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Every Hour, On The Hour...

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Hospitals suck, and so does coming out to your parents.

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AN: Does anyone here listen to Alesana? I'm thinking about starting a story based on "The Emptiness."

A paramedic was beside him, trying to make Frank let go of Gerard. 

"N-N-NO!" Frank said wildly. "No, please! You can't take him!"

The paramedic looked at him sympathetically. "Your friend's alive, son. See that pulse? We need to get him to a hospital."




Reluctantly, Frank loosened his grip on Gerard. 


Gerard was put onto a stretcher and carried out to an ambulance. Frank went with him and held his hand. His warm, living hand...


"Bullet wound to the right shoulder," someone was saying. "Try and keep some pressure on the cavity while I check for more bleeding."

Frank fainted.


Gerard was in a warm place.

That's the only way he could describe it: warm. And bright. Too bright. Holy shit, it was bright!

With a ridiculous amount of effort, Gerard opened his eyes.

White lights assaulted his eyes, making his first few seconds of consciousness incredibly painful. After a few watery blinks, his vision cleared and he was able to see the bland furniture of his hospital room.

At once his heart went racing. He was dimly aware of the increased beeping of the heart monitor next to him, but his mind was focused on something else. Where was Henry? The gun? FRANK?!

Gerard sat up, only to sink back into his bed with a hiss as his shoulder seared with pain.

A nurse in her late thirties hurried in, a clipboard clutched in one hand and a syringe in the other. Gerard eyed her warily; he hated needles.

The nurse looked up and smiled. "Ah, Mr. Way! I see you've woken up! Good!"

"Gerard," Gee mumbled.


Gee cleared his throat, feeling stupid. "My name is Gerard, not Mr. Way."

The nurse blinked and looked sympathetic. "Of course."

Gee sat up again, this time more slowly. "Is Frank okay?" he asked, afraid of the answer.

The nurse smiled again. "He's in the waiting room. You've been out for a day, Mr. W- Gerard," she amended. "He's fine, just shooken up. I can bring him in, if you'd like."

Gerard inhaled sharply. Frank was okay. Thank God. "Yes, please," he said in answer to the nurse's question.

The nurse left, tossing her blonde hair behind her in what Gee thought was a flirtatious sort of way. 'Must be the drugs' he thought with a smile.

The door burst open again and a dark shape barreled through. Frank Iero skidded to a halt next to the bed and stood there, red in the face and panting. Before Gee could ask where the fire was, Frank's mouth descended on his in a wet and brain-searing kiss.

When they parted, Gerard had to catch his breath before he spoke. "Whaaa?"

Frank was crying, but his lips turned upward in a shaky smile. "I'm just... So glad. I thought... There was so much blood... And you wouldn't open your eyes... And... And..." he was hyperventilating. Gee barely had time to reach for the call button before Frank continued. "And I thought I lost you. I just kept hearing that song in my head, and I thought: 'this song is going to kill me.'"

Gee gazed up at his blood-shot eyes, the messy hair, the skin red from crying, and saw himself during the week he thought Frank burned in that motel. 'God must really hate us,' he mused. He reached up with a fragile hand and pulled Frank downward for another kiss.

"Gee! I just heard-!" 

Gerard opened his eyes to see a harassed-looking Mikey Way standing in the doorway. Just behind him were his parents, their mouths parted in identical expressions of shock.

They stared at Frank.

Frank stared at them.

Gee looked between his parents and his boyfriend, feeling his face warming with a blush.

"Hey..." he said awkwardly. "Uh... Guess what, Mom and Dad? I'm gay..."

"I can see that," said Donna in an expressionless voice.

The staring continued.

"So..." Frank said, his face red from either embarrassment or crying. Or both. "Uh, I'm Frank."

"Hi, Frank," said Donna and Donald together. 

Mikey burst in, trying to save everyone from drowning in the awkwardness.

"This is Donna and Donald, my parents," he blurted. Gee had to smile; Mikey was trying so hard, but his parents just kept staring at the man who'd been kissing their son.

"Well," Gee said finally. "This is awkward. Frank, why don't you go home and shower?"

Frank grinned sheepishly. "I smell bad?"

Gerard ruffled his hair. "Never, babe. You just look like you need to relax."

Frank nodded and, while looking nervously at Gee and Mikey's parents, kissed his boyfriend farewell before rushing out of the room.

"Well," said Donald, watching Frank go. "Seems like we have some catching up to do."

Donna nodded. "Your boyfriend seems nice."

Mikey coughed and pretended to polish his glasses.

'Yup,' thought Gerard tiredly. 'Family fun time.' And then he began to tell the tale of Frank, the motel, and the fire.

:::::::::: Demolition Lovers ::::::::::
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