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Chapter Fourteen - Honey, Battery City's No Place For Killjoys

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"We need the girl back. If she finds Samantha and Daniel, this company could fall to peices and I didn't come this far only to be destroyed by my own creation!"

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A/N Hai, I'll probably update again later, but the reason I will have posted four chapters today is because I don't know if I'll be able to update tomorrow. My uncle, who I've not seen for two years, is coming up and I probably won't be able to update util late or if I'll be able to update at all =/ Anyways, thankyou to EmsJayify for reviewing! Sorry for any typos or mistakes. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Fourteen - Honey, Battery City's No Place For Killjoys

Acid woke up at five in the morning feeling guilty about what'd happened with Poison. She didn't know why she was so pissed off with him because he wanted to make it special for her now that she thought about it. She just wanted to be with him in that way, she wanted him to sleep with her because she loved him and when she was ready, he didn't want to do it and it made her feel confused as to why he didn't want to.
She'd taken off her lingerie when Poison had left the room so she walked into the living room wearing pyjamas.
She saw Poison still sleeping on the couch, he was holding Grace in his arms. She'd had a nightmare the night before and asked Poison if she could sleep in the same place as him so she could sleep knowing that someone was protecting her.
She smiled at the sight of the two together, she decided not to wake them up and she got back into her own room and fell asleep again.

In Battery City, Korse paced his office impatiently, waiting for his master to come into the room.
His master was the one and only Dr. Isoda, she was incontrol of S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W and ran BL/ind. She was a small Japanese woman with black hair that framed her face with a fringe on top of it. She always wore a grey pencil skirt, black heals to add to her height, a shirt and a grey blazer to match her pencil skirt.
Korse's master walked in staring at him with wary eyes.
"Did you get Elizabeth?"
"I appologize-"
Dr. Isoda slapped him across the face. "We need the girl back. If she finds Samantha and Daniel, this company could fall to peices and I didn't come this far only to be destroyed by my own creation, Korse! If you do not bring me Elizabeth, then I swear on my sibling's grave that you will regret it for the rest of your days. You foolishly let Daniel and Samantha escape, I will not let Elizabeth run away just as easily."
Dr. Isoda stormed out of the room, angrily. Elizabeth, Daniel and Samantha were running through her mind. Elizabeth wasn't Korse's biological daughter, Elizabeth's real perants were Killjoys and Daniel and Samantha were Elizabeth's biological siblings. Daniel was only fifteen and Samantha was almost twenty, their perants were the orginal Killjoys, Fire Starter and Bullet Burns. Fire Starter was Elizabeth's father and Bullet Burns was her mother, they lost their children in the bombs and Korse brainwashed them into thinking that Korse was their real father and that their mother was killed by Killjoys to make them hate the Killjoys. Korse kept them all seperate, but Daniel and Samantha found eachother when they were both in the main BL/ind office, they automaticly remember eachother and they ranaway. Everything slowly started coming back to them, they didn't remember Elizabeth until a couple of weeks before they left, they wanted so badly to go back and find her, but it was risking too much. They promised themselves that they'd find her again, they just wanted to find their perants first since they were more expirienced at being Killjoys than they were and they knew that they would know how to handle the situation better than them.
Dr. Isoda looked through the files until she found the ones she was looking for. Her eyes started scanning the words on the paper.

'Desert Rose'(Elizabeth Lyellson) is currently traveling with 'Cherri Cola' (Claudia Skye Ramone) and 'Static Angel' (Iris Liena Ramone). It's been confirmed by Korse that they are currently staying with Miss.I. Ramone's and Miss.C.Ramone's step father, Doctor Death Defying (William Jeanette) and 'the Fabulous Killjoys' 'Party Poison' (Gerard Way), 'Kobra Kid' (Michael Way), 'Fun Ghoul' (Frank Iero) and 'Jet Star' (Raymond Toro). If BL/ind and S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W can find 'Doctor Death Defying' and 'the Fabulous Killjoys' we will find Elizabeth and nine of the ten most wanted Killjoys in Battery City.

She flipped to a part in the file about Party Poison.

Useful information: Party Poison' (Gerard Arthur Way), born in 1996 to Donna and Donald Way, is one of BL/ind's most wanted Killjoys and must be exterminated on sight. Party Poison has been looking after a small child named Grace Jeanette after her mother, Layla Jeanette, was exterminated. 'Party Poison' is in a romantic relationship with 'Acid Bullets' (Alexandria Oliveson), the child and Miss.A.Oliveson are weaknesses and could be used against Party Poison, and the Fabulous Killjoys, if caught.

Curiosity ran through Dr. Isoda when she found out that Party Poison was in a relationship. She looked for Acid Bullets' description in the booklet.

History: 'Acid Bullets' (Alexandria Wednsday Oliveson) was taken to a mental instution in 2015 when she was temporarily caught by BL/ind. Miss.A.Oliveson was suffering from servere schizophrenia and killed over fifty Draculoids while going into Battery City. Miss.A.Oliveson was kept in the mental instution for three months until she escaped. Miss.A.Oliveson's younger sibling 'Death Day' (Rosanna Amelia Oliveson) has suffered from mild cases of schizophrenia, but it's assumed that Miss.A.Oliveson has stolen medication over the years from Battery City to keep their cases of their mental illness under control. Miss.A.Oliveson and Miss.R.Oliveson come to Battery City once every few months for their medication often disguised as Draculoids or Citizens of Battery City.

Dr. Isoda knew that Acid Bullets and Death Day often came to Battery City, the last time they'd come had been a couple of months ago and she knew that they were due some more medication. They used to take small boxes of the medication so they would be okay for a couple of months until they had to come back for more.
Dr. Isoda promised herself that when they next came to Battery City, she wouldn't let them get out again.

She loved him. She'd let herself fall for someone she barely knew yet again. Static couldn't stop thinking about Kobra and he couldn't stop thinking about her, either. He wanted to tell her that he loved her, but he had no idea how. They both didn't know how they could be in love after seeing eachother for a matter of weeks again. Kobra'd had pretty strong feelings for her when they very first met and he knew that they had never helped him in the first place.
Static's heart stopped when she saw Kobra walk outside into the desert where she was watching the sun rise.
She smiled at him softly, making him feel slightly hyper inside.
"Hey. How'd you sleep?" He asked.
"I slept great, last night was amazing."
She blushed a little. "I know it was, it's always amazing."
They'd had sex again last night, but to Static it was more making love since that's all she felt whenever she saw him, nevermind slept with him. It just hurt her that she knew (or thought she knew) that Kobra just saw it as sex, something to pleasure themselves, when in reality, he saw it as making love, too.
Static was leaning agaist the diner and sitting down on the desert floor so he sat next to her and she rested her head on his shoulder. He gently kissed her forehead and closed his eyes. She intertwined her hand with his and she watched the sun rise. Back before the bombs hit, her and Cherri used to watch the sun rise, she'd missed the simple things like that. The sky was a perfect blue back then, but now it was more of a blue-ish green-ish kind of color, the clowds weren't white anymore, they were always grey or a creamy color and whever it was about to rain, they were a sickly green color because of the acid rain.
Static just wished she had the balls to tell him that she loved him.
"Me and Cherri used to watch the sun come up when we were kids, y'know. I do this a lot because it reminds me of a simple time."
Kobra gently squeezed her hand. "What's your real name again, Static?"
"Iris. Iris Liena Ramone."
"Lee-En-Ah. L-I-E-N-A. My grams was called Liena, my mom gave it to me as my middle name. Grams' middle name was Claudia so she named Cherri after her."
"Iris is a beautiful name."
"Iris was my momma's favourite flower."
"My real name's Michael James Way, but everyone called me Mikey."
"I like the name Mikey, that was gonna be my name. My momma thought that I was gonna be a boy so she had the names Claudia Skye Ramone and Michael Louis Ramone."
Mikey smiled. "I'm glad that you weren't a guy."
She chuckled sadly at the memory of her mother. "Yeah, me too. I bet I'd be a pretty hot guy, though."
"You're an icredibley beautiful woman, you'd still be beautiful if you were a guy."
"Oh really? Would you still be with me if I were a guy? I don't mean if I was born a guy, I mean if I just woke up with a dick and no tits one morning. Would you still be with me?"
He paused. "Yeah. Would you still be with me if I woke up with tits and no dick one day?"
"Yeah, besides it wouldn't be the first time I would've slept with a girl."
"You've slept with a girl before?" He said with a smile.
"I was really fucking drunk and we were playing spin the bottle. It landed on a girl and the next thing I know I'm waking up in the morning at a party naked with that girl. I couldn't even remember her name."
He laughed. "Alcohol's a poweful thing."
"Yeah, it is. Alcohol was also my bestfriend for a very long time. When we got seperated from our mom, I took it really bad and I started drinking when I was only a kid. Cherri was my best friend, she still is."
"Cherri's a great gal."
"She is. I don't know where I'd be without her, probably dead now I think about it. That girl's saved my ass I don't know how many times."
"It's the same with me and Poison. He took a bullet for me once, I was only thirteen and he was sixteen."
"Sounds like one hell of a big brother. Luckily, Cherri's never had to do anything like that for me. I've never been shot before, I've always been good at dodging them."
"He didn't get hurt, I never would've been able to forgive myself if he did. I'm just lucky I still have him in my life after the bombs. Some people don't have anyone. I can't imagine what that must be like."
"I know. I've always had Cherri since I was born. She's my slightly older twin sister."
"I take it Cherri was born first?"
"Yeah, she was. My momma was surprised when the doctors said that I was a girl, she bought lots of baby boy stuff as well as girl stuff for Cherri."
They carried on talking until nine in the morning, then they had to go inside because the acid rain started.

Acid was woken up by Poison's lips pressing to her forehead. She slowly opened her eyes to see the glorious hazel in his eyes.
"Morning." He said.
"Good morning. Look, I'm sorry about last night. I was being unreasonable. I guess I was being a fucking horny teenager or some shit like that." She laughed a little at the end and he smiled at her.
"Don't worry about it now, it's in the past. I promise we'll do it soon if you still want to. I just want you to be sure that you're ready because I love you, Ace."
"I love you, too, Poison. And fuck yeah, I still wonna do it."
He smile grew wider and he kissed her again.
"I'd better get out of bed. By the way, you and Grace looked really sweet this morning. It was a sweet father daughter moment."
"You saw?"
"Yeah, I did. She really loves you."
"And she really loves you, too."
"I never thought I'd be a perant at nineteen, but hey, I guess I never thought that a company would take over the planet and sell pills that kill emotions."
"Thank God there are Killjoys."
"Amen to that. I fucking love you."
"Fuckin' love you, too. We won't be doing much today, 's raining acid again."
"Ugh. I hate it went it rains. The ground somehow manages to get even dryer when it rains."
"It's a fucking pain in the ass, I know."
"Atleast it means we have the entire day in together, maybe it'll be my first time and more."
He kissed her forehead again. "We'll see."
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