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Chapter Nine

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Mirror, Mirror

Chapter Nine

Hey Tumbleweeds! First of all I owe you a huge apology for my tardiness at updating this so late. Would it help if I said I had a bout of writers block and lack of motivation due to exam stress and laziness? Probably not but that was still partly true. I'll be honest, I might not be able to update this again for a bit but I'm hoping I can. I've set up the next chapter nicely to be written and I have actually written some chapters which are further on in the story too! But for now I hope you enjoy the chapter, it's not the best but it is kind of a filler. Until we meet again :) XO

Frank stared shyly at the group, turning pink as everyone turned their attention towards him to check out the 'new kid'. Lolita's voice was garbling at high speed as she explained how she had met the 'new kid', but to Frank, her voice sounded oddly faded and distant as he stared at the one called Mikey. There was something familiar about him but Frank couldn't quite put his finger on it. Mikey noticed Frank staring and raised his hand to wave with an equal look of shyness on his face. He was huddled into the corner between the wall and the table, wearing a faded old Smashing Pumpkins t shirt. Frank closed his mouth quickly as he realized what he was doing and gestured at Mikey's t shirt for a good excuse. 'You like the Pumpkins?' he asked. Mikey made a confused sound of agreement and Frank turned beetroot as he realized just how
stupid he sounded. Of course he liked the Smashing Pumpkins. Why else would he be wearing the t shirt?

Frank jumped slightly as Lolitas hand gently touched his shoulder, bringing him out of the world of the Smashing Pumpkins and state the obvious day. Frank turned to Lolita questioningly as everybody began to rise from the table, packing away their games and picking up their blue plastic trays to deposit in the dump bin on their way out of the cantine. 'We're going to the music room if you want to come?' She asked in a more confident voice than earlier. Frank stuttered slightly trying to come to a decision and formulate his words in sync.

'Err...Err....Yea...Y...Yeah..Yeah sure.' Lolita's face brightened at his response and headed for the exit, he long wavy hair floating out she turned, the tips catching Franks neck. She was thirty paces away before Frank realized that he was still stood in the same spot and he hurried to catch up with her, running in a slightly bent position as he put his bottle of water away and tried to fasten the catches on his bag.

'You not eating?' Frank whispered in a hushed voice behind her as she marched on. 'No, I have a free period next so I'll eat then.' She stated.

'Oh... Wait. Are we allowed in the music room? Won't there be people in there? What if there's a lesson?'

'Not today there isn't. And no one uses it even when there is a lesson anyway. Pretty much everyone skives it, which I wouldn't complain about. It means we get full run of it most of the time.'

'Oh. Cool.'

Frank scurried along side Lolita, the rest of the group further down the corridor. Frank looked at the displays on the walls as they passed, old music posters created by students what appeared to be eons ago, peeling off the walls. Obviously this corridor wasn't used much. 'Man these people walk fast' Frank thought to himself hurrying to keep up, when he suddenly bumped into the group who had stopped and crowded around a door on the left side of the corridor. Bob was bent over fumbling with the keys in his hand, searching for the right one amongst a jumble of key-rings of a toy elephant, a miniature notebook and a tiny drum just to name a few.

Muttering under his breath, he finally found what he was looking for and proceeded to place it in the lock, turning it a few times until an audible click was heard, all the while, the group switching between exaggerated exasperation sounds aimed at Bob and discussing happily what they should practice in that hour. The door swung open and the group proceeded to enter the room, Lolita first, then Mikey, with Bob and Ray getting their shoulders stuck in the doorway as they tried to enter the room at the same time. Frank peeked around the door frame as Ray and Bob stumbled into the room, expecting some sort of music room from ancient history, with a pipe organ perhaps. This was not the case.

It looked like Lolita was right about her and her group dominating the music room. They had set up what appeared to be some sort of stage area. Two guitars and a bass hung on the wall over the drum kit with a microphone on a stand a few meters further forward. The mixers and basic technical equipment stood behind a glass wall with a door leading into the adjacent room.

Apparently the school had refurbished the music suite several years ago in an attempt to encourage more students to play, but it obviously hadn't worked. An oval table with four chairs stood near the glass wall and was covered with sheets of paper and scribblings. The wipe board on the opposite wall was also covered in writing, what appeared to be song lyrics were written down the left side of the board, separated by a thick black pen line from the guitar tabs on the right.

'Cool huh?' Ray grinned as he saw Frank looking around the room in awe.

'Cool? Its awesome!' Frank agreed smiling slightly, walking over to the table interestedly and examining the paper containing drafts of bridges, solos, lyrics and outros. 'Those are ours.' Bob told Frank gesturing towards the paper in his hands as he went to the cupboard against the wall and took out several amps. 'You play?' He continued. Frank shook his head embarrassed. They had obviously thought he could do something useful, otherwise why would they have invited him here? 'I mean, I used to play guitar a little when I was younger but I don't anymore.' Frank compensated.

'Aww you should start up again, it's fun! If you know how to play you can borrow my second guitar. I always keep it here in case a string snaps on this or something but you can use it today if you want?' Ray offered politely with a friendly smile. After a few lame excuses delivered in an embarrassed voice, Frank eventually accepted the offer and proceeded to lift the guitar off its wall mount and toss the strap over his shoulder, dropping the guitar down slowly and carefully until its weight came to rest on the strap. 'We can run some chords if you haven't played in a while? Do some scales too?' Ray offered again. He seemed way too excited about this, Frank thought. Mikey looked over curiously as he checked the tuning of his bass, the weight of it making him slouch over slightly.

'Ok sure.' Frank gulped beginning to feel nervous. He was going to be rubbish compared to these who played every day. What if they didn't want to be friends with him if he couldn't help them with their band? In an effort to comfort himself he asked Ray how long he had been playing. 'Since I was six.' He answered.

Not helpful at all.

Ray was oblivious to the nervousness in Franks voice though or just decided to ignore it, and proceeded with Franks lesson without the amp whilst the others warmed up. After running through the scales and chords, they plugged Frank into an amp, who felt considerably better after the many compliments off Ray and his reassurances that he would make a great player if he just started to practice again. Since the group were learning a new song from scratch they let Frank join in with learning it too. It wasn't the easiest of songs for a recently re-acquired newbie, but it wasn't too hard either. It was only with the extremely fast parts that Frank struggled with. Ray was amazing though, his fingers flying up and down the fretboard during the solo at lightning speed. Lolita wasn't too bad at it either.

After the guitars had a run through, the bass and drums were added. Frank couldn't believe the amount of talent in one room, everyone here seemed top of their game. A few run throughs later, everyone seemed happy with the progress, and began to move on to some of their older songs. Bob, Ray and Mikey were all eager to record one and so Frank decided to sit out and watch, perched on the end of the stage with his chin in his hands, elbows resting on his knees as the boys went behind the glass door to record their part.

Lolita came and sat down beside Frank who looked up to see who it was. There was a short pause. 'I don't think we'll have time to record my part this lunch so I might do it after school if you want to stay and hang out? Bob, Ray and Mikey will be here too.' Lolita rushed in one breath. Frank didn't even stop to consider. 'Okay' he said immediately.
Another short pause.

Frank took a deep breath to say something but Lolita cut across him quickly, her face turning pink. 'Would you like to join the band?' She blurted out. There was an awkward silence. Frank's mouth opened slightly, then closed again as he stitched his eyebrows together into a frown, looking as though he was trying to understand something. He opened his mouth again. 'You already have a guitar player. Two in fact.'

'I know but I'm meant to sing for the band too and I really can't do both. Believe me I've tried but I suck majorly at it. Maybe if you play my parts on the guitar, then I can sing. We can't actually play anything in full live because I can't do both. We have to record it all separately.'

'But I'm not even that good Lolita, I wouldn't be able to play live either.'

'But you would. You only need to practice a little more, but only because you haven't played in a while. You'll be great. I'm sure of it!'

'But..But.. I don't even know if I'll be allowed to keep staying out after school. My mum gets worried if I come in late see.'

'Stop making excuses Frank. Do you want the part or not?' Lolitas face was stern. Frank held her look for a few seconds before sighing and dropping his arms down from his knees, lowering his head down.

'I can't.' He said

A small groan of disappointment came from the glass door as the others filtered out at the sound of the bell, heading towards the main door in the room. They picked up their bags from the floor one by one and left, uttering 'see you later's' and 'meet you here after lessons' as they left. Bob was the last to leave, his hand gripped the door, holding it open as he poked his head back around the frame. 'You staying here guys? he asked.

'Yeah I have a free period so I'll meet you later' Lolita replied.

'Okay.' Bob answered tossing the keys across the room to Lolita who caught them in her lap. 'I'll just leave you guys alone then. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.' And with a cheeky laugh, he departed, the door banging shut behind him.

'Your friends are nice.' Frank began in attempt to change the subject. Lolita nodded in agreement as Frank continued. 'Mikey though, he doesn't seem to talk much though does he? I mean not like Ray and Bob, they seem a lot more outgoing.'

'Yeah, they are, Mikey got a lot of stuff on his mind but he's a really fun person when you get to know him. Mikey's shy because you're here. He's not usually that quiet around us but once he gets to know you, honestly, he doesn't shut up.' She said jokingly. There was another silence, then 'Why won't you join the band Frank?' Everyone wants you to.'

'I just can't.'

'But why?'

Frank sighed, looking ahead but not seeing the image that was in front of him, instead staring off into some distant world. A minute passed without interruption. Frank bit his lip debatingly, wondering whether to tell a person he'd only just met about his life, his secrets. He didn't find trust in people easily but if he could find it with Gerard, maybe he could learn to trust others too.

'If I tell you, will you promise not to tell anyone else?' Frank asked pleadingly.

Lolita lifted her pinky finger and hooked it around Franks, her expression serious and intrigued as she looked at his worried face.

'Promise' she replied.

So there it is! Hope you enjoyed it! I'm looking forward to writing the next chapter telling Frank's story. Hope you're looking forward to it as well.

Whilst you're here, I'd love it if you could review this story or check out my other two short stories. They don't take long to read and reviews are greatly appreciated and they are both Frerard. Thank you :)

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