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“Uh Mikey could i talk to you, alone?”

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Mikey's Pov I stretchered my arms out, only to hit something or someone, “Frank?” “Oh no Dear, im Your nurse, Charlotte, Your Dear Friend Frank is in Intensive care” I bolted straight up, ...

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A/N I'm going to have an Adam Lambert quote at the end, dont ask why

Mikey's Pov
I stretchered my arms out, only to hit something or someone, “Frank?” “Oh no Dear, im Your nurse, Charlotte, Your Dear Friend Frank is in Intensive care” I bolted straight up, “Intensive Care?” She Looked at me with Dark Green eyes, “Yes Deary, Intensive Care. We Um Well, The cops are gong to come question you later today” Oh Shit, the cops, I didn't need more shit with them. “Can I go See Frank?” She waved her hand to the door “You can, you can leave after the cops come” I went to stand up, i was in just a hospital gown, Charlotte Giggled, “I can leave if you'd like.” “Uh Yeah, that'd be good” she went and opened the door, mumbling about how cute i was. “Hey Charlotte” She Turned around “Yes Mr. Way?” I laughed “I like guys better, sorry” She turned and left with a few “ews” and 'Fag” I got up to find my Skinny Jeans and my Misfits Shirt Sitting there, Washed and folded. I slipped them on and walked to the door. I should just leave, no i cant, i cant leave Frankie here alone.

No pov
Mikey Slipped out into the hall “Hello Handsome” A nurse said as she walked by. He laughed “I Like boys” Mikey said back. She turned and walked away. Mikey wandered around for a few minutes. He heard soft laughing coming from another room. He Poked his head in. “Your Mikey Way” a Small girl said with Black Hair with red streaks in it. Mikey Way was known by two or three people because of his Bass playing. “Yeah, and you are?” “Katlin Call me Kat” Said the Small Girl. Mikey nodded “How old are you, Kat?” She Sighed “Im not sure, Last time i knew i was four” Mikey looked at her with said eyes “But you look seven or eight” “The Nurse told me i was twelve”Mikey sighed “But you dont remember any from the time you were four?” She Nodded “The last thing i remember was my mom Screaming and i heard a crash” Mikey nodded “Do you remember where you and your mom where?” She Nodded “The old haunted house” Mikey Teared up. The Girl Reached up “Need a hug?” Mikey Smiled “Sure” He reached over and hugged her. “Thank you” He said. She Smiled “I would give a hug to anyone. If they needed it or not. I learned never to refuse a hug.” Mikey Smiled “You are very sweet” She laughed “I Might be Crazy” Mikey smiled “Lets hope not, Well i need to go find a Friend.” She Nodded “Frank?” He looked at her with a confused face “You dont know what day it is do you Mikey?” He shook his head. She Sighed “November 12th” Mikey Tumbled back “Wh- what? No its September 12th” She shook her head, “You've been out for a mouth, Frank is in Intensive care.” Mikey nodded “Well i need to go find him. Thank you Kat” “Anytime Mikey” He turned to the door “By the way I like your hair” She Giggled “It got done yesterday” Mikey Smiled “I'll come talk to you later, Kat, Bye” and with that he was out the door. He went down to the nurses Table, “Hello, Where can i Find Frank Iero?” One of the nurses stood up, “room 345 this Level” Mikey Nodded and Walked to Franks room, Passing Kat's room, “Mikey! Can i Come with?” She yelled from the door “Shh” She got from the other kids in the room “Sorry” She ran out of her room, in Purple Skinny's and a White Tee shirt the said 'Crazy'. Mikey nodded “Sure, why not?” She Smiled and they walked down the hall to Frank's Room. They went in to hear loud beeps and bongs and Beep beep, beep. Mikey Let out his Breath, Frank was alive. Kat tapped Mikey's arm “you love him don't you?” Mikey Nodded. He looked at Frank's Perfect face, Pinkish lips, His Lip ring glittering in the dim light, His perfect Black Fringe hanging slightly in his face. Mikey Sighed.

Frank's Pov
I Heard Mikey and Someone Else, a woman? I wanted to cry, Mikey was suppose to be mine not some random Girl's Boyfriend. I opened my eyes to see Mikey and a young girl looking at me. Thank god shes not his girlfriend. She looked about twelve, Maybe Mikey would date her. “Frank!” Mikey Yelled running over to me and hugging me. “Mikey!” I yelled back. “Frank this is Kat, i talked to her, shes been here since she was four” He waved to the girl. I Nodded “Uh Mikey could i talk to you, alone?” He looked at me then to the girl “Sure, Kat Could you go back to your room or- “ “Sure! Bye Franklinberry and Mikler” She said Hugging Mikey and leaving. “Mikler?” I asked. Mikey shruged. “ Oh Okay” I said. He nodded. We sat in silence for three or four minutes. “Can you come here?” I asked, Patting the spot on the side of my bed. He nodded and walked over to me. “Didyouhearwhatisaidwhenwefellinthehauntedhouse?” I said all in one breath. Mikey looked at me, “What?” I sighed Did you hear what I said when we fell in the haunted house?” Mikey Shook his head. “oh, Well, I love you” I said picking at a sting on my bed sheet. “Oh Frankie!” Mikey Squealed. I looked up at him. “I love you too Frankie” He said Brushing my fringe out of my face. I smiled. Then it went Black, I heard Mikey in the Distance Yelling.

Mikeys Pov
“Frank! NO” I screamed, I hit the nurse button on Frank's Bed. Nurses and doctors rushed in and pushed me back to the door. “Hes-- not-- going-- to--die-- right?” I asked between sobs. “No Dear, Look hes awake now.” A nurse said Rubbing my back. I Walked over to him “Mikey? Mikester!” he said wrapping his arms around me. I smiled “Frankie-bear!” He laughed. The doctors left after Frank was Okay. I sat up on his bed, him in my arms. “Frankie Will you-” He cut me off with a kiss. “answer your question?” I nodded. “Michael James Way to the lobby. Michael James Way to the lobby” I Sighed. “sorry Frankie-bear, I gotta go” He looked like he was going to cry “Fine, Be back soon!” I laughed and kissed him a quick good bye and walked out of the room. The cops are here to take me away from my Frankie-bear.

No Pov
Mikey Was on his way to the lobby “What did you do?” Kat said dragging a young Child with her over to Mikey. “Nothing, Who's your friend?” Mikey said nodding to the child. “Lilly, She has cancer, her and her twin, Cherry.” Mikey nodded “Hi Ya Lilly” She Smiled and waved. “Well I have got to go, bye Lilly, Bye Kat.” Mikey Hurried down the hall to the stairs, no way he was taking the Elevator after what happened to his mom. ~Mikeys Flashback: “MOM MOM MOM COME ON LETS GO!” Screamed young Mikey “okay dear im coming.” he mom said with a smile. “Lets take the stairs mama” Mikey said running over to the stiars. “Lets race, you take the stairs and i'll take the elevator” Mikey nodded “Yay!” He said. His mom steeped on the elvevator with a quick, “Be safe. If you beat me down wait for me okay? I love you.” Mikey nodded and ran down the stairs, giggling and laughing. He heard a Crash coming from the elevators. He ran down faster, slipping on the bottom stair. “mama? Whats going on with the elevators?” People rushed around, the fire department came, The last thing Mikeys mom said was “I love you”~ Mikey shook his head and ran down the stiars, “excuse me, sorry, pardon me, sorry.” He walked over to the desk “ Michael James Way here” “Okay, follow me” a nurse said walking to rooms in the back of the lobby, Sound proof, see though proof, rooms.

Mikey's Pov
I sighed and walked in one of the rooms, who the fuck makes rooms, in a hospital, that are sound proof and see though proof? “Hello Michael” the officer said “I am just going to ask a few questions. Dont worry.” I nodded “You uh- can- uh call me Mikey” “Okay, Mikey, Why were you in the house, that is off limits, one month ago?” I Stuttered” well- uh- my- uh- br-brother m-ma-made me and -uh- Fr-frank go with h-h-him.” The officer nodded, “And who is your brother?” “G-g-g-gerard” “Gerard?” “W-w-way” the officer nodded “and what happened that put you and Mr. Iero here, in the hospital?” “We -uh- well- the- well- th-the -f-fl-floor- it – uh- gave way.” I stammered out. The officer nodded, “we Will get Mr. Iero's story when he is we enough, Thank you, Mikey” I sighed “Im not going to Juvie?” The officer laughed, “Nope” I stood up and Smiled, “Thank you” The officer stood up and shook my hand “thank you” I walked out I dont have to leave Frankie! I ran all they way back to his room “Frankie! Im not going to Juvie, again!” “Again?” Oh shit

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What you're doing by being who you are is you're keeping it real and you're being really brave
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