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“You did it, You put Ray and Cameron in the hospital.”

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Mikey's Pov I walked to my house, “GERARD!” “Yes Brother o' Mine?” He asked walking out of the kitchen, Coffee in one hand, Smoke in the other “You did it, You put Ray and Cameron in the...

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Mikey's Pov
I walked to my house, “GERARD!” “Yes Brother o' Mine?” He asked walking out of the kitchen, Coffee in one hand, Smoke in the other “You did it, You put Ray and Cameron in the hospital.” He shrugged “Maybe” I sighed. I walked into the closet, away from Gerard, “ You can't come out now” Gerard said laughing “Whatever” I said walking out with a gun, “Anyway, Did you put Them in the hospital?” He laughed “Would you kill your own brother? Your own blood?” I nodded, “ if it meant he wouldn't hurt people anymore” He laughed, “but brother o' mine, you'd go back to juvie” I Sighed “Yeah” “Can't leave Frank, Can you?” I looked at him, No evil in his eyes “Gerard, would you hurt someone?” His eyes Widened, “Never” I smiled “Dude Come on” We walked out the door to his car “Mikes you cant drive “ “ To bad” he sighed and got in. I took him to 'our' therapist, My mom's best friend, When she was alive. I Dragged him inside. “Mikey and Gerard Way, Donna way's sons” The receptionist nodded and got us in early. “Gerard I believe is possessed by something” I said to Abbie, My mom's Friend She nodded and did some work on Gerard, He changed in and out of his 'demon' I sighed. I dont like seeing my older brother Bloodthirsty. I closed my eyes. “Mikey?” I Jumped, I Must have fallen asleep, “Yes? Sorry.” Abbie Laughed “Its okay. Gerard should be okay now” I sighed “Should?” She laughed again “Okay He is okay now” I smiled “Thank the gods. I dont want him killing my boyfriend” She Smiled “Glad you found love Mikes” I Smiled “Uh- Hows Don?” She Smiled “Better, not wonderful, but better” “is the Cancer getting better?” she shook her head. “oh sorry” She Smiled “Michael James Way you are such a gentleman” I blushed “thank you, Abbie” She sat down a box, it shook “Is that what was 'in' Gerard?” She nodded “Anyway, where is Gerard?” She pointed to a bed on the other said of the room. I laughed. “He looks younger.” She gulped “The Demon stopped his aging but made him look like he aged” My eyes widened “He's 16?” She nodded No, No, no, My three years older brother is not three years older. Fuck fuck fuck. “He will age back to eight-teen in at least a week, Mikey, don't worry” I nodded. Good fuck gods. I went over and woke him up. “marghmargh” He mumbled into his pillow “Come on dude, Get up” I said. He sat up “but I want to sleep” “too bad, come on” I grabbed his hand a dragged him out of the office “now lets go say sorry to the peoples you hurt” He grunted, as if to say 'gods damn it Mikey, how bout we go to sleep' I laughed and we drove back to the hospital.

Frank's Pov
' I WOVE YOU!' I picked up my phone and smiled “Hey” “Hey Frankie” Mikey said “How are you?” “Good, can Gerard and I stop by?” I shuddered “G-Gerard?” “Uh Yeah, He was taken over by a demon, Hes better now, Right Gerard?” “Hi! Frankie! I'm Sony, I dint mean to be mean to you” I sighed “Fine, But dont let him near me” Mikey sighed into the phone “Fine” I giggled “Thank you Mikey- berry” He laughed “We'll be up soon, Love you Frank Boo” I smiled “love you To Mikey- berry” He hung up, I stood up, Grabbing the clothes Mikey left me. They were his, He gave them to me till we could go to mine. I sighed, home I dont want to go near that place. I looked at the Calender, One week, one week till I get beat, one week till I go back to that hell hole of a school, on week till- “ FRANKIE!” Mikey ran in hugging me. I smiled and wrapped my arms around his torso “MIKEY! You feel skinner” He sighed “Yeah, I know, im going to fit into your old clothes soon. I sighed, My Old clothes, I need them, I will, when I got no food at home when I go back. I must have looked worried because Mikey came over and hugged me “I was kidding Frank-bear. Whats wrong? “ I jumped, not noticing he let go earlier “nothing Mikey” I said sitting back down. He sighed “Gerard go, um go- “ Mikey sighed “im going to run him home, okay?” I nodded. Gerard smiled and said good bye, sounding a bit like a four year old who needs his nap, Mikey Smiled and kissed me good bye. He leaned over, almost touching my ear, and whispered “ I Love you” I smiled “I love you more” he laughed and walked out of the room. I Hit the 'Nurse call' Button, In a few Minutes a nurse came in, “Hello, Iero, What do you need?” A New family “ Could I get up and walk around?” She Sighed “I'll go see” I Nodded. She flounced out of the room, humming. A few minutes later she came back “You sure can!” I smiled and got up, My Legs were shaking, “do you need help?” I shook my head “No thank you” She Nodded and walked out. I reached over and grabbed my I.V Drip Bag. I knew were I wanted to go. I should have time to do what I wanted to before Mikes got back. He lives at least 10 miles from here. I walked out of my room “Hi FRANKIE!” Kay Yelled with a big grin on her face “Hey Kat Whats up with you?” She Giggled “Cherry and Lilly! They're better!” I Smiled, “Do they get to go home?” She Frowned “Their parents, Died, in a fire.” I Gulped , “In so sorry” She shook her head “ no dude, dont worry, they never knew them.” She sighed, “ You look like your better, gained some weight? “ I smiled, “Yeah” She poked my tummy. “Kay!” She giggled “Frank!” We both were laughing now. Lilly and Cherry came around the corner, both had bits of hair on there heads “Hi Frank” They Said in unison. “See anything different about us?” I Nodded “hair” They smiled “Yes! We are better!” I Smiled, “In So Glad, In really happy for you two” They nodded and walked off, Showing off their hair. Kay Giggled “ In Happy to see them happy” I nodded “In Really glad that they are better. Kay Smiled “Anyway Frank, Gotta cut short, Got a 'Teacher' coming to teach me some stuff. My Nurse has been teaching me just fine, but whatever” I smiled “Have Fun” She Nodded and Ran down the hall. I walked around for a little bit, testing out my legs. I was walking down the hall when I passed an open door “But Ray-Ray” I heard a female say “Cameron, you cant go walk around.” The women, Cameron, Grunted “Fine” I peeked my head in “Are you Frank?” I jumped “Uh Sorry. And uh -y-yeah, Sorry” I said turning around “Dude Do you know Mikey and Gerard way?” The guy, Ray, Asked “uh-uh yeah, Mikey is- uh- y- my – b-boyfriend” “Dude don't worry, we wont hurt you, Come on in” I turned around walking in the room a bit. The guy stood up, holding his side “Im Ray, Toro” I nodded “I'm – uh-uh – Fr-frank I-iero” This guy, Ray, was a giant. He looked to be 18-19, Big 'fro.

Bob's pov (( A/N BOBBEH! :D))
I Opened my eyes “Where am I?” I sat up. I was in a write room, lights beating down one me, I.V.S In both arms. Hospital. I ripped the I.Vs Out of my Arm. I stood up and looked over, Whitney =. She was in a bed, her heart rate was slow, Beeep----- beeeep----beeep----beeep--- The next Beep never came. “Whitney!” I cried. Doctors came running in. One nurse noticed me, out of my bed, I.Vs gone. “Son, Get back in your bed “ She Yelled at me. I Laughed and walked out of the room, legs shaking, vison blurry.
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