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crushes. hellos. secrets. damn Gerard :)

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Alright readers, I am trying this from a third person point of view. I wanted to try something alittle different and ive never quite done it this way. So if you don't like it, ill go back to Faith's point of view. This is just so I can kinda introduce everyone and get different peoples perspectives all at once cause I don't really like the switching of point of views so much. So yeah. Hope you enjoy :)

Faith and Frank walked out of their old bedroom, arms linked together as if they were about to head off onto a Yellow Brick Road. Their smiles were ear to ear and they appeared to look as if three years apart hadn't done anything to ruin their relationship. Of course, Faith still felt a tad guilty and Frank was still a tad secretly angry at his sister, but why the negative emotions when they were reunited once again. They chitchatted as they strolled into the living room of their childhood home.

Five curious faces turned to look at them. It seemed as if everyone had been holding their breaths, expecting the worst to happen. Once they noticed that there was no dramatic fighting scene, the tension in the air faded away rather quickly.

The twins' mom smiled a smile that only a mother could give. She had expected Frank to storm out and cause a riot. She remembered how Frank had immediately fallen into adepression as soon as the word that his sister had gone off left her lips. If it hadn't been heart wrenching enough to see her little girl go off in the world alone, it was almost worse to see her baby boy lose himself because he was missing his better half. She noticed that nothing bad was bound to happen and walked out the living room to give Faith and the guys time to reunite.

Faith noticed her mom leaving the room in a stealthy manner and managed to throw her a quick smile before her mom vanished into kitchen. No one else seemed to notice that she left.

"Dude! You're alive! I was pretty sure Frank was going to kill you!" Mikey exclaimed as he stood up from the couch that he was sitting on. He walked over to Faith and nearly suffocated her with his bony body.

"Mikey! Mikey! Can't breathe!" Faith mumbled into Mikey's shirt. Mikey hesitated to let her go.

He'd known Faith almost as long as he had known Frank. Or was it that he had known Frank almost as long as he known Faith. He shook his head. He couldn't remember who he met first. Their resemblance was too much alike and sometimes he confused the two even though they were completely different genders. All he knew was that he had had a crush on Faith for as long as he could remember. He missed her dearly. Though he wasn't as heartbroken as Frank when he found out that she had gone off to Broadway, he was still pretty upset. He regretted not telling her how he felt about her. Though he didn't think that he was in love with her, he knew that afive year crush was something.

"I missed you too, Mikester. But I think I needa say hi to everyone else too." Faith said, bringing him out of his thoughts. He smiled shyly, squeezed her once more and let her go. He sat back down on the couch where he had been.

Ray Toro retrieved himself from a chair next. He engulfed Faith in one of his hugs. Faith giggled as some of her friend's afro tickled her face. Ray and Faith were the best of friends. They could talk about anything. They were each other's confidants. When Frank wasn't around sometimes, Faith knew that she could always go to Ray. Especially when it came to food. Frank was a terrible cook and so was Faith. Ray was her savior when it came to cooking!

"Faith, jeez, it's so good to see you! We most definitely need to catch up on some new video games!" Ray laughed as he pulled away from her. Faith gave him a wide grin and a thumbs up.

"Sure, thing, Ray Ray. But remember, you are going down! I will destroy you!" she smiled, knowing fully well that no matter how hard she tried, Ray was always going to kick her butt at video games. But she didn't care. Ray found her poor gaming skills amusing and Faith found Ray as her perfect gaming companion because unlike the others, he actually played against her and not just let her win. A loss was a loss and a win was a win.

They gave each other another quick hug and Ray took his seat again, letting whoever was next go up. The blond fellow who had been sitting next to Mikey quickly got up before the dark haired guy on the opposite of him got up.

Frank looked curiously at him as the blond walked up to his sister. Then he remembered that he had to properly introduce them.

"Hey Fai, this is Bob Bryar. He's new to the band." Frank said pointing at Bob. Bob nodded and held out his hand for a shake.

"I don't think ahug is suitable for me." Bob said, waiting for Faith to take his hand. Faith looked at his hand confused and smirked.

"What, are you kidding?!" she exclaimed, pushing Bob's hand away and wrapped him up in a hug.

"No! No, Faith!"Frank cried out along with a cry from Mikey as well. "Bob's not a hugger!"

Faith ignored her brother's whines and hugged the blond either way. She wasn't going to let go until Bob hugged back.

"C'mon, Bob. You gotta hug back or I'm never letting go." Faith said. Bob groaned.

He felt so uncomfortable. But he managed the strength to hug the younger Iero back. If she was anything like her brother, he knew that she meant her words. The first time he met Frank, he'd done the same thing she'd just done and literally did not let go of him for five hours until he finally gave into hugging Frank back.

"Hey! You hugged back!" Faith said. "You're gonna be my new friend! I'm Faith. You're Bob. We're gonna be /Fob/!" she smiled widely. Bob laughed.

"You are exactly like Frank. Why does this sound so familiar?" he asked, looking at Frank who was trying to keep in a laugh. "Frank said the same thing. Creepy. Its like deja vu!"

Frank gave out asnort and stuck out his tongue at Bob. Bob smirked, squeezed Faith's shoulder in a friendly manner and went to take his seat again. He didn't mind Faith. Actually he already felt an immediate liking to her. She was cute. She was interactive. She seemed like a cool person to be around.

Faith was feeling good about herself. She was glad she came back home. And now she had a new friend. She added to her mental to-do list to get to know Bob better. She wanted to know what exactly Frank had said about her.

Frank eyed his sister, content to see that she was happy. But it was when he looked at the last member of the band, that his smile dropped. Gerard was slowly getting up. If there was one reason that Frank did not want to come back to Jersey, it was because of Gerard. Sure, they were the best of friends, but when it came to Faith and Gerard, it was something else. And also because Gerard was not the same person he used to be. Frank did not want Faith to see how Gerard had damaged himself.

Yeah, Frank knew that Mikey had a small crush on his sister. And he didn't mind that. He actually supported Mikey and Faith if anything happened.

Gerard was adifferent story. There was something else in the way that they looked at each other. He noticed it from the first time that they met. Though they didn't ever really seem to talk much, Frank knew that there was something more than just amutual friendship. Gerard had admitted to liking Faith, but never said more to that. And Faith had admitted to having a crush on the elder Way brother but sometimes confused Frank because she seemed to stick with Mikey more.

Faith's eyes wandered Gerard as he walked up to her. He looked different. Way different than he did three years ago. He seemed to have lost some weight. Not too much, but it was noticeable. His eyes were sunken in, but that was a bit normal for her. She knew that he didn't sleep so much. His skin was paler than she remembered. His hair was long, shaggy, and looked like he hadn't washed it in months, but she understand since they had been on the road for so long.

When he finally stood in front of her, their eyes locked. Gerard's hazels with her hazel-greens. Oh yeah, there was something most definitely there. They shared asecret that only the two of them knew. Faith smiled. Gerard smiled.

To everyone in the room, it seemed like they would never greet one another or hug. They were just staring at each other, sharing this secret smile. Mikey sensed a bit of jealousy towards his brother. Bob was confused as well as Ray. Frank felt anger start to arise. But they finally hugged each other. A quick, not-even-a-second kind of hug before Gerard went to take his seat again.

And that was it.
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