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Hey guys, I finally uploaded the last chapter! Or finished, anyways. Well, I think this story should be done in about two or three more chapters! So, please rate and review your opinion on this story. Whether you love it hate it.... Thanks!


Mikey's POV

It's been six whole months since we came home, and I've noticed something unusual going on between Frank and Gerard. They haven't been acting like their love-bird selves! Strange, isn't it? I mean, usually, they're all over each other. It's sickening sometimes how lovey-dovey they are. Me and Alicia wait until we're in the bedroom wink wink. No but seriously, I'm gonna go ask Ray and Bob if we should intervene.

"No way, man. This is none of our business. They're big boys, they can handle it themselves." Bob said. Ray, who's had a gaint crush on him since, like, ever, swatted him playfully on the arm. "No dude, what if they broke up? Then it's our right to know it if it's going to interfere with the band." I smiled. "Then we intervene at midnight fellas?" I stuck my hand out, which Ray and Bob placed their hands on top of. "One, two three, MCR!" We yelled.

Gerard's POV

I was soundly sleeping, thank you very much. I was dreaming that I was on a ledge, about to jump. Frank and Bert were at the bottom, fighting over who was gonna catch me. I decided they could work it out, before I fell. So, I jumped. They didn't seem to notice, and I heard a voice say "Gee?" repeating over and over and over. As I neared the pavement, the voice got louder. When I landed on the ground with a 'splat', the voice was yelling. "Gerard get your fat ass out of bed!"

I jerked awake and noticed my bed was surrounded by Ray's 'fro, Bob and his blonde fringe, and my baby bro Mikey and all of his Mikey-ness. "Hnmmm...." I said, rubbing my eyes. I glanced at the clock. 12:00 AM. "Damn it guys, don't you know what fucking time it is?" I growled at them. "Yeah, Gee. It's an intervention. Besides, we made you coffee." Mikey stuck a coffee mug in my face, wiggling it around enticingly. "Ah fuck it, you know I can't resist coffee. Even at these ungodly hours." I snatched the cup from Mikey's hand and followed the guys to the living room.

"OUCH, Mikes. It's hot." I gingerly waved my burning tongue in his face. "Sorry, bro," He shrugged apologetically. "Okay, down to business. What the fuck is so important that you make me COFFEE at fucking 12:00 AM?" I sighed, sinking into my couch. "Gee, we just want to know what happened between you and Frankie." Bob said, looking me directly in the eyes. "Oh. That. Well, look at this." I showed them Frankie's text.

"Oh my god!" Mikey cried. "That ASSHOLE!" Ray fumed. "Wow, Ray. You're kind of sexy when your angry." Bob giggled, which made Ray's facial expression soften. Gross. "Yeah, so I guess we're over." I said sadly. "But... but.... but you were perfect for each other!" Mikey stuttered. "I guess not Mikes, I guess not." I set down my coffee cup and staggered off to go to sleep.

Frank's POV

I made sure Jamia was comfortable in the guest bedroom before I walked to mine. I just now realized how fucking HUGE Mikey and Alicia's house is. Seriously, the whole band has moved in here, plus Jamia, and also I'm not supposed to say anything... but... ALICIA'S HAVING A BABY! I'm so excited, I think I'm gonna explode. Nope, I just have to pee.

After relieving myself, I walked to my room with nothing but boxers and socks. I turned the light on, and found a surprising sight in my bed.

Haha, filler. Sorry. R and R and I'll post what's happening in Frankie's bed O.o lol
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