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Give me a reason to believe

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Aj's P.o.v.

I saw the light of the kitchen growing near. But then I was pulled by the guy into some sort of study room. I felt him touch my neck and i just... nothing. I felt nothing. Except the feeling of the presence of death.

Gerard's p.o.v.

I pressed my finger against his neck making him pass out. I caught him before he fell. Wow, Aj was light as fuck. He looked around 19 but felt like he was like 90 pounds. I carried him over to my chair and tied his hands to the arm rests. Then I hopped up onto my desk and waited for him to wake up. I couldn't trust these two teens. And where I was leading Izzi was not the kitchen. So she couldn't find the others. I looked at Aj who flinched in his sleep before his eyes burst open.
"W-w-what? Where am I?" He said with wide eyes looking at his tied wrists.
"Why did you come here?" I asked making him notice me. He stared at me in fear. Good.
"W-we told you. It was pouring so we j-just ran inside here cause it was the closet house." He said. I shook my head.
"Wanna tell me the truth?" I said walking over to him and kneeling in front.
"What do you mean?" He asked letting a tear slip as he stared at the knife laying on the table next to him. Shit. Tears are the one thing I can't stand.
"Who the fuck are you and what do you want?!" I yelled.
"I dont know what you want me to tell you! My name is Anthony De Luca but everyone calls me Aj. I have lived in New Jersey my whole life. Izzi is my only friend. But I also have a puppy named patches at home and he is a dalmation. He loves when I pet him behind his ears. I have a little sister and an older sister but they dont really hang out with me anymore. My dad hates me cause of my sexuality but my mom is okay with me being gay. She just told me to be careful around my dad cause he has a bad temper. Nobody likes me in school. I am just an 'emo faggot' in their eyes. I dont want anything! I mean not from you. I just came here cause of the rain! If you want to send me out in the rain then go ahead. I dont care if I die from hypothermia. I want to die." He said through tears. I stared at him in shock.
"Why?" I asked quietly. "Why do you want to die?"
"I think you can answer that yourself from what I just said." He said. I untied his arms.
"Don't kill yourself." I said frowning. How could a gorgeous guy like him get bullied. The world was such an awful place.
"Why do you care? I dont even know your name." He said.
"Gerard. My name is Gerard." I said wiping his tears away. "And I care cause...well, you don't want to die. Think about the people who will be affected if you do. Your sisters. Especially your little sister, she probably looks up to you. And your mother and Izzi. I know death may seem like the answer but its not. And trust me, death is lonely." I said.
"How do you know that death is lonely. And im already as lonely as you can get so it doesnt matter." He said.
"Have you heard any rumors about this house?" I asked. He needed to know death wasn't as welcoming as he thought. He shook his head. "In 1820 is when strange things started happening here. It was built for two brothers. But when they moved in strange things began happening. People disappeared. There was one boy who got hit by a truck and there were bloody footprints leading to this house. But the brothers had no body. Two guys just disappeared and are rumored to be seen around town at night looking for prey. And the list goes on. In total 12 people went missing and were never found. People soon forgot about the brothers when they were never seen in town again. The only time they ever came out was to buy nessecities and then they would disappear into their house. They are rumored to still be here. Lurking around in this house collecting souls, drinking people's blood, feeding off flesh." I said slowly. I didn't go into too much detail.
"B-but they arent right?" He said looking a bit freaked out. I sighed.
"I' of the brothers Aj." I said. He laughed a little. A cute freaked out laugh.
"Haha. Very funny Gerard, your just trying to get me to leave." He said standing but I pushed him back down and he stared at me with fear in his eyes.
"I don't want you to leave Aj. And please. Believe me when I say I will never harm you." I said.
"Give me a reason to believe." He said. I sighed and lead him over to the couch where I pulled him down so he was sitting next to me. I felt him trembling.
"I thought you were a cute boy ever since you walked in here. I want to protect you and make you happy." I said. He opened his mouth to say something but I pressed my lips against him and felt him relax a bit. He put his arms around my neck and I heard him moan into the kiss as I bit his bottom lip begging for entrance into this mortal's mouth. I smirked as he opened his mouth and I kissed him with all the passion in the world. fuck. I thought of last time and quickly pulled away. "I need to show you what I am Aj." I said slowly. And transformed into my actual appearence. I was a freak.

Izzi's p.o.v.

I walked into the kitchen. And looked around. This was no kitchen. The door slammed behind me and I pulled on it. Desperatly trying to free myself.
"Fuck!" I said sliding on the door so I was sitting. I looked around and frowned. It was like a fucking hospital. There were bloody tools everywhere. Jars of blood. Jars of what looked like human or animal organs. Where was I? Some sort of freak house. I got up and walked around. I got the chills and saw a body bag on a table. I walked over and saw it was unzipered. When I saw the body in it I screamed. It was Aj who was all bloody and one of his eyes was out of its socket. His body ripped open. a worm crawled out of his eye and I ran to the door trying to open it with more force but nothing. fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck. I cried and saw his body starting to sit up. Then the door opened and I collapsed on someone. I looked up to see a normal looking boy. He was wearing black skinnies and a Muse t-shirt. I didnt know him but I was scared as fuck and I just threw my arms around him and cried.
"Shh. Your okay." He said quietly. I let go of him and turned to see there was no body.
"I-I saw my friends corpse in there! I-Is this some kind of sick joke?!" I yelled. The boy seemed shy, he looked down and ran a hand through his hair.
"Um, it was probably Gerard who was playing tricks on you. He isn't very...nice, I guess. Anyway, how did you get inside? Nobody ever comes here." He said.
"The d-door was open and it was pouring outside. A guy with cherry red hair lead me here but I don't know where he went. ad he had my friend...Aj. I-is Aj okay?" I said in a hurry. He was right. We should have never entered this house. At least I had found one normal person. At least I hoped he was normal.
"The guy was Gerard. He has Aj? We will just have to wait for them. Knowing Gerard he is just messing with your friend. Not actually hurting him." He said. He was looking at the floor. As though he thought I was going to hurt him or something.
"I'm Izzi." I said smiling a bit at him. He looked up and smiled a bit.
"Leslie." He said. Just then another boy ran over to us.
"There you are Leslie! Where have you be- oh." The boy turned and saw me. He smirked.
"I'm Ryan. Leslie's brother." He said. I smiled.
"Izzi." I said simply.
"Gerard has her friend." Leslie said to Ryan.
"That's bad. Com on, lets take her to the others. She looks like she just died." Ryan said motioning for me to come. Could I trust them? Leslie smiled at me before following his brother and I turned to look at the room once more before running to Leslie and Ryan and silently walking besides them as they whispered to each other.
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