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“Mikey I Want to go home, Now”

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No ones pov Creek Frank jumped about four feet in the air “H-hello?” Freaked out Frank Called out. No one answered. “Gerard? Mikey? Hello?” “Frank!” He felt someone grab him from behin...

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No ones pov
Creek Frank jumped about four feet in the air “H-hello?” Freaked out Frank Called out. No one answered. “Gerard? Mikey? Hello?” “Frank!” He felt someone grab him from behind. “Gerard! Im going to kill you!” Frank said Kicking at his holder, Gerard Way. “How Little Frankie, Kissing me?” Gerard Taunted. Frank Sighed, “I Don't like you Gerard!” I Like Mikey. Gerard Put him down, “Ya' know you and Mikey Being about the same size we could easily figured out your tux sizes. Frank's Heart Skipped a beat “Wh- what?” Gerard laughed “For our Wedding, goof” Frank looked at Gerard, “but. Do you like me?” Gerard blushed, well that’s what frank guessed, he really couldn’t tell. Gerard and Mikey, His Two 'best' Friends, Dragged him to a hunted house near the woods. Frank lost Mikey in the hall and got lost. Frank and Mikey Had Been Friends from the ages of five and six. Gerard never really liked Frank, Gerard bullied Frank A lot. Frank thought about what Gerard had Bullied him with, ~Flashback. Frank- seven, Gerard- 11~ “Frankie Bear” Gerard called out. “What do you want you- you stupid meanie” Frank yelled back. “Come in the back yard, Freak.” Frank stomped out to see Gerard with Frank's Favorite Stuffed animal, His Black and red puppy dog from his mom, With its head ripped off. Frank started bawling “You Jerk faced meanie!” Frank ran inside to Gerard's Mom.~ End Flash back~ Frank started Crying, “I STILL HATE YOU” “What I do?” Gerard said with a smirk on his face. Frank was bawling, “Just- Just take me home” “Fine, crybaby. Just like the time I ripped your stupid little dog” Frank Ran away from that Monster. “WHAT THE FU- Frankie?” Frank wrapped his arms around Mikey's Strong torso. “Mikey, Gerard is a monster” Mikey Played with Frankie's Fringe “I know Bud, I know” Frank Cried into Mikey's Shirt

Frank's Pov
“Mikey I Want to go home, Now” I Sobbed into Mikey Favorite shirt, which Smelt just like him, Coffee, Axe and a hint of Lavender. “ I know Frankie” Mikey Said Standing up. “Carry me?” I asked with puppy dog eyes. Mikey Picked me up and laughed “God your a light fourteen year old” “Mikey Dont make me remind you why.” I Said with sadness in my voice. He kind of nodded, “Sorry” I smiled and Kissed his nose. He Giggled and Kissed my Cheek. “Mikey Are you Gay?” He nodded “Bi” I nodded “ You already know but Im Bi to.” He Smiled. “Hi ya Baby” Gerard said and Kissed me. Mikey Punched him in the Face “Leave him alone you freak” Gerard got pissed and, Vanished. “Did you see that?” I was shaking in Mikey's arms. “Frank, I dont think that was Gerard. I knew something was wrong.” I shook more “what?” “Gerard before we meet you was really nice, and about a year before we meet you our dad took us to a 'Witch' It was just for show, whatever, well She Cursed in a different language and Gerard has been a Dick Sense. I looked at Mikey “well What do we do?” “ I dont no, Frankie, I Dont know.” I could tell he had an idea. SNAP The Floor Gave way. “Mikey!” I screamed “I Love you Mikes” and that’s when it went black.

(No ones pov)
Two Hour after Mikey and Frank's Fall Mikey Was just Waking up “fuck” The only one that knew where they were was Gerard, and He was no use to them now. Mikey looked at Frank. Frank looked like he had a broken leg and a broken arm. By the looks of it Frank had a broken foot, His bone was sticking out of his skin. Mikey Sighed. He looked around a found that he could climb and get help, but what time was it? Mikey Go all the Wood and shit off of Frank. Mikey Carefully Picked Frank up. Mikey Was Going to be in some trouble, A fifteen year old boy just happens to be in a house, hes not suppose to be in, with his fourteen year old friend, who is knocked out. “Fuck” Mikey Climbed around looking for a way out of the wreckage He got up and out of the Wreckage, Frank in his arms

Frank's Pov
“Come on silly little boy, Come with me, Come home, to your mother. Come back with her, she needs you.” The voice from no where said to Frank “Frankie Hon, Dont Come with me, it isn’t your time. Mikey needs your more then I do.” there she was, Frank's mom, Perfect. Frank wanted to cry. “Mom I miss you, Gerard broke my Puppy dog you gave me.” now he was in tears. “Frankie when you get to where your going, there will be a new one for you. Now dont wake up till Mikey wakes you up okay? Now go dream about Puppies and Guitars and Mikey.” And Frank was away from her, now he was playing guitar and Mikey was Singing and about four hundred dogs were barking with them. Frank Forgot about Death and his mother.

Mikey's Pov
“Frankie Please stay with me, Please” I begged as I walked a block to the hospital. “Frankie Please dont-” I couldn't get die out. What if Frankie died? Would it be my fault? “hello? Dear?” I jumped “Hi Uh My Friend and I were in the old haunted house and the floor gave way and well,” I looked at Frank, teary eyed. “DOCTOR DOCTOR HERE NOW” she screamed. A doctor came and took Frank away and the last thing I saw was Frank.
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