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The Shoebox Army

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*story you auditioned for* In every generation dawns a most auspicious day, the day when four elevens meet and sleepers have their say, The day to which the fickle sands of time and tide have run, ...

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In every generation dawns a most auspicious day, the day when four elevens meet and sleepers have their say, The day to which the fickle sands of time and tide have run, the day when fate and prophecy reveal the Chosen One.

Jasmine Price was eleven years old. That’s to say precisely at 11 that evening, the eleventh day of the eleventh month, she would be eleven years old. A cause for celebration you’d think, but not for Jasmine. Sad to say, her father died barely two months before and Jasmine had not yet shed a tear. Treats and birthday cake were all very well, but they wouldn’t bring her father back nor help the girl learn to grieve. What she needed was something different, something to better suite her destiny, her destiny and the deep, dark destiny of another.

Shoebox Army
Chapter One – The Magic Is Awakened

“Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jasmine Happy birthday to you” Jasmine listened to her mother sing the suppose to be happy, cheerful tune of when someone has a birthday and here she sat, watching her mum come in with a white, candle lit cake, eleven candles burning brightly. She set it on the table and Jasmine looked down on it, a smile creeping on her face. “Make a whish sweetheart” her mother whispered, putting a hand on her shoulder and kneeling down next to her. Jasmine turn her head towards the only parent she had, nodded and sat in thought for a few moments, thinking of a wish. Of course, the wish she said in her mind could never come true and, with a sad heart, she knew it too.

With one big breath, she blew out all 11 candles. Her mother gave a little cheer, kissed her forehead gently and said “Do you want to open your presents?” and gestured to a rather big pile. She took one of the biggest ones there and, with her mind elsewhere, started to unwrap.


The past few hours were spent in a restaurant, her and her mother, Hannah, talking, joking, laughing and enjoying themselves, but it was only half-hearted and she didn’t feel the celebration was the same without the great big piece that was missing in her life. “Did you enjoy that?” her mum asked, as they walked outside the restaurant doors onto the high street “Yeah, it was good” she replied, giving him a smile and a hug. “Come on, we better get home” her mother said, leading her down a short ally that lead to a road behind the street scenario.

Then Jasmine noticed something, a lone shop. There was nothing unusual about that, but she had never seen it before. Above the door which had a black doorframe and looked fairly old, said “Lost and Found” in purple and red letters. Hannah stopped and said “Do you mind if I take a look, Jasmine?” Jasmine rolled her eyes and dropped her shoulders. “Oh, come on, it wont be that bad. Hey, I may find a first edition book” Jasmine thought about this, she did want to go home but, not wanting to displease her mother, she nodded and followed him up the steps to the shop and went inside.

It was a very old-looking place; objects lined the walls, from books, to toys, to model cars, to photo frames. Jasmine looked round, rather fascinated and her eyes fell on an old plush dog which was enclosed in a cage. Suddenly, a movement caught her eyes and a woman with waist length, wavy purple hair and blue eyes stood by a counter. She smiled and as she moved towards them, her ear ring and lip ring flashed in the little light.

“Ah, hello my good sir and lady” she said enthusiastically, walking to the door and shutting it “You came just in time. I was about to close. A rare first edition for you sir?” She asked Jasmine’s mum. “Uh, yes please” she said. She indicated a shelf on the wall full of books and Hannah made a beeline for it. “And you young lady, whatever takes your fancy” she said to Jasmine giving her a winning smile. Jasmine nodded and wondered off, gazing at every gadget and gizmo she saw. Then, something caught her eye and a ticking noise reached her ears.

The ticking was coming from a very strange-looking clock. 3 strange symbols replaced where the 12, 3 and 9 could be and in place of the number 6 was a large 11. Below it was the thing that had caught Jasmine’s attention. It was a shoebox. An ancient, yellow shoebox, nothing written on it and it looked rather plain. Jasmine walked towards it slowly and, without knowing why, a little fear in her.

“Go on, it’s not going to bite” said a British voice in her ears and she turned to find the woman who seemed to own the shop behind her. Jasmine looked up at her with big, innocent brown eyes and walked up to it. She picked up the box and felt that, surprisingly, it did have something it in. She grabbed the lid and lifted it up gently.

Inside were 5 little statues of animals, they all were dusty, rather grimy and it was rather hard to decipher what they were but Jasmine made out that there was a stag, a dog, a gazelle, a wolf and a cat. Very gently, she lifted the Stag out of the box and studied it a little. But, there was little to tell about it and all she notified was that one of its large antlers was missing.

The strange clock began to strike loudly and it made her look towards it. She saw the one hand over the 11 and the 2nd...well, there wasn’t one. Jasmine looked back at the stag and stared at it more closely. Then, with a jolt in her body and a quickening pace of her heart, she swore that she saw one of the stags eyes move. Her jaw dropped and her eyes winded. Surely she hadn’t seen it move, it was the trick of the light.

“In every generation dawns a most auspicious day” the shop owner said and Jasmine looked over, placing the stag back into the box “the day when four elevens meet and sleepers have their say, The day to which the fickle sands of time and tide have run, the day when fate and prophecy reveal the Chosen One”

The shop owner was looking down at her with an air of knowing something she didn’t and the gaze made Jasmine shiver. The clock struck up again and the woman looked over Jasmine’s head at it. “That clock hasn’t struck for eleven century’s. How peculiar” she stated. This was getting weirder and weirder.

Around the corner, with a book in hand, came her mother, her straight black hair waving behind her and her storm grey eyes looked at her and the woman with curiosity. “Jasmine” she said “Its time to go home” The shop keeper smiled and gripped the box gently “Yes. You must take them home”. Hannah looked at the box in puzzlement “What’s that?” she asked. Jasmine looked at the shop keeper, her mother and then back to the box “Just a bunch of stupid statues” and smiled as the shop keeper took her hands off the box.

“So, how much for them?” her mother asked as they left the shop “Oh, nothing. Take them. They are all yours” the shop keeper said loudly as she locked the shop door and turned to them “After all, it is the young ladies birthday” and off she went down the road, quickly and silently. Jasmine and Hannah were left in confusion. “Now, how did she know it was your birthday?” Hannah enquired. Jasmine didn’t speak, she was as puzzled as her mother and as they walked back down the street, Jasmine looked back to see the shop keeper had disappeared completely.

So, what did you think? Too long, too short? Too...Weirdish? I dont know... Next chapter is the second part of this. Hope you liked it guys!
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