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Chapter Thirteen - Try For Me

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"I've been waiting." She got up and walked towards him, smiling.

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A/N Again, this is more of a filler, but the drama will be coming in a couple chapters, I promise. Thanks to Lenorebear for reviewing chapter twelve! Please review if you can, I love knowing what you all think of the story so far. Sorry if there are any typos or mistakes. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Thirteen - Try For Me

One week had passed Kobra and Static had developed real feelings for eachother. Whenever they were around eachother, Static felt safe and protected by him, like nothing on the planet could hurt them. They both loved spending time with eachother, but they had to keep their relationship a secrate for the exeption of Acid. Acid kept their secrate, but she was sure that they would become more than friends with benefits. Kobra was worried that they'd both end up getting hurt when the benefits ended, but he tried not to think about it, he tried to focus on the present rather than the future
Acid was hanging out with her little sister. Death missed spending time with Acid when it was just the two of them, as much as she loved the rest of the Killjoys and her boyfriend, she missed spending time her sister.
"So, you got a crush on any boys? Because then I can give them the whole over protective 'hurt my sister, I hurt you' talk like you gave Poison." Acid teased her sister.
"Fuck guys, they're mean assholes who only think of themselves." Death'd had a fight with Fun Ghoul, who was now her best friend other than Acid.
"Why such a strong opinion all of a sudden?" Acid casually asked while taking a sip of her drink through a straw.
"Ghoul was kind of being an asshole and he poved to me that guys are dicks."
"Honey, they have dicks, what do you expect? Look, I'm not saying that all guys are dicks, because they're not, but they all have their dick moments. Ghoul's a good guy, I'm sure he's sorry for whatever he did."
"I know that not all guys are, but the mojority of the ones I've met are."
"Yeah, me too."
"Exept for Poison?"
Acid blushed a little. "Yeah, Poison's not an asshole for sure."
"He treatin' you right? 'Cause if he ain't then I can kick his ass for you."
"He's treatin' me right, he's still being a little overprotective, but it's kind of sweet. You'll understand when you get a boyfriend."
"Hey, I could get a boyfriend if I wanted to." She said with a smile.
"Yeah, but if he's not within a two year age difference, he's too old for you. You're only fourteen, I'm not letting you date a seventeen year-old."
"Oh, c'mon! Not that I have a crush on any one, but seiriously, if they're seventeen they're too old for me?" She said with a smile.
"Yup. My rules, kid." She winked at her sister and carried on drinking her coke.
"Enough about guys and more about music. Did you know that Mad Gear and Missle Kid are playing a concert soon? Ghoul told me before he started acting like a fucktard." Mad Gear and Missle Kid was the Fabulous Killjoys' band.
"Really? When?"
"About a month."
"Shit, why did no one tell me about it?"
"Poison doesn't know, either. You two have been so lovey-dovey lately that no one's been able to tell you."
Acid smiled, her and Poison had been joined at the hip ever since she woke up. "C'mon, we haven't been that bad."
"Oh really? So you're telling me that, 'You know, I wouldn't change one thing about you' and 'I'm not perfect, I've got plenty of bagage' and 'I'll happily help you carry it' then a make-out session isn't gooey romatic lovey-dovey shit?"
"How did you know about that conversation?" Her and Poison had said those words to eachother the other night, she could admit that hearing their conversation now, that they did sound gooey and sickly romantic, but it didn't change the fact that she wondered how her sister had heard that conversation.
"I was about to walk in to your room when I heard you and Poison talking, I listened for a couple minutes then I walked away."
Acid and Death talked about random shit for three hours, they loved having eachother around and they were incredibley close.

At ten o'clock, Acid put on her lingerie. Her and Poison had come incredibely close to having sex the past few nights and she'd not thought of Korse once, only Poison. The only reason they stopped was because Poison didn't want to hurt her.
She lay on the bed and waited for Poison to come into the bedroom. To begin with, he wasn't looking at Acid. He was looking at his feet, but when he looked up, his eyes widened, making Acid want to laugh.
"I've been waiting." She got up and walked towards him, smiling.
"Wha-what are you doing?"
"I'm ready. I want to sleep with you."
"Acid, I want to aswell, but I can't hurt you. There's no way I could hurt you."
"You won't hurt me, I know you won't and even if you do, I promise I'll tell you. I want this."
"Don't argue with me. I love you and we both want this."
"I love you, too, but-"
"No buts, Poison."
"I don't want our first time sleeping with eachother to be like this. I want it to be special for you. You've never been with a man before, you said that yourself. To me, you're still a virgin, even if you don't see it that way anymore, I do."
"Can we please just stop talking about it? We can finally have sex and you don't want to do it?"
"Of course I want to do it."
"Then what's stopping you?"
"You've never made love before, after everything that's been happening lately, I want it to be at the perfect moment, I want it to be special for you."
"No matter what it'll be special because it'll be with you. I'm head over heals in fucking love with you. I want you."
"You already know that I'm yours, I've said it I don't know how many fucking times now. You're the most important thing to me in my life, Acid. You're the only thing that completely belongs to me and I love you."
"So show me how much you love me by doing this."
"I will, just not tonight, Ace."
"Poison, don't be like this right now." She groaned.
"Don't be like what?"
"We both want this, but you won't do it with me because I was raped."
"I'm not not sleeping with you because you were raped, I've already explained that I'm not sleeping with you right now because I want it to be as special as possible. I'm sorry, Acid, but I'm not sleeping with you tonight." He walked out of the bedroom and he slept on the couch for the rest of the night.
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