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I Was Enchanted To Meet You

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Who's the good guy?

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Frank's POV- The party was set up, decorations in place, music, food, etc. Everything's done. I had my sexy clipboard neatly tucked under my arm, as I surveyed me, Mikey, and Alicia's work. Perfecto. Now for the plan to commence.

-Earlier that day-
Gerard's POV
I woke up, in the best possible mood ever. It's my birthday today!! The sun was shining, I had my Frankie back, and I had just recieved a letter saying I had gotten hired at a Starbucks as a manager. I'm not in the mental facility, so that's a plus. I went downstairs to make pancakes. As soon as I got the first batch on to the griddle, I got out some Sunny D, and made a fresh pot of coffee. I got out 4 newspapers, one for each person in the household. I even set the table. Damn you're good, I thought. I had just got the second batch of pancakes in the pan when I heard footsteps. Alicia was awake! Finally. "You guys sure do sleep a lot for a Saturday morning, huh?" I asked, loudly. "Shh. Too early, Gee. Oh good, you made breakfast. Coffee?" She asked hopefully. "Why would I make breakfast and not coffee?" I said, handing her a mug. "Soooo...?" I asked. "So what?" She replied. "You know what today is?" I asked her, sounding like I was 5 years old again. "Nope. But, hey, Gee. As much as I would like to talk and have a nice conversation, I really have to get to work. Have a good day, sweetie." I slumped in my chair. Did she really not remember? Urgh. I hate when she calls me sweetie. I was silently cursing her to Hades' deepest darkest pits, when Mikey came down, with Frank at his heels. Frankie had nags under his eyes and was shuffling his feet, like they each weighed 10000 pounds. "Hey Gee." They greeted me. "Hey guys. Alicia just left. I made breakfast." I hoped they would remember. Mikey's only forgotten my birthday once. frankie's never forgotten but it's been a long time, he could've forgotten. "Oh cool, babe. What's the occasion?" Frank asked, grabbing a plate. Oh. I felt a tidal wave of disappointment rush through me. "Well... I was just in a good mood this morning." I shoved a forkful of pancake in my mouth and went to wash my plate. I felt Mikey giggle. "What, Mikes?" I asked, scornfully. "Calm down, Gee. It's just that you have heart boxers." Mikey giggled some more. Shit. I forgot to put on pants. Frank looked down and raised an eyebrow before busting out into uncontrollable laughter. I went upstairs to put on some skinnies. Time to get ready for today's slightly disappointing events.

Frank's POV

The birthday party was amazing. The DJ was on time and played the most amazing rock songs. I invited all of Gee's work friends, and some of his cousins. You know, the party animals. We all have some of those in our family. No? Ok. Well, anyways, at midnight, I took Gerard out to the park, and by a full moon, we held hands and reminicsed about our olden days. Our high school romance, the day I left to go to college....

"Gee. I promise I'll call every single night. You too, Mikes." I leaned back against our oak tree. The one I fell out of when I was 5. The one me and Gerard shared many of our kisses. The one where me and Mikey prank-called the many hot girls in our classes. Where me, Mikey and Gee sat, hiding, and threw snowballs at children at Christmas time. It's not as bad as you think. We hid little Hershey kisses inside the snowballs. The kisses had little green and red tinfoil wrapped around them. Our parents made us do that since, A) we all were failing math, science, AND history. And B) they thought since we spent so much time at the park, it would be good "community service hours. I just liked doing it because we got permission to throw things at people. Occasionally, when the kid's parents weren't looking, we would hide rocks in the snowballs and throw them at the parents. "Bye, Frankie." Gee said, painfully. I saw the tears fill his beautiful brown eyes. I kissed his cheek and punched Mikey on the shoulder playfully. "I'll be back before you know it guys." And I boarded the plane for the longest 4 years of my life.

Gerard's POV
The party was the best night ever. I loved every minute. It turns out, they didn't forget my birthday! I know what you're thinking, "Wow, Gerard. How can you not tell?" Actually, I'm just super gullible. My nickname in high school was GG (Gullible Gerard). I fell asleep in Frankie's lap, under a full moon. Ah. Love is sweet.

A/N: Sorry this chapter is so short. Idk what a filler is, but i think this is one. xD
R and R guys
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