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All Hope Is Lost... Or Is It?

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Broken Arrow And Poison Revolver Wander Alone Throught The Californian Desert... All Hope Of Finding The Fabulous KillJoys Is Lost... Or Is It?

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Chapter 1:
Broken Arrow and Poison Revolver wanderded through the desert that once was sunny, lively,
happy, california. The sun was hot and their mouths were dry as dust. Neither of them had
eaten in days. Poison looked up at the sky, "Oi Arrow, it looks like acid rain!" she said,
in a annoyed tone. "Oh great!" Arrow replied sarcasticly, "we better set up camp then?".
The two killjoys dropped their bags, un-zipped one, and pulled out a tent. It was a gift
from some friends they had met a while ago, but were sperated with. So they began to set
up the specialy glazed tent, that was designed to withstand almost anything. "Pass the
cantien" Poison said, nudging arrow. "Sure" said arrow as she began tipping out her satchel
to reveal its contence: a partly ripped map of the zones, 2 extra scarfs, the cantien, a
pen knife, 2 ray guns, one blakc and white checkered, and one bright yellow with red "x"'s
and lastly a photo. The photo was of 6 figures, all smiling brightly as if they hadn't a
care in the world. 2 of the figures were the girls, Poison and Arrow, the other 4 figures
were boys. Arrow picked up the photo, the cantien and sighed. "Whats up?" Poison asked,
looking concerned. "Its just that... I'm begining to think we won't see them again, I mean,
its allready been 3 months..." Arrow replied, gazing at the photo, fondly. "shh!" said
Poison, wrapping her arms around Arrow, "Of corse we will see them! We just need to have
faith, and keep running" "Okay... But can we send out one more message once the tents up?"
Arrow said, looking hopeful. "Sure" Poison, picking up tent poles.
Later, in the tent, Posion picked up the radio-camera and perched it on a bag. "Ready?"
she asked, looking nudging Arrow "Fuckin' ready!" Arrow replied, laughing. "3... 2... 1..."
Poison, mumbled, pressing a button on the camera, to start the transmittion. "Howdy!" Arrow
said gleefully to the camera "It's Broken Arrow and Poison Revolver here! Reporting from
zone 6! If anyone's out there, pleaaasee say! We are running despratly low on supplies! And
could do with some company! So, I repeat, zone 6, please reply if you hear this, NIGHT
BIAATCHES" Arrow said, before ending the transmittion. "Okay, we need some sleep" Poison
said. "We sure do... But can I leave the radio tuned in, just in case?" Arrow replied.
"Sure, but night, honey" Poison said to her sister, walking into the bedding area of the
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