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leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition(chapter 6)

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“We`ll figure this out, Tox-Dakota, we will.”

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Dakota`s pov
The four strange men, who I was desperately trying to come up with a logical explanation as to why they resemble the characters in a story, stare at me wide eyed.
The pale skinned, flame haired man, who looked exactly like Party Poison, who was the leader of the Fabulous Killjoys in my story, is the first to speak, in a trying to be calm and rational voice.
“What are you on about Toxic Rose?” he awkwardly scratches the back of his head, looking down at me with wide, confused hazel eyes from behind his brightly coloured mask.
“GRRRRR!!” I yell, so frustrated and frightened, though I would never admit the last part to anyone.
What the fucking hell was going on here?!
This was seriously going way beyond a joke now. I was worried and scared. I just wanted to go home and curl up under my duvet with a nice, steaming hot mug of coffee.
“Rose?” The Jet Star lookalike hesitantly reaches towards me with his calloused, scarred hand. “Do you have any bad pain anywhere? Like in your head?” he asks, concerned, reminding me of a doctor with his kind, professionalism.
I shake my head, my naturally black and magically somehow streaked red hair flicking outwards at the sharp movement. “No, the only pains here are you guys!” I scream, instantly regretting it when all four men`s handsome faces drop. I wasn`t normally a mean person, but I wasn`t used to being around people, and I was just so damn confused and infuriated by this creepy situation.
“I-I`m sorry.” It sounded more like a question than an apology, but they seemed to understand fine.
“Rose…” I narrow my bright green eyes at the blonde haired Kobra kid, who if you looked closely you could just about see the resemblances to Party Poison, his elder brother. “I mean…Dakota?” he asks unsure and I nod, barley lowering my head.
“Dakota is my name, Dakota Nyx.” I inform them in a low, quiet voice, as I feel all of my anger drain slowly out of my slender, pal body, leaving me with only my confusion.
“That’s a nice name.” I frown, and look up at him.
“I don`t mind it, I guess. Nyx means night. I think that because of this I`ve always loved the darkness and the stars.” I have no idea why I am telling these four strangers, five if you counted the little girl, all of this, but if, and only if they really were the Fabulous Killjoys, then I knew that I could trust them. The Killjoys that I had created were on the side of good, simply rebelling against a bleak, depressing and colourless world.
“And what does Dakota mean?” Fun Ghoul asks, leaning forward slightly, intrigued to hear the answer.
“Friend or ally.” My red painted lips curve upwards at the corners slightly, the ghost of a long forgotten smile forming.
The four men grin back at me, shyly at first, then when they see that I was grinning they return it.
I slowly sit back down on the sagging couch and take a small bite from the food that I had been left earlier by Ghoul.
Equally slowly they walk towards me, almost as though they do not want to frighten me and sit down next to me, keeping their distance though.
“Erm…thanks guys.” I tell them awkwardly, gesturing to the food, then feeling a little selfish I hold the battered plate out to them and offer them some.
“Do you really not remember any of this Ros-Dakota?”
I shake my head, my mouth too full to speak. The food was awful looking and it didn`t really taste much better but it was still food and for that I was grateful.
“Earlier you sad something about…about a story?” Party Poison asks, trying to hide his curiosity that I can plainly see on his face.
“I come from a different world to this; i live in a small, unfriendly village where i spend most of the time alone. I turned to writing years ago and recently I starting working on a story about...well about you guys.”
They stare at me open mouthed, unsure how to take this news as I shuffle my feet awkwardly. I still wasn`t one hundred percent sure what to believe, but I felt almost happy, and wanted here for the first time in so long. I was confused by this strange, frightening situation, but maybe, just maybe, I think it may not be such a bad thing after all.
I mean what did I have in my life back home that was so great? Nothing. I had a strained, difficult relationship with my parents, no friends, and I lived in a shitty little flat with nothing but my notebooks and sketchpads for company.
“We`ll figure this out, Tox-Dakota, we will.” Jet Star places one hand on my knee as a friendly, comforting gesture. “I promise you we will.”
I smile up at the dark, curly haired man and open my mouth to reply when I hear a loud, ear splitting shriek…
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