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Learn to Fly - 6

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Sequel to Fly Away, Dance on the Milky Way. Over a year has passed, and Gerard is reunited with his daughter Gia. She has a lot to hide, and Gerard finds that she has grown up and changed.

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A/N: Double update! Be happy about it, god damn it. And I swear, things will get slightly more exciting after this one. It's been boring for a while and I realize that.
Thanks for all the reviews, btw. I would hug everyone who reviewed if I could.

Chapter 6: Dinner plans with Mr. Way

One of the few reasons Gia enjoyed living with her mom more than with her dad was because she was so free to do what she wanted. If Gerard was the one who was around constantly, there was no way she’d be able to drink, smoke, party, or have any kinds of fun what so ever.

And that is why Gia made sure to make it very clear to Sean that he can’t tell Gerard anything that might give him any reason to worry. As far as Gerard is concerned, any physical contact Gia has with the boy is limited to holding hands, and even that only happens under strict adult supervision.

Gia, Thomas and Gerard were sitting in the living room. Stella was in the kitchen, preparing dinner. Stella and Thomas’ kids, Gia’s half-sister and half-brother, were staying with their grandparents for the evening, which Gia thought was better. At least if Gerard decides to violently murder Sean with a fork during dinner, the kids won’t be there to witness it.

As soon as the doorbell rang, Gia jumped up from her seat. “I’ll get it!” she announced and ran to the front door. She wanted to make sure Sean was presentable before introducing him to her possibly homicidal father. But before she could open the door, she was stopped by Gerard.

“Why don’t you go help your mom with dinner,” Gerard suggested.


“Gia, I’m not kidding.”

Knowing very well that she was basically throwing Sean into the mouth of a lion, she left.

But Gerard didn’t care how nervous his daughter was about this. One of his biggest fears in Gia living away from him was that she’d do something stupid when he’s not there to watch her. So not only did he miss her terribly every day, but he also worried so much that he was pretty sure he’d have a good head of gray hair by the time he’s 40.

“Come on in,” Gerard said, giving him a stern glare.

Looking quite confused, but also nervous, the boy stepped into the house and instantly regretted it when a flash of pure hatred and resentment appeared on the man’s face. As fast as it had appeared, it was gone.

“I’m Gia’s dad,” Gerard introduced himself. “Follow me.”

Sean followed the man into the living room, which was empty. Too bad. He had hoped that Gia would save him. This was not what he had signed up for when he had asked Gia out. And he wasn’t sure if she was really worth all this.

“So, Sean,” Gerard started after they had settled down on the chairs. “What are your intentions with my daughter?”

Sean shrugged. “I dunno.”

“Do you drink?”

Again, he shrugged. “No?”





“What do you do?”

“Uh… I’m in high school?”

“Right. How are your grades?”

“Okay I guess.”

“And what do you plan on doing after high school?”

“College. Maybe law school after that.”

“Strike one.”


“What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?”


“What is Batman’s real name?”

“Bruce Wayne.”

“Have you ever or are you going to have sexual relations with my daughter?”

Sean was about to answer truthfully until he caught himself just in time. That sneaky bastard. “Dude!”

“Answer the question!”


“Wait, is that a no to the sexual relations or no you’re not going to answer the question?”

Sean sighed in frustration. This was getting out of hand. “Look! I’m not sure what you think I’m like or what you’ve heard, but I’m not a bad guy. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I have never done drugs, and I treat your daughter with respect.”

“Let me make one thing clear. I don’t like you, and I don’t trust my daughter’s judgment one bit. However, I will allow you to keep your balls for now, but if you ever hurt her, I will personally chop them off and shove them down your throat. Am I making myself clear?”

“Crystal,” Sean said, nodding. This guy may not look very dangerous, but he didn’t doubt his ability to defend his daughter at all.


Then, something in Sean’s mind clicked. Gerard had looked familiar to him, and now he knew why. “Now I know why you look so familiar! You look just like that singer dude from that band of those faggots, you know that My Romance something!”

Just as Gerard reached his boiling point and was about to put his previous threat into action, Gia rode in on her white horse just in time. Sean had never looked happier.

“Are you two behaving?” Gia asked, checking to see if anyone was missing any body parts. No blood in sight, she took that as a good sign.

“Yeah, we’re cool,” Gerard answered, although it was clear that he was nowhere near being cool.

“Um, dad? You promised you wouldn’t do anything you’ll regret later.”

“I did promise that,” Gerard admitted, but Sean suddenly realized that killing him wouldn’t be something that Gerard would necessarily regret.

Before Gerard could get back to asking a billion questions, Stella called everyone to eat. Gia sighed in relief. Just by the look on Sean's face, she knew her dad had been acting crazy again.

Gerard immediately sat next to his daughter, giving Sean no chance to try to get any kind of contact on Gia without Gerard noticing. Not like if he wasn't there that they could kiss. As far as Gerard was concerned, Gia had no physical contact with this boy, ever.

Minutes passed, although they felt like hours. The atmosphere was awkward, and no one spoke a word. The only noise was the sound of forks and knives hitting the plates.

"So... How was your day Gia?" Stella asked, almost half way into the dinner, breaking the ice.

"It was okay, the usual I guess," Gia answered, not knowing what to say.

All through dinner, Gerard glared at the boy who was now dating his daughter. This guy was not different from Lucas. They’re both scum, not worthy of dating Gerard’s daughter. The only difference was that Lucas could be monitored and kept away from Gia.

"So, Sean. Have you ever been arrested?" Gerard asked, looking at the boy who stopped eating and froze. Gia have her father a very stern glare, but she didn’t say anything and concentrated on her plateful of food once again.

"No. Never."

"So if I had a cop look up your info you will have a clean record?" Gerard asked.

Stella looked horrified of the way Gerard was acting. But judging by the look on Gia’s face, Stella could tell this was nothing out of the ordinary. Gia didn't look shocked, only embarrassed.

"Dad. Don't," Gia said.

"'Sean,” Gerard started, ignoring his daughter. He wasn’t done interrogating the boy. “Would something come up?"

By now, Sean was so confused. He had never been in a situation like this before, and now he knew for certain that Gia was so not worth all this tormenting. "I got arrested once...” he admitted. “But it wasn't my fault! My friend invited me over and I had no idea he was having a party until I saw all the people there."

"What were the charges?"

"Underage drinking, even though I did not drink."

Gerard knew he couldn't trust this boy. Thoughtfully, he glanced at Gia. She must’ve been unaware of this terrible criminal record Sean had. Gia would never hang around any bad guys. She was a good girl!

Then, to his horror, Gerard realized something that shook his whole being. Ryan rode a motorcycle and fathered Gia’s plastic baby (even though it was just a school project). The Lucas case was pretty self-explanatory, and Gerard was pretty sure there was more to what went on between Gia and Lucas than what he was told. And now Sean, who might as well be thrown into jail for the long list of criminal activity?

Gerard started to doubt his daughter’s ability to pick out eligible young men to date. None of these guys deserved her!

"Are you done interrogating my boyfriend now?" Gia asked, hoping that they could go back to the awkward silence.

"Nope," Gerard said, taking a bite of the food he had hardly touched in the last 10 minutes.

Gerard asked everything from sex, STD's, to kids and every answer was a great answer. Of course they were all lies. He didn't have STD's but he lied when he said he wasn't sexually active. Gerard knew a liar when he saw one.

"Sean, are you into any sports?" Gerard asked. He was running out of questions, but he could not let this punk win.

"No, sports aren't my thing. I like to watch them, not play them."

And as if things couldn’t get any worse, Thomas decided to put his two cents in and ruin everything. I mean, ruin everything even worse.

"Gia, where were you last night? I didn't see you when I checked on you kids at midnight," Thomas asked. He was smiling that venomous smile that Gia had grown oh so familiar with. He obviously thought he would get her to admit something in front of her father.

"Um… I…” Gia started, but couldn’t figure out a good enough excuse. Now Gerard was looking pretty interested as well.

"That’s my fault, sorry. I had called her. My folks were arguing and we were on the front porch, talking. We were out there pretty late," Sean answered, saving her ass.

"I don't want my step daughter to be out there so late, Sean," Thomas snapped.

"Last I checked you didn't care where she was,” Sean said, not being able to help himself. His dislike towards Thomas was nearly as passionate as Gia’s.

"I do, and I always will as long as she is part of this family. You will not be taking her out so late, not even to the front porch.”

Thomas was not fooling Gia by pretending to care about her. Stella on the other hand thought it was so cute of Thomas to show concern.

Gerard however was nodding furiously. "I completely agree. My daughter is not to be out past eleven with some boy. You better not be sneaking into her bedroom," Gerard lectured. “Because I will find out if you sneak into her bedroom, boy.”

The tension in the room was so thick it could be cut with a knife.

"Gia, do me a favor and take the dishes to the kitchen sink please," Stella said trying to get everyone to calm down.

Gia gladly grabbed the plates and walked out of the room. Before Gerard could act, Sean had jumped up from his seat, announced that he’ll help her, and dashed into the kitchen like he was on fire.

"Oh god! I didn't know your family was crazy! And your dad... Gia, you didn't tell me he was gonna ask me all these questions," Sean said, clearly angry.

Gia shrugged. She had of course warned him that her dad wasn’t the most accepting of people when it came to her having a social life, but how can you really prepare someone for an interrogation like this?

"Well, he is my dad after all. Be happy he didn't slam you into a wall like he did to a guy friend of mine once."

“He did that?”

“Yeah, he was pretty bruised up. Anyway, don’t worry about my dad. He’ll go back to Belleville in a few days,” Gia said, trying to be comforting. “And I doubt he will have the chance to murder you before then.”

“How can anyone be so paranoid? I mean, that can’t be healthy.”

Gia sighed as she was putting away the dishes into the dishwasher. “Look, you don’t know what he’s been through. But I swear he’ll let it go once he realizes there’s nothing he can do about it.”

“But until then it’s going to be torture, right?” Sean scoffed.

“Pretty much,” Gia admitted. “But I did promise I’ll make it up to you.”

This brought back the grin on Sean’s face. Usually Gia enjoyed being with him, but whenever her dad came into town, she was reminded of Lucas. And then she starts to compare the two. Obviously no matter what, she will always remember Lucas and how wonderful he was. Not that she didn’t like Sean, but compared to Lucas, he was nothing. And she hated feeling like this.

Gia was pushed against the counter as Sean decided to get a preview of what Gia promised she’d do. She closed her eyes as his lips traveled down her jaw to her neck.

“Sean, my dad can come in any minute,” she groaned after a while, turning her head away from him.

“You want me to come over tonight?” Sean asked, and to Gia it was pretty clear that he only wanted to continue from where they left off. “He was only kidding about the sneaking into your room thing, right? He won’t find out?”

“I don’t think that’s safe,” she said. “But I’ll see you tomorrow at school. And I’ll come over on the weekend and we can… Hang out.”

Sean gave her one more kiss, a long, demanding one, and then pulled away from her. “So, was this it? Are we finished with the 3rd degree?”

“My dad will never be done suspecting you. But you can leave, I’ll make up an excuse for you.”

The dinner had gone better than she had suspected it would. Gia was quite pleased with it, actually. No one had lost any body parts or blood and there was hardly any fighting at all. Although, she was certain that her father will be visiting a lot more now that he is aware of Sean.
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