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Part Of Being Sane, Is Being A little Bit Crazy (chapter 5)

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They frown, easily as confused as I was. I must sound crazy, but then this whole situation was crazy…

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Dakota`s pov
The four men stare down at me with wide eyes, shock and uncertainty clear on their oddly familiar faces.
“T-this is not happening.” I mutter under my breath, my heart beating so hard inside of my chest I fear that it will break through my ribs. "It can`t be."
“This is not possible!” I scream, throwing my head back and jumping to my converse clad feet, looking around the room frantically for a camera to prove that this was all one big, sick joke. My fear and surprise only increases when I cannot find one.
“Rose what are you doing?” one of them tries to place a pale hand on my shoulder to try and calm me down, but I shove it away, glaring up at him.
“I am NOT Rose, okay!?” I yell, pushing him away from me. “I am Dakota, Dakota fucking Nyx! I don`t know who Rose or Toxic is!”
Standing there, all of them looking shell shocked apart from the curly haired little girl that the dark haired man had called Missile. She was busy happily scribbling away on a scrap of paper, her pointed, pink tongue hanging out as she concentrated, clearly unaffected by this odd, terrifying situation.
“This can`t be happening.” I mumble, taking deep, calming breathes as I try and come up with a rational explanation for all of this weirdness.
Receiving odd, worried looks from all four men, who greatly resembled the four characters from my story, I sit back down and begin to think things through.
“T-this is a dream, right?” I ask. Cliché, I know, but it was the only logical explanation my confused mind was able to come up with. It was either that or accept that this was actually happening and that somehow the Fabulous Killjoys form my book and sketches were real and I had somehow been sucked into their world of danger.
“T-Toxic Rose?” the bright red haired man, who could not be Party Poison, the leader of the Killjoys, says the name uncertainly, familiarity rushing through me which makes me groan out of frustration.
“Where am I?” I demand an answer from them, narrowing my bright green eyes at the four of them.
“Erm, at the diner, ya know where we live…” one of the others who had just entered a few minutes ago with his run raised says in a confused voice, running a calloused hand through his untamed, dark curls.
I take a deep breath and nod my head. At the diner. Of course. In my story the four Fabulous Killjoys lived out in one of the zones, in an old rundown looking diner.
“Rosie, do you…feel alright?” the one with the red ray gun and blondish hair asks a confused frown on his pale face.
“No…this is all wrong, you guys don`t exist, these world is fiction.” I cry, my eyes threatening to spill over with weak, shameful tears, my head feeling as though it was going to explode.
“Erm…What are you talking about, Toxic?” the killjoy that resembles Fun Ghoul, the fictional character asks in a gentle voice, clearly almost as confused by all of this as I was.
“Maybe she is sick, she was perhaps out in the sun too long and that`s why she passed out earlier.” Party Poison says, glancing over at me worriedly, biting on his bottom lip anxiously. Will someone get us a glass of water and a bit of cloth or something?”
He reaches out and places one cool, pale hand on my forehead, gently pushing back the black and red hair that was in his way.
Wait…red and black? “What happened to my hair!?” I scream, pushing him away from me, tugging on the ends of my short, almost spiky hair that had somehow managed to change colour. “It was black and blue, now it is red. What the fuck!” I yell, noticing what I was wearing for the first time.
I was dressed in a pair of dusty red converse that had been scribbled on, nothing unusual there, a pair of bright red skinny jeans, as opposed to my usual black pair and a black t shirt that had a bleeding rose on it. worn over this was a black sleeveless jacket adorned with badges and random patches to cover up holes, tears and marks that were a mix between bullet holes and burn marks.
“What the hell?” I ask, more to myself than to the others. I was not a killjoy; I had never seen these items of clothing in my life before, so how did I come to be wearing them. This was all wrong, this world didn`t really exist, apart from in my twisted imagination.
“Erm, Toxic?”
I shake my head, hair flopping into my eyes. “What is going on here, this world isn`t real.” This comment earns me even more confused, worried glances. “Killjoys are not real, and you guys, your characters in a story, you don`t actually exist.”
They frown, easily as confused as I was. I must sound crazy, but then this whole situation was crazy…
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