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Look Alive, Sunshine: Danger Days - Frerard

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Danger Days story :) One Shot (My First)

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Party Poison looked in the direction of Kobra Kid, he would do anything to protect his younger brother, but there was one person they had to save. They knew that Korse was a powerful man but they had not realised what was waiting for them. The desert was a lonely place and The Fabulous Killjoys knew that all they had was each other. They decided to call upon Dr.Death Defying for help. Dr.D always moved quickly, because he knows if he stays in one place too long, he’ll get ghosted by the Draculoid’s, but Fun Ghoul knew that if they needed Dr.D’s help, he would be there.

“Guy’s we need a plan, seriously” Said a worried Kobra kid.

“Don’t be so dramatic!” Party Poison said, lobbing some food at his younger brother.

“It’s true! What if we get ghosted again, I hated being zipped in those bags, too tricky to get out of” Kobra Kid said, defending himself.

“I miss Pansy” Fun Ghoul said, taking out an old picture of him and his old guitar, Pansy.

“Shut up Ghoul” Jet Star said, re-loading his Ray gun.

“It’s funny” Fun Ghoul said, looking at Jet Star “Because you have a ray gun and your name’s..” he got cut off by Kobra Kid putting his hand in front of Ghoul’s mouth. “What was that for?” Spat Fun Ghoul, wiping the dirt from Kobra Kid’s glove off his face.

The cunning Killjoy’s devised a plan of action, speed and good knowledge. Party Poison had a joke up his sleeve.

“Maybe we can throw Fun Ghoul at the Draculoid’s, seeing as he’s so small” Poison said, ruffling Ghoul’s hair

“I’m not that small!” Ghoul objectified “Just because I'm 5"2!” all the Killjoy’s laughed at this.

“Oh chill out Ghoul!” Jet Star said, he pushed his ‘Fro back and tried to act cool.

“You couldn’t be cool if you tried…” Kobra said. Jet Star pouted, he didn’t need to. Sorry. That was uncalled for.

“We need to save Grace again, and we need to do it now” Party Poison said, getting up. The other Killjoy’s knew they should get up and go.

Fun Ghoul sent a suggestive smirk Party Poison's way, but he just turned around and ignored the younger misfit. Ghoul knew that Poison felt the same way. He was sure of it.

"Poison, I really need to talk to you" Ghoul said, finally speaking up.

Poison nodded at the others and they continued to walk, leaving the two boys alone to talk. "What is it?" Poison said, trying his best to hurry the conversation on.

"W-Well... I don't really know how to put this...Um...I..." Ghoul couldn't get the words out but before he knew it, Poison's lips had crashed against his. Poison was the first one to pull away and Ghoul stood there, shocked.

"I don't wanna do this anymore, Gee. I wanna get off the road. Stop running." Ghoul said, looking down onto his worn out leather boots. Poison cupped Ghouls chin and pushed his face up, kissing him softly.

"Frankie. I never want to leave you, and if it means getting of the road then I'll do that. For you" Frankie smiled up at Gerard and kissed him shyly. Gerard pushed Franks hair out of his face and smiled. "I'll always be yours Frankie. I love you" Frank ran his fingers through Gerard's bright red hair and sighed. "Gerard Arthur Way. I will always love you"

A/N: Okay, so how did you like my one shot? I don't like it, to be honest but I thought I'd share it none the less :)Much love,
- Kitty xoxo

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