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your still beautiful to me

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Shit happpens.

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He was kissing me. Gerard was kissing me. I was being kissed by a freaking gorgeous guy. Me, the freak who nobody liked.
I moaned into the kiss as his tongue explored my mouth. I whimpered when he pulled away and reached out for him wanting more. He sighed.
"I need to show you what I am Aj." He said. I looked at him as he turned away from me and a beam of light came from him before he turned around. Holy. Mother. Of. Fucking. God.
He was so...different. his eyes were pitch black. just black. His lips were blood red, he was even paler than before and had a scar going down his cheek. And you could see the bone in some places where the skin was gone. His hair was short and bleach blond, not shaggy and cherry red. He was wearing a long black trench coat and had a pen in his hand. He clicked it and it become the..the..the Grim Reaper's staff. No...this cannot be happening.
"Aj, I'm the Grim Reaper. Im a monster. I tell people they are dead and if they can go to heaven or not. I can't let myself go too far with you cause I can hurt you. I'm dangerous." He said. He voice sounded the same. I got up off the couch and went to where he was standing. I reached out and touched his cheek. Running my finger over his scar. He flinched and I hugged him throwing my arms around him.
"I don't care. Your still beautiful to me Gerard." I said clinging onto him. Another beam of light and I looked up and saw my cherry haired Gerard.
"Aj, stay here tonight?" He asked. I smiled and nodded.
"Sure." I said giggling. He smiled and laughed a little.
"Your adorable." He said kissing my forehead.
"As are you." I said smiling. He smiled and I saw a hint a sadness in his green eyes. "What's wrong?"
"Aj, once the sun comes up I'm gone. I only come onto earth every Halloween. Then its back to our world for me." He said, I frowned.
"So, you'll leave me?" I asked quietly.
"I'll always be with you. Let's just make the best of what we have." He said.
"A-are you my... Well are we... Y'know boyfriends?" I asked looking up at Gerard with a glimmer of hope in my eyes. He smiled.
"If you want to." He said. I smiled and jumped on him wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He stumbled back a bit but held me.
"I LOVE YOU GERARD." I said a bit too loud. Gerard smiled and laughed a little.
"I love you too Aj." He said smirking before kissing my cheek.
"Wanna go meet the others?" He asked. I nodded. He got the clue that I wasn't walking and he was forced to carry me and he smiled walking out of the study and down the hall until we came upon a red door. He kicked it open and walked in. I hopped down and saw 12 pairs of eyes looking at us. Including Izzi.
"Guys, this is Aj. He is my new boyfriend." Gerard said. I blushed. Probably redder than his hair.
"Aww. Yay for you Aj." Izzi smiled at me. I could tell she was in awe of the guy next to her.
"Gee are you stupid! We are gone in the morning!" A guy with a cool mohawk haircut said.
"What do you mean gone?" Izzi asked. Oh shit. Izzi is gonna freak when they tell her what they are dead. I wondered what the others were.
"We, uh, we are going back home?" A guy with an Afro said. Damn he was a terrible liar.
"We are dead." Gerard said grabbing a cup of coffee. Izzi looked in shock. She wasn't moving.
"Izzi?" The guy next to her said.
"Shut up!" She yelled before running out of sight. The guy ran after her and everyone looked at me.
"She has a history of.."

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