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9- Infatuation Turning In To Disease

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Kyla tells Frank the truth.

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You and I are painting pictures in the sky.

(Flashback/Alex&Hayley from Alex's POV)

"Do you believe in love?" Hayley asked, biting her lip nervously. She had recently darkened her hair and it looked lovely, cascading down her face. It was hard for me to look away sometimes.

"Mmm, why do you ask?" I asked, pretending to be barely paying attention. God, she would never know how much of my attention she always had.

Hayley sighed and ran her fingers through her soft hair. I noticed as a stray piece awkwardly fell across her face. I had to force myself not to lean over and push it away. I wanted to brush my fingers across her cheeks. I wanted to let them linger. I wanted to tell her just how much I believed in love. I would never do any of those things though. Hayley was taken. She would always be Frank's. I didn't even know the guy and I hated him. I hated how he took the girl I loved away before I even had the chance to make her mine. It seemed incredibly unfair. My fingers twitched yet remained in place as I looked at Hayley, feigning boredom. "Well, I-" Hayley was now lightly chewing on her bottom lip, "I think I believe, I want to believe but... but I'm not really sure I understand love." She admitted. "I mean, I understand all the cliche meanings of love but the reality of love... It slips past me. I haven't quite yet grasped on to the concept. So how can I believe in something I don't truly understand? I feel like a fool."

I gazed lovingly in to her adorable face, loving how deep she could be. She was unlike any other girl I had ever met. "Do you really think that anyone understands love?" I asked her. I sure as hell didn't understand it. It was pain, it was bliss, it was everything in between but as for an actual definition? It was impossible for I knew to each person the definition would be different and yet everyone would be correct.

Hayley watched me, her eyelashes blinking furiously as she thought of my words. I continued speaking, "Does anyone really completely understand things that they believe in? No, they don't. That's what belief is for."

I froze, a wave of desire rushing through my body as Hayley's eyes burned in to my own. "Do you believe?" She asked, once again.

I nodded, truthfully. "Yes, I believe." Because I love you.


(Alex's POV Present)

I knew as soon as I opened my apartment door that something was wrong, terribly wrong. As I walked through the living room my worries were confirmed. Something had happened.

"Hayley?" I called out, finding that my voice was shaking. As I walked further I saw some powder spread across the living room table and Hayley's pants were discarded next to it.

Where the hell was she? Silence met my ears as I listened for any sort of reply. I froze as I saw her cell phone near the wall. Once I snapped out of the initial shock of the living room's appearance I turned to look through the rest of the apartment.

Something caught my eye though, causing me to walk closer to the couch. As I looked harder I realized that there was a tiny amount of what looked like blood on my couch. No. My heart started beating faster and I rushed to my bedroom, hoping to find Hayley. I wanted her to be okay. What had happened?

Nothing in my life could have ever prepared me for the sight that awaited me. As my eyes fell upon Hayley's crumpled body I barely felt the ground as I fell to my knees, a broken sob breaking past my lips. "Hayley?" I whispered, unable to get up. The strangled cry that passed my lips sounded almost inhuman.

I couldn't check her pulse. I couldn't touch her. I couldn't go any closer. I couldn't. I wouldn't. Was she alive? God, she had to be alive! Why had I left her here?

She wasn't moving. Would she ever move again? The bloody scene made me wonder because she certainly didn't look alive any longer.


(Frank's POV)

Upon stretching I found myself once again in the grips of a very bad headache which caused me to groan and roll over.

Disgust struck my body as I violently vomitted over the side of my bed. I was sick of feeling sick. As I ran my fingers through my hair I felt a sharp pain shot through my neck and I caught the faint scent of Parker upon my skin.

I smiled and mumbled sleepily, "Parker..." I rolled over, hoping to see her beside me in my bed but she wasn't there. Was I imagining her scent?

Shaking my head, I forced myself to stand. I needed to shower. The smell was hauntingly lingering upon my skin and I ached. A shower sounded like a good cure.

I flicked the light on in my bathroom and blinked in pain, the light seemed to flood my brain. My reflection was horrifying. My bloodshot eyes, messy hair, bloody... Wait, blood? In horror I reached up and touched the blood on my neck, I turned slightly to look in the mirror.

Right where Parker's name had been was a bloody mess of skin.

As I stared at the horrific scene memories flooded over me and I once again found myself being violently sick, rushing to the toilet.

Oh god, Parker. Oh god, no. Please no. Please tell me I didn't hurt her. I snorted some coke and then downed some vodka and passed out... I just passed out. Tell me I just passed out! I desperately hoped the memories within my mind were nothing more than mere violent fantasties, never to be lived out. I would never do those things to Parker, never.

I shuddered as the truth cascaded down on me. I had violently raped the love of my life in an attempt to make sure that no other man would have her.

I meant to kill her. I had gone to the address Kyla had given me with the intent to kill. Had I? My fingers trembled as I stood and searched for my phone. Where the fuck was it? A loud cry of fury passed my lips as I slammed my fist in to the wall of my bedroom. Where the fuck was it?

Finally I caught a glimspe of it hanging from my pants pocket and I dashed for it. My trembling fingers dialed the number I knew by heart.

'Hey, it's Hayley! Sorry I couldn't pick up but I'm sure I'm dying to talk to you so please call again soon. If this is Frank then call back immediately. I miss you baby!' Her cheerful voice faded in to the background and my heart broke in to pieces. She hadn't changed her voicemail yet.

I violently pulled my pants on, needing to know that she was okay. I needed to know. She had to be okay. I fucking loved her. I couldn't have killed her.


(Third Person POV)

Frank dialed Kyla's number with shaking fingers. He could barely hold his cell phone up to his face as she answered her phone, "Hello Frankie!" She called joyously.

"Hey Kyla... Uh, I was wondering if you could do me a huge favor?" Frank asked in a soft voice.

"Sure." Kyla said, waiting to hear what he needed.

"Can you stop by and check on Parker for me?" Frank asked, holding his breath. He couldn't just show up. That dude she was living with hated him. She hated him. She would hate him after what he'd done. He would have to go to jail for this. The idea of being behind bars scared him but the idea of Hayley being hurt because of him... scared him more.

"Shit Frank, have you not heard?" Kyla asked, her tone becoming softer.

"Heard-heard what?" Frank asked, hesitantly. His heart was beating so fast.

"Um." Kyla paused, "She's in the hospital. Alex admitted her late last night."

Frank felt as if his heart had momentarily stopped. He couldn't breath. He was going to die right here, right now from lack of oxygen. "W-where?" Frank stumbled over the word, thinking of the closest hospitals.

"Mercy." Kyla whispered, "Would you like me to take you there?"

Frank nodded, numbly realizing she couldn't see him, "I-uh, yeah. Please." His words were barely above whispers. He had to force them to come out. Kyla muttered something about being on her way. Frank didn't hear. His cell phone fell to the floor. The crash barely registered as he once again felt himself falling to his knees, letting loose the contents of his stomach. "Never again..." Frank whispered. The promise felt so empty but he would make it a reality. It would never again happen. He would never hurt Hayley again.

It didn't take long for Kyla to arrive. Frank was shaking so badly as he sat in the passenger seat of her car. He didn't know if it was because of the situation or because... Well, he needed more drugs.

Kyla had pulled in to the parking lot without a word between the two being exchanged. Before Frank got out Kyla breathed out deeply and spoke, "Frank- I, I need to tell you something." She sounded so nervous.

Frank didn't want to listen. Now wasn't the time. He was nervous to see Hayley though so he allowed this small distraction, "What's that?" He mumbled, not looking at Kyla.

Kyla sighed, "Well you know... Hayley's my best friend. She has been for like ever... God that girl is amazing. She's so nice, all the time. After all the shit I've pulled she hasn't ever lost her cool with me. I don't deserve her as a friend." Frank had no idea what she was getting at but he allowed her to rant away. "And this, it scares me. She's in the hospital. Alex didn't tell me much information but I- I feel like I need to clear something up because I know that the break up has been killing her. I've never seen her so broken." That tore at Frank a little but he continued to hold on to the fact that she had cheated on him. It was what had sparked everything that had happened. It was the tiny bit of hate that was turning his world upside down.

"I got jealous." Kyla continued after a few minutes, Frank having spaced out. He was brought back to reality by her confession however. "I got jealous of Hayley. She's doing so good in school." She swallowed, "She was doing so good before the break up anyway. She had you. She was in love. She's beautiful. She's smart. She had Alex and god knows I'd do anything to get with Alex. Alex can't see anything beyond Hayley though and it makes me so mad!" Kyla made tiny fists, "It's not fair. She can't have you both!" But then she seemed to calm down, tears sliding down her face. "And I made a mistake. I proved that she's better than me. So much better. I lied to you Frank." Wait, what?

"You lied to me?" Frank asked, confused.

Kyla nodded and Frank was now openly staring at her. "I lied when I told you that Hayley was cheating. She never cheated on you. That girl would never cheat on you. She's in love with you."

Frank breathed in deeply, trying not to hit Kyla. She had lied. Frank had gone ballistic the night Kyla had called him... telling him that Hayley had cheated on him multiple times while he had been away. Multiple times... He had believed her. He never expected Hayley to want him anyway. The feelings he felt towards her scared him. That night he promptly called and broke up with Hayley, refusing to give her the comfort of a reason.

That night he used Meth. That night he drank, a lot. That night he got coke. And after that the rest of the tour was a blur to him.

The good thing about being on tour? Lots of groupies, among those groupies... a couple of crackheads. Of course they'd share with Frank. Who wouldn't? And there began his descent...

Kyla reached out, placing her hand on Frank's shoulder. He jerked away from her, "Do not touch me." He snapped, fury building within him.

"I'm sorry Frank!" Kyla cried, "I'm so sorry."

Frank just shook his head, getting out of the car. He knew Kyla was following him in to the hospital. Right now he couldn't talk to her, couldn't promise her forgiveness. If Hayley wasn't okay then he wouldn't be okay and then he'd make sure that Kyla was never okay again.

As Frank walked through the hospital hallway he felt as if he would be sick. Up an elevator... Down a hallway. Would he be able to do this? The nice smiling nurse asked if she could help. Could she? Frank wasn't so sure. He cleared his throat, trying so desperately to appear calm. "Can- Can I-" His voice broke, "Is Hayley Parker okay?"

The nurse gave him a sympathetic glance and typed something in to the computer. "And... you are?" She asked softly.

"Her boyfriend." Frank whispered, wishing that were still true. Kyla stepped up next to him and Frank cringed inwardly, wanting her to die. "I'm her best friend." Kyla whispered, "We got a call saying that she was here from another friend of ours and we ... would like to see her." Kyla said, clearing her throat.

The nurse nodded, "She's in room 312."

"Is she okay?" Frank asked, unable to move his feet.

"I think it's best you guys talk with Nurse Jayse, she's been handling that room." The nurse stood, "I'll grab her for you."

A few minutes later Frank's attention was brought to an older lady, "Nurse Jayse." She said, extending her hand.

"Frank Iero." Frank whispered, Kyla remaining silent.

"Hayley is in bad condition currently but we are hoping for improvement. She won't speak to anyone." Nurse Jayse said, shaking her head. "We haven't been able to get a hold of family for her but she seems to be in a state of shock. She was severely beaten and raped, she did allow an exam but wouldn't answer any questions."

Frank winced, horrified. What he had hoped was a daytime dream had been in fact reality itself facing him head on. "Any permeanant damage?" Frank asked softly.

"Oh honey, it's all permeanant. As for physical damage... It will all heal. We are working on her mentally for now."

Frank nodded, cold.

"Another thing... traces of meth was found in her system. Do either of you know if she uses?"

Frank instantly shook his head, "No." he snapped, "She does not." He added quietly.

The nurse just nodded, jotting something down on her notepad. "Room 312. Hopefully one of you can get her to talk."

Frank's legs wouldn't take him. Kyla looked at him nervously, "Um... Frank?"

"Just shut up Kyla." Frank snapped, staring down the hallway. "She doesn't do drugs." he said aggressively.

"I didn't say she did." Kyla whispered, worried. Frank looked like he was about to explode.

"She doesn't." Frank repeated, looking towards the ground. "Kyla... I uh... I need you to..." He trailed off.

"What?" Kyla asked softly, wondering if he was going to ask her to leave.

"Alex won't let me see her." Frank whispered, knowing that Alex wouldn't allow him to. He would make a giant scene. "I need to see her Kyla."

"I-I... I'll distract him. Um... try to get him to go get lunch with me. The most I could probably get you is thirty minutes." Kyla said nervously.

Frank just nodded as Kyla walked down the hallway.


(Sorry about all of the switches in POV's. Not sure what I was thinking. Let me know what you guys think?)
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