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Misty Mountain Hop

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This is told in Janie's point of view.

Category: Metallica - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2011-12-05 - Updated: 2011-12-06 - 199 words

I looked up at him, "I should be getting back to my hotel. I'm staying at the La Valio. Do you know where it is?" I said jamming my hands into my pocket. "Yes." He said as he nodded his head, "I know where that is. I'm sorry." He whispered. " Robert, don't be." I said giving him a reassuring smile. "But you must think I'm a whoremonger." He said looking away. I kissed his cheek, "Not at all." I said. He smiled, "I've only just met you but I already see why Alex keeps you around. Your so lovely." He said as he stepped closer. "Do you want me to walk you back to the hotel? It isn't far from where I'm staying." He said taking my hand. "Okay." I said. The walk to La Valio was silent but comforting. We stopped outside the front doors, "Well here we are." He said hesitantly. "Thank you." I said pulling him in for a hug." He squeezed me back, "I'll stop by sometime. Maybe we can admire British art together." He said with a chuckle. I pulled away, "I'd like that. Stop by any time." I said. "I will. Bye, Janie."
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