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“He Really Means that?”

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Mikeys Pov I sighed “Yes again” Frank looked at me with big eyes “Wh-what happened l-last time?” I rubbed my neck” Well, I kind of, maybe, sorta, well-,” “MIKEY!”

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Mikeys Pov
I sighed “Yes again” Frank looked at me with big eyes “Wh-what happened l-last time?” I rubbed my neck” Well, I kind of, maybe, sorta, well-,” “MIKEY!” “sorry, Away. I covered for Gerard when my mom found Whiskey in the house, and I maybe did have a sip or two of it.” I bite my lip. “Mikey” Frank said with sadness in his eyes. “Guess you don’t want to date me anymore” I walked out of the room, tears rolling down my face. I lost the only true love of my freaking life, good job Mikey, good fucking job. I walked past Kat and Lilly, and a girl who looked just like Lilly, Must be Cherry. “Mikey, whats wrong?” Kat asked, running over to me dragging Lilly and Cherry with her. “Nothing Kat, Big kid stuff” I mumbled. She Sighed. “Mikey, Frank Really does love you” I looked at her” What?” She laughed “i talked to him when you were downstairs. I nodded and walked away “to bad he knows me better, and doesnt love me anyway” I mumbled so she couldn’t here me.

Frank's Pov
I blinked “Mikey?” He just fucking walked out of here, pretty much breaking up with me. I Cried. My Mikey, Gone, Out of my like, like that. I Tugged on all the I.V.S Stuck in my arm, No point in living anyway. My eyes fluttered. Good bye world, good bye Mikey. I saw Kat and Cherry and Lilly walk in, “Frank!” I Heard Kat say as she ran over, pushing the call button on my bed. I felt her hit me a few times “Frank Anthony Thomas Iero Jr. Dont you Die on me” Everything was fuzzy and confusing for the next few minutes. “Frank what were you thinking! You Idiot!” my mom Yelled when everything became clear. “I was think that my life has ended so why not die!” I screamed back. She waked me in the head “Dont yell at me boy!” I sat up in bed “ Fuck you!” She growled and walked away “I HOPE you die here boy” I laughed “Mama we all Go to Hell, See ya there” She Growled again and left. Kat Came in “Frank what were you thinking?” I shruged. “Mikey was walking down the halls crying, what happened?” I Gulped “He pretty much broke up with me” her eyes widened “W-why?” I shook my head “I- I I Dont know” She Turned around to face Cherry and Lilly, “Come on we are going to find Mikey, Frank Do you think you could come with?” I shrugged, “probably not” she sighed “Sorry” I Laughed “its okay, just find him, talk to him and tell him I love him him more then anything” She sighed” Wh-what if he doesn’t believe us?” I Grabbed my phone and recorded me saying 'Dear Mikey, My True love, I Love you, You are perfect and I dont hate you, you made a mistake, we all do, I love you' the girls aww'ed and left.

No pov
Kat, Lilly, and Cherry walked to Mikey's room, “Mikey!” He jumped “What?” Kat held the phone up, playing Frank's Message. Mikey Blinked a few times, “He Really Means that?” The girls nodded, “He Means every word of it” Mikey Got up and Ran back down to Frank's room, “Frankie! Im So sorry” Frank sat up “Mikey!” Mikey walked over to Frank's bed” w-w-will you take me back?” Fran reached up and Kissed Mikey, “Yes” Mikey Smiled, “Thank you Frankie” Frank reached up”Cuddle?” “Sure” Mikey Climbed in Frank's Bed, and they fell asleep”

No Pov, New Setting
“Oh Shit, Gerard! What the fuck? Dude put the knife down” Ray said backing away from Gerard. “I Will put it down, In your neck!” Gerard laughed like a maniac “Dude, Calm down, Im Sorry, I didn’t mean to” Ray Gulped “Of course you didn't, Ray, Your too well of a friend, to” Gerard snickered “To bad your going to die” Ray backed into the kitchen, he couldn't turn his back on Gerard. “Im not going to fight with you Gerard” “Good then you'll be an easy kill, to bad Bob and his Girlfriend weren’t like you, they're in the hospital now, Shame” Gerard shook his head “You Tried to kill Bob and Whitney?” Ray looked at Gerard with wide eyes, Cameron, don't come home now, please, I dont want you dieing “Well, If they wouldn't have fought with me they Would be dead, Still shame that they fought.” “GERARD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” Cameron yelled From the room over. “Oh Look Ray, your Girlfriend” Gerard turned on Cameron, “Ladies first” Cameron Shrieked and ran over to Ray “Don't Run Hunny.” Gerard said Walking to Cameron and Ray Cameron Grabbed a knife and gave it to Ray “ Dont Get killed” Ray's eyes widened, “What?” “RAY GET HIM!” Cameron squealed and ran to the phone. She Called Nine- One- one “Hello, Our uh Friend is trying to murder me and my boyfriend” “No This isnt a joke!” “I promise!” She held the phone out as Gerard was Saying “Come on Ray, Come here so I can kill you, Dont fight boy” “See!” Gerard laughed like a maniac “1948 devion Street” “Please hurry” and she hung up. She ran and grabbed some rope “Hang in Ray!” “IM TRYING!” Cameron Ran Full Speed at Gerard, Rope in her hands. She Screamed. “Really? You thought that would work?” Gerard laughed. Cameron was stumbling Back, Knife in her shoulder. Gerard turn to Ray, Going to Get her? Or fight me?” Ray sighed and put the knife to Gerard's Neck, He picked up the rope and tied Gerard arms behind his back. Ray Was Shaking, Cameron was on the Floor, Coughing, Blood everywhere. “Come on Ray, Finish her, Kill her, Join me, and you wont die” Gerard said Behind Ray. “Kill My Girlfriend?” “Yes” “NEVER” Gerard laughed, “Shame” He put the kife Ray had to Ray's Neck, “Bye Good Friend” Ray waited to Feel the blood running down his neck, He never did. Ray Blacked out.

Mikey's Pov
I Woke up, My Arms round Frankie. “Frankie?” He mumbled “Five more Minutes” I laughed “Fine Sleep, Im going to find some food” He Mumbled back a “Okay Mikes” and was back asleep. I Smiled and Kissed his forehead and walked out of the room. Nurses and doctors were running around “Get them here, NOW” I heard one doctor yell. “Son you need to not be in the way” A nurse yelled at me. I Nodded and walked down to the vending machines. 'Hum” I Put three dollars in the food one and got a bag of chips. “Frank will want some too” So I put three more dollars in and got him some chips too. I Got a two dollar Coke zero out of the Pop Machine and I got Frankie a Pepsi. I walked back up stairs, but something caught my eye, Ray and Cameron. “Wha- what?” I Ran all they way back to Frank's room “FRANK!” He Jumped “MONKEYS EAT POPTARTS!, Wait what?” I laughed then stopped “Ray Toro, You know him right?” He nodded “Okay well him and Cameron Crosswell, His Girlfriend, you know her right?” He nodded some more “Anyway, they are downstairs, Blood over everything” His eys widened. I Threw him his pop and chips “Im going to Cheek it out” He nodded “okay” I walked out of the room, opening my Coke “ I bet I know what happened” I went down to were they were, Cameron had a gash that went to the bone on her shoulder and Ray Had a Gash on his side, not very deep but painful looking.

No Pov
“Ray and Cameron are critical, Possible not to make it.” A doctor said to Mikey. Mikey Looked over at them, they were both awake, Talking. Cameron reached over and took Ray's Hand “If we die I want to be holding you hand” a Tear ran down Ray's Face, “no, don't think like that” Cameron bit her lip “Ray, Didn't you hear them? We Probably wont live to see our Wedding, our 20th brithday -” She gulped and whispered “Our Kid” Ray looked at her with wide eyes “Y-you're Pregnant?” She nodded, Crying “I was going to tell you when I got home, and then I saw Gerard, with a knife to your neck and couldn’t be just like 'Oh Yeah Ray-Ray Im Pregnant'” Ray Nodded, “I Understand, Uh- How far are you?” “ about 2 months” she lifted her shirt to show a small bump. Ray reached over and put his hand on her bump. Cameron Smiled “I didnt know till a few days ago, and you weren’t around and Im sorry” Ray could tell that she was stressing, “Dont worry, Dear, Stress isn't good for the baby, and not good for you.” She laughed “ I know, I know” Ray Smiled, “I'm Going to Make it, You're going to make it, we're going to make it, and the baby is going to make it” Cameron Nodded “ I Hope” Ray Frowned “We Know” “ Ray, Stop being Mr. Positive all the time” They Laughed.
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