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Skeleton Pajama's

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Because ya know there's nothing sexier than Gerard in his Skeleton PJ's

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This would of been up earlier but Ficwad like spazzed out...Enjoy :) R&R

Emily’s POV
During Blink-182’s set we waited in the bus, after they finished I sent Gerard, Mikey, Frank and Ray outside to meet some of the fans. Un-surprisingly there was a lot of fans outside, I watched from the bus window as they walked around and met some fans, they all looked so happy.

Gerard’s POV
I was excited to meet the fans, these were the guys that made this band what it is, they all looked so happy when we walked off the bus. Meddy had given us a maximum time of 45 minutes before we had to leave but I wished I could stay longer and properly talk to some people.
“Gerard! Gerard!” a girl shouted, I smiled at her and walked over,
“Can I get your signature tattoo’d?” She asked, almost jumping up and down, I laughed,
“Are you really sure?” I asked as I warily signed the girls wrist,
“Yes!!! This means a lot thank you so much Gee! Can I have a hug too?”
“Yeah sure”
The girl wrapped her arms around my neck and I hugged her back, she whispered in my ear ‘I’m so sorry about Lyn-z…” and then pulled away and smiled at me sympathetically, and then ran off to get her new tattoo. I hate needles. The thought of one makes me want to cringe. I then signed and talked to a few more fans but all too suddenly, time was up and I had to get back into the bus and leave.
As I start walking away a few fans sigh and ask me to stay, I quickly explain I can’t and open the door to get into the bus, as usual Frank is still meeting fans. Meddy would give him an extra five minutes, he always did. As I walked onto the bus I was greeted by Emily wrapping her arms around my neck and hugging me tightly, almost pushing me over. She lets go and I carry on walking in the bus, well technically I’m being pulled very quickly into the bus.
“Okay so why?” I ask laughing, I sort of feel nervous,
“Nothing…I just wanted a hug and now I wanna watch TV…” Emily sat down on the couch and I sat next to her and then she snuggled into me,
“What’s the matter?” I asked, I wasn’t sure if I wanted the answer
“Nothing…I just wanted a hug. Okay. It’s cool. I think I’m going to bed” and she stood up and walked to her bunk, leaving me completely stunned. I sat for a minute and then noticed my phone was flashing, I had a new message. I reached over and grabbed my phone and read the name ‘LYN-Z’ and a message. It had been opened, I guessed Emily read it.

I didn’t reply, simply closed my phone and put it in my pocket. I stood up and walked to Emily’s bunk, I stood listening for a while, she was listening to loud music and crying, I opened the curtain and tapped on her back.
“Emily…?” I asked, she turned around and pulled her headphones out, Summertime was blaring from her iPod. She wiped her tears and looked at me, “can I come in?” I asked, she nodded and moved and I climbed in next to her, she placed her head on my chest and I put my arm around her. Her tears fell from her face onto my shirt and onto my skin.
“What’s the matter?” I asked, stroking her hair,
“Home sick, that’s all”
I sighed, “ Tell me the truth”
“I am” She mumbled,
“I know you read my phone” I said, Emily went silent and cried harder, bingo. “Don’t cry. You have nothing to worry about”
“Clearly not” she said,
“No you don’t. I’m with you. She could walk on this bus naked and I still wouldn’t care”
Emily snorted,
“I’m being serious” I wiped her tears away, “I…I can’t say I don’t have feelings for Lyn-z anymore, because I do and I don’t want to lie to you. But what I can say, is that I don’t love her anymore. And I have no desire of being with her anytime soon or in the future. You got nothing to worry about”
“Yeah heard that before”
“Not from me you haven’t”
Emily laughed,
“Stop crying now?”
She laughed again and mopped up her tears in her tank top.
“I think you’re tired. I am too, let’s get some sleep, goodnight Emily”
I started climbing out of Emily’s bunk but she grabbed my hand,
“Stay?” she asked, looking up at me and smiling,
“Of course, let me go get changed”
And I went to my bunk and put on my skeleton PJ’s, brushed my teeth and walked back to Emily’s bunk. She had also changed into a matching pair of PJ’s, she looked at mine and laughed,
“I didn’t think you had them anymore?” she laughed,
“Why?” I asked, climbing in,
“Just…didn’t think you would still have them. They’re infamous throughout the MCRmy…hence…” she gestured at her own PJ’s,
“Really?” I laughed, “Interesting…and very cute PJ’s too”
Emily blushed and snuggled into me, I kissed her head and fell asleep. We both fell asleep almost instantly.
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