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Chapter Eight

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Mirror, Mirror

Chapter Eight

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The park was empty when Frank arrived there and Frank didn't have a clue where Gerard could be. After all, he had only just met him a few days ago and to be honest, they hadn't talked about Gerard at all. Coming to think of it, the only real thing Frank knew about Gerard was his name.

And that he was good at climbing.

And a bit of a stalker, if truth be told.

However, he had been kind to Frank when no one else wanted to listen and so Frank let the last thought slip his mind. Gerard looked around the same age as Frank, but then, Frank didn't exactly look his age, mainly because his height let him down.

Feeling mildly disappointed, Frank slouched over to the swing, a little let down that Gerard wasn't there this time, the time when Frank actually wanted to tell him something. He slumped down moodily onto the rubber seat and wrapped his arm around the hot matal chain, kicking the toes of his worn converse against the floor until he swung gently in a rythmic pattern and turning his head every few minutes to look to see if Gerard had arrived through the place he had left the park last time.

Maybe Gerard was at his school, Frank thought. Maybe one of the reasons he told Frank to go to school today was because of the fact he couldn't make it to the park today. Frank scratched his arm unconciously and then gasped slightly at the pain, looking down and pulling up the sleeve of his black shirt. He stared at the many cuts and scars which criss crossed his skin in a manic pattern. Stared as the small droplet of blood collected at the edge of a thin line on Frank's skin and then dripped out, dribbling down his arm, leaving a red streak there. The rest of the cuts he had made two days ago were starting to heal and were now just prominent scratches, beginning to camoflauge into his flawed skin. Only the deepest still bled. Frank's heart skipped a beat as he stared at his arm, watching another droplet of blood collecting at the corner of the deepest cut on his skin.

In the last few years, not a day went by when Frank didn't cut or think about cutting, often he cut multiple times a day. And yet here he was, sitting on a swing in the park opposite his house with not a single bit of evidence or even the feeling of needing to cut. This felt so new to Frank, it shocked him.

It felt...good.

Frank breathed out deeply, his heart beating faster at the slight feeling of euphoria that rose up in his chest. Slowly, he bent his head back down and put his hand into his bag, feeling around in the lining with his fingers until he pulled out the small shiny blade which he hadn't seen or thought of in two days.

There was once a time when Frank could never understand how anyone could hurt themselves, how they could have the willpower to hold something sharp to their skin and then make themselves bleed. But then, Frank had found out, it was addictive. Once, that was all it took for Frank to harm himself and then from then on whenever he felt upset, he would take it to his skin, his problem getting steadily worse.

But maybe addictions could be overcome?

'Waiting for something?' A voice asked behind Frank who sat still, transfixed at the blade, and spoke without looking around. He already recognised the voice.

A pause.

'Gerard, I've done it' Frank croaked in disbelievement. 'You've done what?' Gerard asked moving closer to Frank, a genuine curious tone to his voice. He leant on the chain of Frank's swing, making it move slightly with the weight. 'I haven't cut' Frank whispered, his voice hid little excitement, his facial expression breaking into a hopeful one. Gerard too, seemed surprised because he also stared at the shiny blade and down at Franks healing arm looking for any sign that Frank had been lying, although, he sure didn't sound as if he was. Another silence before Gerard exclaimed 'I'm so proud of you!' As a true smile spread across his face. 'I knew you could do it!' He continued. Frank flushed, looking a little embarrassed. He didn't smile, but he looked happy. He too looked proud of himself.

'So' Gerard asked casually, reluctantly diverting the conversation from Franks personal victory who was still looking at the blade. 'You just come here to just tell me about this or is there anything else?' Frank didn't answer for a few moments before asking something completely different 'How old are you Gerard? I mean..' Frank looked abashed again as Gerard gave him the raised eyebrow 'I don't know anything about you, so far we've only talked about me. Sorry' he finished lamely. 'Don't be sorry, theres still time to talk about the both of us. And i'm sixteen to answer your question.'

'Hey you're the same age as me! How come you don't go to my school? You must live around here if you come to the park everyday'

'Well, to tell you the truth, I used to go to your school but I kinda err.. left'

'Why? So you don't go to school? Isn't that illegal?'

'Says the boy who smokes and drinks excessively at the age of sixteen' Gerard stated questioningly. 'Enough about that anyway, are you going to answer my question?'

'Which one?' Frank asked, distracted

'Was there anything you wanted to tell me since you didn't just come here to show me your arm.'

'Oh.' Frank remembered, sorting his thoughts out into his head. 'I just kinda, wanted to.. you know.. err.. thank you.' Again, Gerard gave Frank the eyebrow and motioned with his hand for him to carry on. 'Yeah, well, you told me to go to school today so I did, and well, I think I might have made a friend.' Gerard pondered for a second, tapping his lips with his index finger, his other arm folded around his chest. 'Good day then huh?'
'Well, yeah! I guess so' The stunned look came back into Franks eyes as he realised how much had changed in these short two days. 'And you skipped this lesson because?'

This question brought Frank down slightly from his high but he still answered with a sort of ashamed confidence. 'I didn't feel strong enough to take on the hate yet.' Gerard gave Frank a sympathetic look before saying confidently as if he already knew 'You will soon, i'll help you to. Are you going back for the next lesson?' Frank nodded 'Its English again. Lolita, thats the girl I met, she said she was going to work with me again.'

'Didn't I tell you?' Gerard said loudly, smiling smugly 'You gave it a chance and you've already made a friend'

'Lets not be too hasty' Frank replied hurriedly, shaking his head
'Don't be silly Frank' Gerard answered back, ignoring Franks reply, his eyes shut and a smile still playing on his lips. 'Now go before you're late, you don't want to miss vital friendship bonding time.' It was Franks turn to give Gerard the eyebrow whilst snorting, amused 'You're weird'

'And you're late, hurry' Gerard pushed Frank's back gently and he rose off the swing, putting the blade back into his bag and throwing his bag over his shoulder. 'See you later!' Frank shouted as he jogged out of the park and down the street towards school. An increasingly distant voice yelled 'See Ya!' in return.

Once again, Frank was the first to arrive outside his English room. He knocked timidly and then entered when there was no reply. It was a strange policy but Frank preferred to be places where there was no people around. He put his bag on his desk and took out a pen and his notebook before shoving it out of the way. Lolita arrived several minutes later to the still empty classroom where Frank sat doodling on his sheet of paper.

'Hey' She said breathlessly. Frank looked up and took in Lolita's tired appearance 'I thought you had physics?' Frank asked. Lolita looked confused as she stopped, midway through taking her books out of her bag, thinking about the question and Frank couldn't tell whether it was because of the question or the fact he was trying to make a conversation. 'I did?' She said, not understanding. 'Then why are you out of breath?' Frank asked. Comprehension lit up in Lolitas eyes. 'Oh, because we were doing an experiment on momentum' Frank looked nonplussed. 'Momentum?'

'Yeah' said Lolita. Frank left it at that.

Within the next six minutes, the classroom filled up, with the teacher filing in two minutes later than the lesson started 'And she says i'm late?' Lolita whispered to Frank earning a small smile. 'I expect you to all have found several themes for the poems you analysed earlier this morning. This lesson you'll be writing these poems alone although it seems you've all managed to find a partner' the teachers eyes lingered on Frank for a second before continuing 'I shall hand out your work from this morning to help you. You have forty five minutes.'

Rustling paper and animated discussions filled the room for the next three quarters of an hour with an occasional comment from the teacher such as 'Mr Jackson, you are meant to be discussing these poems, not what you were watching on the TV last night.'

Frank and Lolita sat together, swapping ideas for their poems, having agreed to work together but write two poems between them. At first, it was Lolita making all the suggestions and Frank making slight improvements occasionally but soon he started to feel comfortable talking to her and came out of his shell with his ideas. 'Frank, you really have a talent for this' Lolita told Frank as they were finishing off their second poem. Frank denied her compliment, his ears turning red once again, but Lolita carried on ignoring Frank's reply very much like Gerard had earlier. 'I'm serious' She said 'have you ever thought about playing an instrument? these could work really well as lyrics.'

'Me?' Frank stuttered. 'No way! These poems might be acceptable for an English lesson but no way will they ever be good enough for song lyrics.' Lolita however seemed too far along with this idea for Frank to talk her out of it. 'Well, I play guitar in a band with a few of my friends and I think they might like these as lyrics. Do you mind if I take them to show to my friends?' She mused. Lolita didn't wait for a reply and just accepted the lack of response as a yes. 'Thank you' she cried. 'Maybe you could come and meet my friends after English if you have lunch next?' Frank, unused to this amount of friendliness, did a double take before accepting what Lolita had just asked to be true. Lolita however, saw the worry flick across Frank's face and hurried to reply that they were really nice people. 'Well, err.. Sure thanks' Frank said as the bell rang and the teacher shouted over the noise of the class packing away that they had tonight to finish their poems before handing them in to her next lesson.

Lolita and Frank packed their things away and Lolita snatched the paper they had been working on and put them in her bag, ruining Franks plan of pretending he had left them in the classroom so no one would have to see his awful 'lyrics'. 'Don't bother Frank, they're good, I know they are.' And with that she marched off towards the door, Frank following in her wake.

They reached the lunch cantine which was packed to bursting with hungry students. Frank hadn't brought any lunch since he didn't usually eat, but he bought a drink of water with the spare change he found hanging around in his jean pockets. Lolita stood with him as he waited in the queue, telling him about the people he was just about to meet. Frank was beginning to feel quite nervous. It seemed he already knew more about these people than he did Gerard and even though he had only known Gerard for half a week, in context, he had become Franks best friend.

When the lady at the counter had swapped Frank's money for a bottle of water, tutting to herself as he handed it over in change, he followed Lolita weaving through the mass of students and tables until she reached one near the back of the cantine. It was a round table next to a full size window, looking onto the school field. It was a nice view, apart from the jocks which littered it.

'Everybody, this is Frank' Lolita announced as she reached the table, gripping Franks upper arm as if stopping him from escaping. The people sat at the table all looked up. 'Frank this is Bob, he's our drummer for the band.' Lolita told Frank pointing out a boy with strawberry blond hair sat near the window who waved before going back to arguing about a video game with the boy sat opposite him with a huge 'fro which Lolita introduced as Ray (the boy, not the 'fro) 'And finally, Frank..' Lolita raised her hand to point out the last boy at the table who sat apart from the other two, his blonde hair straightened and his glasses glinting in the sunlight. 'This is Mikey Way.'

Hope you enjoyed it. Whilst you're here, i'd love it if you could check out my other two short stories. They don't take long to read and reviews are greatly appreciated and they are both Frerard. Thank you :)
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