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Jennifer is caught trying to run away

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I turned around and surely enough, it was Gerard. "What?,How did you?...,"I didn't know what to say. How the hell did he hear me? "I sleep in the basement, I can heard everyones foot steps,"he said. Should've seen that coming. He sleep in the basement? "Where are you going?,"he asked. "For a walk,"I said. "Why this late?,"he asked. "I'm a night person,"I said. "Then why are you taking your bags?,"he asked as he casually leaned against the wall with his arms folded. "Uh, it's cold outside and I didn't know what sweater to wear, so I put all of them in the bags, so I can try all of them on and see which one I feel more comfortable with,"I said. "And where exactly are you going?,"he asked.

Oh my god, he asking so many questions. "T..the..the cemetery two blocks away,"I studdered. "Why the cemetery?,"he asked. "Because, you know, it looks cool, my comfort zone,"I said. "So, being around dead people is your comfort zone?,"he asked raising his eyebrow. "Y..yeah,"I said. "Okay then, let's go,"he said. "Go where?,"I said. "The cemetery,"he said. "Why?,"I asked. "Well, first of all you wanna go and second of all I wanna see how 'cool' this cemetery is,"he saked putting on his sweater. "You don't need to go if you don't want to,"I said nervously. "Oh but I do sugar, leave your bags here,"he said opening the door. Sugar? Why did I have to say the cemetery? I walked out the house slowly. He closed the door behind him. "So, the cemetery is your favorite place to be at night?,"he asked as we started walking.

What have you gotten into yourself Jennifer. I should slap myself. "Yeah, it's a calming place,"I said. "I'm not ganna lie, I like going to the cemetery at night too,"he said giving a small smile. "What do you like about it?,"I asked. "I guess, uh, well it's like being in a different world, it's quiet, except for those stupid birds, and I don't have to worry about anything, what about you?,"he asked. "Well, it's my way to get away from everything and forget about my parents and me living in a adoption home,"I said. "Ah, so how often did you go?,"he asked. "Before moving into the adoption home and after my parents death, I guess everyday for a month,"I said.

"Why?,"he asked. "To visit a place my parents were buried in, I went to a different cemetery, because as part of my therapy I never found out were my parents were buried,"I said. "How did your parents die anyways?,"he asked. "Uh, it's something I don't like to talk about,"I said putting my head down. "It's okay, wouldn't either," he said. "What about your dad?,"I asked as I meet his eyes. "What about him?," he asked, still looking at my eyes. God I love his eyes. I just wanna grab him and..STOP! You can't think of him that way even if he is one sexy beast. "Was he really a hitter?,"I asked. "Yeah, he would always would hit me, Mikey, and my mom when he would get drunk, but he would beat me mostly ,because I'm older then Mikey and I couldn't stand watching my brother in pain,"he said. "How many times would he hit you?,"I asked.

"Everyday intill he would run out of energy,"he said. "Wow, wait, why are you talking to me all of a sudden?,"I asked. "What, I can't have a conversation with you all of a sudden?,"he asked angrily. "No, it's just that...","You know what, we I won't talk to you anymore since that's what you want,"he interupted me and walked away. While I was 10 feet behind them, I was thinking we are my parents buried? I passed the gates of the cemetery. I'm guessing he was still mad, because he walked away to the left and walked to the right to look at the gravestones. As I looked around, I looked up to see Gerard sitting under a tree looking at a gravestone. [

/Guess that's his dad./] He suddenly looked up and meet my eyes. I looked away as soon as they did. As I was still looked around, I took a glance at two gravestones and saw they had my same last nam. Must be someone else. I couldn't read the first names, so I got on my knees. I think Gerard noticed, because as soon as I got on my knees, got up and started walking over to where I was. Then when I read the names I froze. MATTHEW HALEY, BELOVED HUSBAND AND FATHER, ASHLEY HALEY, BELOVED WIFE AND MOTHER.My parents.Just looking at the gravestones made me have a flashback of the night my parents were killed.
"PLEASE STOP, PLEASE, I'LL DO ANYTHING JUST PLEASE STOP!,"yelled mom. "SHUT UP!,"the man yelled as he slapped my mom. "MOM!,"I yelled as I crawled over to her. "GO OVER THERE YOU LITTLE BITCH!,"he yelled as he dragged me by my hair to the other end of the room. "DAD, HELP, DAADDD!,"I yelled. "I'm afraid he won't be able to help you sweetheart,"the man said as he stabbed me with a knife on my back. "AHHHH!,"I yelled in pain.
I quickly got up with tears rolling down my cheeks. I turned around to run, but I ended up bumping into Gerard. "What's wrong?,"he asked with a conserned look. " pa..parents,"I studdered, trying to control my crying. "What about them?,"he asked. I pointed at the gravestones. He looked at them for a second and turned around and hugged me. "Shh..shh..shh, it okay, everythings ganna be fine,"he whispered in my ear.

"Why didn't I call the cops?, this all mu fault, he took everything away from me, get out of my head, I don't want to remember your face,"I said to mysel as I cried. "Who?," asked Gerard. "Can we leave please?,"I cried. "Yeah, lets go,"he said. We walked the rest of the way home in silents. Gerard didn't let go of me the whole time. Before I walked upstairs, Gerard grabed my hand and pulled me towards him. "I'm sorry I forced you to go,"he apoligized. "It's fine, atleast I know where my parents are buried now,"I said sadly. He kissed my cheek and said "Goodnight". "Goodnight,"I said. I walked in my room, jump on my bed thinking about the man, his face, his voice, and before I knew it I fell asleep.
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