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Staring Into The Eyes of A familiar stranger (chapter 4)

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But it couldn`t be, it wasn’t possible…

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hey there strangers! sorry about the wait. Hope you like this, if anyone is even reading this anymore
Dakota`s pov
I awakened the next morning in a completely different world to my own, staring up into the eyes of a familiar stranger.
“Guys, get your asses over here, Rose is awake!” I mummer something groggily under my breath, blinking sleepily as my emerald, almond shaped eyes begin to adjust to the bright, warm light of the midday sun that was beating down mercilessly on me.
“Fuckin` finally!” A guy’s voice echoes towards me from a few metres away, one that was familiar but for some reason I was unable to place. It was very frustrating to say the least.
“Ghoul, be nice. It ain`t Toxic`s fault.” Another person speaks, I squint my half opened eyes to try and focus on something, hoping that I could see where the hell I was and what was going on.
I hear the first man sigh, and I see a slightly blurred shape walk towards me and crouch down on the ground next to me.
“I know, but we need to get her out of here, away from the sun. I don`t want her getting heat stroke or some shit like that.”
I hear a low mumbling from behind me, I hear the words “Rose” again and “Base” but that was about all my confused mind and ears could make out.
“Your right, we all need out of the sun.” a different voice speaks, another guy, and I hear soft footsteps behind me, and blink a few times as a pale, callused hand is raised in front of my pale, washed out looking face.
“Hey there Rosie…” I frown, even more confused than ever. I was Dakota, Dakota Nyx, who the hell was Rosie or Rose? And where the hell was I? I wanted my warm, comfortable bed, to be surrounded by my drawings and writing, to be back in my own untidy, cosy little flat, even if it wasn`t that much to look at.
Where was I? had I been kidnapped? Surely I would have remembered something like that? All I could remember was falling asleep last night, so how had I ended up here, with these strangers in this odd, scorching hot desert like place?
I wanted to open my dry mouth to say something, to demand an explanation to everything, but I was too tired and the heat from the sun was really beginning to get to me.
“I know you hate this Toxic, but we have to do this in order to get you back to the base, alright?” the blurred owner of the pale hand tells me in a gentle voice, not sounding at all like the insane, evil voice of a kidnapper. I feel cool arms wrap around me, lifting me high off of the sandy, dirty ground.
I am about to protest when I find myself being placed down again in a comfortable seat, one I presume belongs to a car, though I hadn’t heard a door being opened or being driven up.
Too tired to do anything other than go along with it, I relax and close my drooping eyes again, I should probably have tried to fight these four stranger off, but surly if they had bad intentions and planned on hurting me they would have done so already., besides, they talked to me as though they cared for me, and knew me, and anyway, I felt safe sitting here in the back seat of the car, with the radio blasting some nineties rock song, the wind blowing my hair everywhere as the car sped along.
I felt that I could trust these people, odd considering I had never trusted a single person in my entire life.

“Oww….” I sit up slowly, blinking rapidly and wiping the sleep from my bright green eyes, curiously wondering where on earth I was.
The room I was in was badly lit by a single, old light bulb in the centre or the low, cracked in places, paint covered ceiling, a door was on the far left, there were no windows and a few old boxes that were full of old bits and pies were littered over the dirty floor. A chipped white plate and coffee mug was sat on another box beside the old, sagging couch where I lay, the cup filled with steaming hot liquid and the plate full of warm, icky looking food.
“Where am I?”
“What are you on about Rose?” I almost jump out of my skin as the little, curly haired child I had not previously seen speaks, shocking me.
She looks up at me with her big, wide eyes, a large, playful, cheeky grin on her young face.
“W-who are you?” I ask, feeling even more confused than I had been earlier. Where was I? who was this kid? Did I imagine the four men from before?
“Missile, is Toxic done eating yet, cause Jet wants the dishes bringing in so he can-“ a long dark haired man enters the room, a wide grin on his youthful face as he sees that I am sitting up awake.
“Hey Rosie, you not eating that?” he pints with his left hand to the plate of food, smiling apologetically at me, sitting down unexpectedly at the foot of the sofa, which protests loudly.
“Sorry it’s that shitty canned crap again, but-“
“I`m sorry, but…who are you?”
The short, dark haired man frowns, tilting his head to the right slightly, his chocolate eyes narrowed in confusion as he stares at me.
“What do you mean who am I?”
I look down, fiddling with the pink and black bracelet on my wrist that most definitely wasn’t mine, taking it off and examining it more closely, frowning as I become even more confused. I knew this place, I recognised it from somewhere, and I swore I had seen this guys face before, but surly I would have remembered if I had been here or seen them before?
“Rose, what`s wrong?” he asks, looking genuinely concerned and worried about me.
“Where am I? who are you?”
“I-you…what?” he scratches the back of his neck, biting on his bottom lip nervously., muttering “this isn`t good,” over and over again to himself.
“Hey Ghoul what is taking so long?” another man enters the room, he too seems familiar, and yet is still a stranger to me.
“Toxic Rose doesn`t know who we are or where she is.” The dark haired guy I assume is called Ghoul explains to the other, frowning even more, tucking a lock of stray, tangled hair behind his ear.
“T-Toxic Rose?” I question, frowning as my ever growing confusion and fear mounts. “Who are you talking about? My name is Dakota.” The name meant something to me, as did this strange room I was in, as did these people. I knew them, I was certain of it, and yet I wasn`t sure where from, but there was a lingering sense of familiarity to this place.
I hear more footsteps, and two others entered to dimly lit, messy room, most likely having heard the commotion.
“What is up is-“ I gasp loudly, my emerald eyes growing wide with fear, shock and recognition as I see the brightly coloured ray guns that the two new men were holding in their outstretched hands.
But it couldn`t be, it wasn’t possible…they were only stories and drawings, works of fiction. The Fabulous Killjoys only existed in my crazy imagination…didn`t they?
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