind the whole time he was walking. Shannon, ever since they got separated, had been looking for him constantly. He just knew it!

A couple of police cars passed him with their lights flashing and sirens blaring. Jared, who looked like a homeless man, hunkered down behind a Dumpster. If they saw him they would arrest him because he was nasty and stinky and he looked like shit.

Jared decided to crash in an alleyway off the main road. He grabbed some old wadded up newspapers and a fuzzy blanket and curled up best he could. The next morning he woke up to cold rain and fog.

"Great. Just what I need." Jared got up and dumped the blanket off of himself. He started walking down the street; as he was walking, he tried contacting Shannon.

He finally got ahold of him. Shannon and Skyla were together again, and Jared was a bit peeved.

"What are you guys doing together?" Jared asked. He eyeballed Shannon, then Skyla.

"Nothing," Shannon said. Skyla grinned at Jared.

"Yeah right. Where are you guys at?" Jared was anxious to get home.

"Paris." Skyla's jade-green eyes looked at Jared.

"I'm in Nice..." Jared looked around him. The city of Nice was sprawling, and beckoned him from every direction.

"Stay there. We're on our way!" Shannon said, and hung up.

Jared looked at the now-useless phone in his hands. He walked around for a few minutes; around ten in the morning he decided to try Shannon again.

He answered on the first ring: "What?"

Jared wanted to smack him. "Where are you? I have no money. I'm starving!"

"We're on our way! Just wait a few minutes, okay?" Shannon was asking a lot out of his brother.

"Whatever," Jared said. "I'll be waiting."

"Bye," Shannon said, and hung up. Jared stuffed the phone in his pocket and walked toward the square. He sat down and fiddled with some of the games on the phone.

It was almost noon now; Jared didn't know what to do except walk around. He kept pressing the menu button and finally he figured out where he should go. He walked up to the closest local.

"Do you know where the nearest library is?" Jared asked.

The man pointed down the street toward an ancient building. Jared thanked him and hurried to the building; he wanted to get in out of the rain as soon as possible.

Jared stepped inside the building and brushed the raindrops off of his clothes. He stood there for a few minutes, then headed to a chair. He saw a book about medieval times and grabbed it as he walked by. He pulled the phone out of his pocket and set it on his knee; suddenly it lit up and Shannon's face filled the screen.

"Where are you at?" Shannon asked him.

"The town's library," Jared told him.

"I'll be there in a minute," Shannon said. "Skyla and I are coming through northern Nice in a minute."

Finally, he can go home. "About time. Just look for the ancient building," Jared said, and hung up.

Jared tossed his book aside and grabbed a car magazine instead. He rifled through the pages, looking at the stats the magazine had to offer. He threw it on a side table and settled in for a nap.

Suddenly his phone was buzzing in his pocket. He pulled it out and looked at it; it wasn't Shannon's phone number, nor Tomo's. Jared answered it.


"Who is this?" the person on the other end asked him.

"Link Pinscher. Who's this?" Jared answered nonchalantly.

"None of your damn business. I know you stole the phone. I expect you to give it back soon," the man said.

Jared froze. He knew who he was, he had the phone's number, and he knew he stole the phone. Dammit! He looked around the library for Shannon, but he wasn't there.

"I know you're too far away for us to get you now," the guy said, "but just keep in mind that we can find you."

Jared gulped. Going back to his captors was the last thing he wanted.
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