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It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing

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Frank's POV

Ugh. I can't stand watching them leave. Without me. It breaks my heart, but, what can I do? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Earlier that week

"FRANK, FRANK, FRANK, FRANKIE, FRANK, FRANKIE, FRANKIE, FRAAAAAAAAANK" Gerard was bouncing painfully on top of my chest. "Ouch, Gee. What?!" I pushed him off my bed. He landed against the wall and laid there, slightly upside down, staring at me. We busted out laughing. "We have a band meeting today!" I just shook my head and went downstairs to pull a Gee, make myself a nice cup of coffee (extra caffeinated, of course) Maybe I'll make some blueberry PopTarts. Hmm. I thought about that all the way down the stairs, ignoring Gee's comments about random shit.

Before I go on, I should let you know the band meeting was a sucsess! No fights, no cussing, just music! We wrote our first song called Skylines and Turnstiles on the first day! Gerard was convinced we would be a legend. I hope he's right.

Anyways, once I had gotten dressed and had coffee, I opened the door to find the rest of the band. All two of them. "Are you ready Ray?" Gerard asked "Yeah" Ray replied, checking his phone for messages. "How 'bout you, Frank?" He asked me. "Oh yeah, baby." I smiled. "And how 'bout you, Mikey?" He grinned at his younger brother. "I'm fucking ready!" Mikey jumped up off the couch. Must've had some Skittles, or something. "I think I'm alright." Gee said. "Let's get cracking." Let the band meeting commence.

No matter how fucking much I wanted them to stay, I couldn't let them pass up the oppurtunity. I had to be the bigger person, turn my back, and walk away before they knew how much pain it caused me. Be the bigger man, Frank. I walked to the park to sit in our tree. I stared at the full moon, wishing it could show me Gerard, Mikey, Ray, Bob.... anybody. I turned suddenly, hearing a girl crying. Sobbing, actually. Like someone ripped out her heart, and fed it to the stupid little pigeons.

"Hang on, Frank. I got a call." Gerard left the room. I turned back to Top Model. Why do those girls have to be bitches? Ha Lauren, serves you right for being a bully to Katarina. You got kicked off. Ha ha ha. I shoved another handful of popcorn into my mouth. I heard Gee enter the room. "Ohmygod. Frank!" He grabbed my arm. "Whaaa?" I asked, through the popcorn. "We have an actual gig!!" He started jumping up and down. "My Chemical Romance is on it's way!" I said. "Let me call Ray and Bob. They'll be so excited!"

"Um... Miss? Are you ok?" I tapped the girl, about my age, on the shoulder. She was sitting on the swing set, with her head buried in her hands. She turned around, and through her tear-filled eyes. I noticed a familiar face. "Jamia?"

I was overwhelmed how many people in Bellville like new music. When Gerard said there were going to be a few people, he must have meant 300. God. I started to kick my feet impatiently, waiting for the other bands playing in the festival to finish. The DJ/mic guy-person went up after a band named All Time Low and said, "Our next band we have for ya is called My Chemical Romance!" Were there actually more people now? Great. I took a deep breath and grabbed Pansy, following the other guys out on stage. "This song is called "skylines and Turnstiles." We played through it like it was nothing. During Our Lady of Sorrows, I listened to Gerard sing. Damn, he was good. He sang with a gentleness that could only be his. I listened and listened until, I felt the hard impact of the ground rush to meet my wrist. Did I fall? Wow. Talk about embarassing.

"Frank? What are you doing here? What happened to your arm?" Jamia stood up and soflty touched my cast. "I broke it when I fell off the stage. I came here because my band left without me. Now, why are you here?" She sighed and sat down on the swing. I sat next to her. We both started pushing for a little bit until she spoke. "Jack is an asshole. He cheated on me with some blonde slut. He told me he never loved me and said that I was a horny bitcch who should go get tested." And then she broke down and sobbed, a heartbroken wail that tore at my heart. It was all I could do to hold her.

"Hey, Frankie." Gerard said, carrying a bouquet of flowers. "Better now that you're here." I smiled. "Thanks for the flowers." "Sure thing, sugar." He kissed my forehead. "How's your arm?" I sighed. "Better. But they gave me some crazy painkiller, so i can't feel anything on my left side. They said I won't be able to play until it gets healed." Gee gasped. "Frank.... My Chem is going on tour. Like.... next week." He looked at his hands. "Of course, you can still come with us if you want to, but we found a replacement. His name is Bert." I bit my lip. "I'ts ok, Gee. Alicia will probably need the company anyways." I sighed. "Frankie..." He grabbed my hand. "I'm sorry." he said. "It's ok, Gee. Really. Go. It'll be fun!" If only I was wrong.

It was heartbreaking to watch them leave, for 5 months. I had a slew of questions, but bit my tongue back, and waved with my good hand and with tears in my eyes, I walked slowly to the park. There it is, out tree. I climbed it very carefully and awkardly, and stared at the full moon, wishing I could be anywhere but here.

"Jamia, would you like to come stay at our place? Alicia said she was gonna order Chinese food." She started at me. "Is Alicia your wife?" She asked. "No, my boyfriend's brother's wife." She searched myface for a long time, before saying "Yes.That would be very nice, thank you Frankie" We started our 5 block walk to the house when she took my hand and whispered. "Thanks for helping me, Frank." I smiled. "Anytime, Jamie, anytime."

Gerard's POV

God it stinks. "Bert, do you maybe, I don't know, wanna take a shower every now and then? It would smell better." He smirked. "But babe, I thought you loved the smell of my sexy sweat!" I scowled at him and shut the curtain to my bed. Me and Frankie have been texting non-stop since we got on the road. "Gee! We stopped! TIme to do make-up!" Mikey opened the curtain and slipped me a note. BERT LIKES YOU
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