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Frank missed Faith. :(

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Alright fellow readers, here is the next chapter. It's pretty much a very long dialogue by yours truly, Mr. Frank Iero. Hope you enjoy and I promise that in the upcoming chapters there should be drama and all that other fun stuff :) reviews are always appreciated!

There was a gentle rasp at the door. I tried my best to ignore it. I pressed harder against the door, squeezing my eyes tight, holding back the tears that wanted to fall. I couldn't do this. I couldn't confront him. He was absolutely going to hate my guts.

"Faith..." I heard him whisper through the door. I inched my ear closer to the door to hear him. "Please... open the door. Hakuna Matata. Please. I'm not mad. I got over that so long ago. I just want to see you. C'mon, Fai."

I groaned loud enough for him to hear me. I heard him give a short chuckle. Yeah, he knew he was saying the right stuff.

Hakuna Matata. No worries. That was our phrase for everything when we were kids. We were such Disney losers.

And Fai/. That was his nickname for me. Only /he called me that. It was also a growing up thing. Frank had a lisp when he was a kid and couldn't say the "th" sound and therefore shortened my name.

I inched my hand closer to the door handle. Was I brave enough to do this?

"C'mon! Open the door. Don't make Bob come and push the door in. He'll do it too!" Frank said.

Bob. So that was Blondie's name. Wonder why he was here.

"Yeah, open the damn door, Faith!" another familiar voice called out.

"Damn it, Mikey! Get out of here! Trying to reconcile with my sister!" Frank whined. I smirked.

"You're so mean to me, Frank!" Mikey cried out. There was a brief exchange of childish insults before I heard footsteps fade away down the hall. They were so immature sometimes.

"Mikey's gone now, just so you know... but umm, I guess I get it, Fai. I just wanted a hug. To see you again. I missed you, sis. Do you know what it's like to not talk to someone you love with all your heart for what seems like an eternity? Do you know how heartbroken I was when I walked into that room and noticed that half our stuff was gone? Do you know how painful it was to watch Mom and Dad hesitate to tell me that you just got up and left? It fuckin' hurt, Faith. It hurt so fuckin'much.

"And then we left for tour just the week after you left..."

There was a soft thud against the door. As if he, too, pressed his back to it. There was a soft, rushing sound. He must have slid his back down the door to sit against it.

"Its been amazing being out on the road, trust me. I mean, it has its problems. Crowded van, no money for food, living off of one chip a day for a month, no showers or clean clothes. But with all that aside, I was fuckin' happy. Traveling is amazing and just seeing all those kids. It could be over 100 degrees or below 30, they don't give a shit! Its pretty insane...

"I wish you would've come along and seen it all. You could've helped with merch or something. Shit, you could've been our roadie, I don't care. I just wanted you there. It kinda sucks having to tell Mom or Dad all these experiences and not getting the feedback I want. Good job, honey. Eat your veggies, dear. Wrap /it up!/I didn't wanna hear that. It was good and I guess I kinda listened. But I wanted to hear /you/.

"I wanted to hear what you thought. You were always supportive of me and the bands I've been in, especially this one. Heh, I remember you used to use your paychecks to make demos and stickers to promote when we first released Bullets. But then, we made it big and where were you, Faith?


He sighed heavily. Ithought I heard him stifle a sob. I already had tears staining my face. Just hearing this pained me immensely.

"I didn't even know you got into that company, ya know? I didn't find out until way later. I thought you had just got up and left... wanna know how I found out?

"Gerard... that's how.

"We were somewhere in Arizona or something. About two months into touring. We stopped at this gas station. Everyone was in the store getting what we could get with the little money we had. Not me, though. I was in the van, sleeping off the antidepressant pills Gee had been giving me. Yeah, I had stooped that low, Faith. I was fuckin'depressed. I was missing the person that had kept me whole. We're twins, Faith. It's like we need each other to survive. And you were gone. And I was left for dead...

"Anyways, Mikey comes back. He's pissed as fuck. He was slamming shit around and just making all this noise. I woke up and told him to shut up or else I'd make him. He said that Gerard spent all our food money on a useless magazine. That woke me up. We had been on zero food for three days, so I was sure as hell pissed. I got up and got out the van. I ran into Gerard as he was walking out the store. Ray was right behind him. And Matt was nowhere around.

"Gerard looked like he was in shock but I didn't care. I went off on him and screamed at him for wasting the only money we had. Ray told me to shut up and listen but I wouldn't... not until Gerard shoved that magazine into my hands. It was opened up already. It was a picture of you. Just you. A whole fuckin' page.

"You didn't have acostume on or anything. I guess it was a photo shoot thing or whatever. It was captioned as Faith, Broadway's Future. I remember staring at it in awe. Imean... I was starstruck almost. My sister. My fuckin' sister already in a big time magazine. I read the article immediately. You didn't mention anything about me or home. Nothing. And then I was mad. I was so fuckin' mad that I punched Gee in the face.

"He didn't make nothing of it. He knew. Everyone knew. I was bound to hit rock bottom. I felt like I was... but then we were in California about a month later. You're company had just been there. I remember seeing the billboards with you as Mrs. Lovett from /Sweeney/. They were being taken down as we traveled to the small venue we were gonna play at.

"We went to eat out at some place. First decent meal in awhile and the waitress... she was about forty, was just so cheerful. She was fuckin' happy when she saw me. But then... she realized that well... that I was a guy and not a girl. She had gone to see your performance. She had an autograph from you. She said you had come into the restaurant as well. She thought you came back because you had enjoyed the food so much.

"I told her who I was. I think that brought her out of that short disappointment that I had caused her because she dashed away and then came back with some week old newspaper. That's when I got over the angry stage. Because in that article you said ...and to my favorite guys, good luck on tour. Save me a pick, Frankie. I love you. when the interviewer asked if you had any last words.

"That's when I knew you were gonna be big. Or bigger than what you were already were. And I was right... I have a scrapbook. Everything and all things about you. Sounds kinda weird, but I'm proud of you, Faith. You went out there and accomplished your life dream. You're a star.

"We're still misfits from Jersey, only a little bit more known... but you... you're golden, sis."

He grew silent after that. I almost sure he had just gotten up and left, but there was that short sniffle and sob that reassured me that he was still on the other side of the door.

It might have seemed like a guilt trip to other people, but no. Everything that Frank said was being absorbed and I realized that even though I had done him wrong, I was still good in his books. He still looked up to me and I never stopped looking up to him.

What was I afraid of? Nothing now.

I straightened myself out and then slowly opened the door that was separating us.

Frank, who had been sitting against the door, fell back startled. I extended my hand out immediately. His eyes were a bit teary and a bit shocked, but he quickly took my hand anyways. I pulled him up to his feet with all my strength.

Here he was. In the flesh. Besides replacing his dreads with a more punk haircut and adding more tattoos, he was still the same ol' Frank. Our eyes locked and we just smiled.

We threw our arms around each other and held on tightly.

There was no way I was going to let him go now. I had once and though I had wanted to, it was the worst thing I could've ever done.

Like Frank had said: we needed each other. If we left one another, we were pretty much left for dead.
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