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Say Hello Boys!

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Poison Revolver And Broken Arrow Are Finally Re-United With The Faboulous KillJoys!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Fantasy - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011-12-06 - Updated: 2011-12-06 - 290 words

Slowly Poison opened her eyes, and nudged Arrow, "MMMNNGGHH" groaned Arrow, unhappy to be awoken so early, "Come on, lazy, we better be going, we are really close to drac' territory, and, its a really nice day!" said Poison, cheerfully. "Okay..." Arrow said, as she sat up and rubbed her chocolate coloured eyes. "Lets get cracking" continued Arrow, begining to pack up the bedding, as Posion packed their bags. They swiftly packed up the tent and withing minuates they were done, ready to venture on.
"Stupid flys!!" Complained Arrow, swatting at them. "Shutup!!" Posion said, staring into the distance. "Dracs..." Arrow said, noticeing the 4 figures in the distance. The girls pulled the guns out of the holsters on their thighs. They held out the guns, aiming for the heads of the 4 figures. As they got closer, both girls noticed the brighty coloured clothing of the figures, instead of the reconisable white suites of the BL/ind draculoids. "KILLJOYS" they shouted, happily, at the same time. Arrow and Poison dropped their bags, and ran over to the figures, reconising their faces, "JET STAR! FUN GHOUL! PARTY POISON! KOBRA KID!" shouted Arrow, as she jump hugged Party Poison. "Oh Jesus!" he said, startled. "OH WE MISSED YOU!!" Arrow shouted hugging each boy in turn. The boys started walking over to where the girls had dropped their bags, and picked them up for them. "Uhh, guys, where are your bags?!" Poison asked, somthing, as somthing had just clicked inside her brain. " Aha! This is the cool part!" Party Poison laughed. "What?" Arrow asked, confused. "We will explain tomorow, now, I know you have a tent, so lets set it up, before dark..." Jet Star said, looking at the sky, with a worried expresion.
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