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Rest In Peace x

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Hello there again guys. I just felt that I should inform you that early this morning my nanny passed away quite peacefully in her sleep, surrounded by all of her family. My dad called me to wake me up as I had told him to do so when the time came if I wasn’t there and I got a taxi to her house so I could be there with her.
I am just thankful that she is happy now and not suffering anymore, and although it hurts us all terribly we know that it is for the best. We did what we promised her-we got her back home, if only for her final few hours.
Today has been a hellish day for us all, and I am honestly dreading tomorrow when the reality of it will sink in. I have no idea how I am going to live without my nanny; she was simply an amazing woman. So kind and loving. She was always there for me and never judged me and always supported me with everything I did. She was such an independent, intelligent, amazing, family woman that always put others first and never complained even when she was in so much pain. She will be missed.
I would like to thank you all once again for your support and kindness and I am truly sorry for dumping this all on you.
Regarding updates-I know you all say not to worry-I am still going to try and write. Not because I feel I must, but because it has always been an outlet for me and it may help to take my mind off of the unpleasant, painful situation.
Thank you all once again, you all have been so kind and supportive, even though I am a complete stranger whose life does not affect yours. Thank you.
Rest In peace Nanny xxx
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