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I Don't Love You

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A/N Haha guys.... I guess I was wrong. I found a cure to my writers block. Yay! I actually love this story. So freaking much.... So, I hope you like it!

Gerard's POV
I scowled at this little, crumpled up piece of paper Mikey gave to me. Bert likes me? Why the fuck would I care? I have a beautiful, loving, amazing boyfriend who loves me and would never EVER do anything to hurt me.

So, why would he give this to me? It doesn't make any sense. I stared at the cieling-like thing above my bunk, pondering Mikey's sneaky little motives. Does he like Bert? Frank? Is he gay? Is there some sort of hidden message here? I forgot I wasn't in my own bed for a second, and rolled over.... onto the cold, hard floor of the bus.

"Gee? Is that you?" I looked up to find Ray peeking his fuzzy head into the hallway. "Hey, 'fro-man! I'm just, uh, looking for... my, um, CONTACTS! Yeah, I lost one, and it's on the floor, so I decided to look for it." Ray looked at me oddly. "Gerard. You don't wear contacts."

Bert's POV

I watched Gerard leave to help Mikey and Ray with their excessive amounts of makeup. I couldn't help but stare at Gee's ass as it swung sexily, when he walked. No Bert, I mentally scolded myself. He has a boyfriend. Speaking of which, who is this mysterious "Frank"? Does he even fucking exist? I looked over at Gerard's bunk, and to my surprise, I saw his Blackberry. Bingo.

I crawled over to Gee's bed and grabbed his phone. I opened his contacts and scrolled down to "F". Aha! 'Frankie'. I opened a new text, quickly typed a message, then sent it. All part of the master plan.

Jamia's POV

I was sitting on Frank and Alicia's couch, watching The Nightmare Before CHristmas with them. I was cradling a box of Chinese food on my lap. I barely heard Frank excuse himself to go to the bathroom, I was so engrossed in the movie. Honestly, how do these characters even come to existance?

I was pondering this very confusing movie, when all of a sudden, I heard a soft thump upstairs, a larger thud of a slamming door, and soft sobs emitting from behind it. "Frankie?" I called, running up the stairs. I spotted his phone lying on the floor. It was open to a text from 'Geebear:)'

From: Geebear:)
Frank, I have to break it to you. I never loved you. Ever. You were just a whore that was good at sex. I found someone else. Someone who I TRULY love. His name is Bert. He's ten times more than what you'll ever be, slut.
Gerard Way

That bastard! I typed a response, sent it.... then deleted it. I then ran into the bathrom to go and comfort my poor Frankie.

Bert's POV

So, I'm pacing nervously around the bunk hallway. What if I sent it to the wrong person? I am such an idiot, I thought. I am just about to punch myself in the retarded face, when I hear a little 'ping' of Gee's cell phone. I opened it. Damn, it's working out all too well.

Gerard's POV

"Shut up, Ray! Okay, fine I was on the floor, but it's not like I fell or anything." Ray just laughed and rolled his eyes.

"Gerard! Gee! GERARD!!" I heard someone yelling my name. It was Bert. Oh my god, what if he DOES like me? I can't face him now! I plastered a fake (extremely fake) smile on my face as he ran up to me and Ray, panting and waving his arms. "I think you should see this."

He handed me my phone. "Hey, did you read my texts?" I asked. "No, I was reading my book, when I heard your phone go off, and I saw who it was from, and I thought you should... you know, read it" He blushed and looked at his shoes. "Ok, um, ok. Thanks" I took my phone from his outstretched hand.

From: Frankie
Bastard. We're over. I can't believe what a whore you are. Damn you straight to fucking hell. Never speak to me AGAIN.

What the fuck? I stood in complete shock, staring at my phone. It's not real. It's not real. It's just a pretend phone, with a pretend text, from a pretend person. "Dude, you okay?" Ray asked. "I'm fine... I-I'm just gonna.. be right back." And then I ran as fast as my skinny legs could take me.

"Gerard, I have something to tell you." Mikey said over the phone one day, morosely. "Yeah, what's up Mikes?" There was silence on the other end. "Dad j-j-just died., Gee. He died." And my strong willed brother started sobbing on the phone. "Mikey, it'll be okay. I'll come over soon, I promise."

When I got to my old house, the one I was kicked out of, I saw that it was a wreck. I mean, literally take your own idea and multiply it by ten, and then possibly another ten. It was honestly that bad.

The lawn was shit-brown, the porch paint was peeling, and moldy, the roof was missing half it's shingles, and the door was practically off it's hinges. I slowy, carefully made my way up the harzardous steps, to know on the rotting door. I was greeted by my loving brother.

"Hey Mikey! Where's mom?" I asked him. He shrugged. "Beats me. She's either off on 'work' trips, or just 'out'." I scowled. This place really had gone on a downward spiral. "Oh, well... let's order pizza, shall we?"

The actual funeral was what got to me. The priest, minister, pastor guy told me to say a speech. A speech about my father? What the hell? I didn't say any of that though, I was too polite. So instead, I smiled, stood up shakily, and made my way up to the altar.

"Hi. Um, my name is Gerard Way. Donald was my father. Even though he was my father, he wasn't very supportive. I well... I came out to him when I was about 15 or so. He didn't take it very well. After I got kicked out, well, I guess I stopped considering him my father. My mother never called, the only family memberI really talked to was Mikey.

"I remember one night, when I was watching a movie with my boyfriend, I got a phone call. I answered it... And it was Dad." I stopped to compose myself. "He said son, when you grow up, will you be the saviour of the beaten, the broken, and the damned? Because, that's what I feel like I did to you. And he said he was sorry. You know what I told him? I said to him, Dad.... I'll carry on." I turned to my father's closed casket.

"Dad, your memory will carry on." I softly touched the smooth surface of his coffin, and returned to my seat. Mikey squeezed my hand.

I curled my knees up to my chest, sitting on the closed toilet. "Um, Gee? Are you okay? I kinda need to use the bathroon." Bert hesitantly knocked on the door. "Can't you just hold it?" I snapped, instantly feeling regretful. "Nah man, not if you want me to explode out here. Trust me, it won't be pretty to clean up." I sighed, and opened the door.

"Whoa, Gee. Have you been crying?" He asked stupidly. "No, Bert. It stinks so much in there, it's watering my eyes." I said slightly sarcastically. "Um, it's okay Gee. Breakups happen all the time. And, if you ever need a rebound, I'm your guy." He smirked and walked into the bathroom.


I threw down the newspaper in disgust. Damn it! Poor Mikey is now an orphan. I can't let them take him away, I thought as I ran to my old house. I caught Mikey just as he was leaving with Aunt Ella. She has the ugliest mole I had ever seen. Ever.

"MIKEY!!" I called running for my life. "Gerard?!" He cried in disbelief. "Um, Gerard. What are you doing here?" Aunt Ella said. "I've come to take Mikey away with me." I grabbed his suitcase from my aunt. "Oh you most certaintly are not!" She shouted in my face. "Gee....?" Mikey said cautiously. "It's okay Mikey. I'm your closer relative, I'll be the one to take care of you. I'll take this to fucking cort, Emma. I will." She just scowled and roleld her eyes. "Whatever Gerard, take him. It's not as if I fucking care."

Wn me and Mikey got back to my apartment, I put away his things in the small spare bedroom. "Gee?" He asked. "Yeah, bud?" He smiled. "Thank you." I gave him a hug. "ANytime, bro, anytime."

Frank's POV

"Jamie... stop." We were lying in bed, half naked. She was just starting to open my pants, when I stopped her. It didn't feel right. "But Frankie, nothing is stopping us. Nothing." I held her shoulders. "I still love him. Jamia, if you want to be friends with benifits, that's fine, but NO SEX." And with that I turned over and fell asleep.

In my dream, I stood in a large semi-glass room. I found two doors, one with an intricate design, flowers andvines covered every inch of it. The other door was just as beautiful, dark and light all at the same time. It seemed damaged yet repaired. I closed my eyes, sensing that I had to make a desicion.

When I opened my eyes, I made my choice, and opened the door. I just hoped that I had picked the right one.

Author's note: AHA! I am all finished!
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