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Happiness is a form of courage(chapter 7)

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Maybe this world wasn`t so bad after all…

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Dakota`s pov
“What the hell?” the pale skinned flame haired leader of the group, Party Poison asks in a hushed voice, his brightly coloured ray gun firmly gripped in his strong hand.
The loud, terrifying scream is still echoing through my double pierced ears, and though the others all had their weapons out and were wuioetly tip toeing out of the doorway, none of them seemed as frighten d or shocked by the noise.
Perhaps…I wonder to myself, it was something that they were used to in their world.
After all the post apocalyptic world of the fabulous killjoys I had created was not a pleasant or a safe and silent one.
“Guns out.” He whispers to the others as the four of them edge out of the untidy room, headed for the main equally messy room that housed tables and chairs, where I supposed they would sit and talk when they were not busy with fighting or whatever else it was the life of a killjoy focused on.
It was then that I realise something, something absolutely dreadful. The pretty young girl who had been here earlier, the one who was smiling widely up at me despite being in this horrid world was no longer sitting in the corner doodling. She was gone.
“G-Guys. Where’s the kid?” I ask them frantically, not sure why I was so worked up over a little child I barley even knew. I didn`t even like children, they often had snotty noses and blood coming out of some new scrape or graze.
They scan the room, and though they try to hide it I can see their fear for the child.
“Dakota, stay here.” Jet orders me, but I have never been too brilliant at doing as I was told, as my adoring mother and father would tell you.
“No.” I say determinedly, and push past the curly haired man, ignoring the death glares I received from everyone.
All five of us race out of the rundown, messy diner, and out into the scorching hot desert, the sun still beating down on the dirty sand mercilessly.
At first am unable to see a ting, the bright orange sun blinding me but when I hear the others sigh with relief I know that it cannot be too bad.
“Kobra!” The girl grins and runs over to the youngest of the two brother killjoys, nearly tripping over her won feet in her haste to give him a hug.
He lifts her off of her tiny little feet and swings her round, the corners of his pale pink lips curving upwards to form a half smile as she giggles with glee.
“Why did you run out here like that Missile.” Jet scolds her, but his eyes were smiling, betraying him.
“You know it is too dangerous to be out on your own, and what was all the screaming about? You had us worried sick!”
“Sorry…” Missile Kid mumbles sheepishly, shuffling her feet awkwardly. “I heard a gunshot and I thought it might have been somebody we knew in trouble.” She explains.
“It was my fault, I do hope you can find it in your black little hearts to forgive me.” the four men gasp as a lightly tanned long wavy haired woman walks towards us slowly, her hands raised above her head like, similar to the way they would when ordered to by a copper.
“Mel…it`s been a while.” She smiles, showing off her slightly crooked, small teeth, a silver Monroe piecing glinting in the bright light back at us. She was dressed in bright pink shorts that had probably once been full length jeans as they were frayed and uneven at the bottoms, over purple fishnet tights. Her shirt was white and covered with red splatters that looked suspiciously like blood. Around her perfectly arched neck was a bright pink pair of headphones, and her music was so loud that I was able to hear it from over a metre away.
“What are you doing here Mel?” Ghoul asks and she shrugs.
“I was in the area, just escaped from a few dracs and decided to drop in and see how you guys were.” I see something behind her back and she giggles, seeing my questioning glance.
“Here.” She chucks me a white mask that reminded me of something a child who was dressing up as a vampire on Halloween would wear. I gulp, recognising it as part of a dracs uniform and drop it, my hand shaking slightly. “I disposed of the rest of it, but I like to keep a souvenir.”
“Would it have been you who was screaming?” Poison asks and the strange girl nods a little shyly.
“Yeah bastard snuck up on me about a half mile back, I only just got away. Fucking zombie freaks.” She spits angrily on the ground and walks over to me and picks up the mask, dusting it off lazily.
“Well we`re glad you`re alright. Gave us quite a fright when we heard the screaming.”

“So your new here, right?” the girl pink and purple loving killjoy Melodic Destroyer, or Mel as she was more commonly called, questions taking a small, reluctant bite out of a disgusting looking bit of food.
I nod shyly, not sure how much tell this stranger. I wasn`t aware that there were more killjoys. Hell I wasn’t even aware of what was going on here.
“Name?” she asks bluntly, surprising me a little.
“Da-Toxic Rose.” I can feel the eyes of all four men fixed on me as I say the name I supposedly was known by in this world. When I say it I feel a warm sudden rush of comfort and familiarity run through me, almost as though I had just met a long lost, forgotten friend. As I lay awake unable to sleep in my old, sagging bed that night, listening to the content snores coming from the others, my mind wanders. I should be terrified. I should probably run away from here as fast as my little legs could carry me. And yet I wasn`t scared, confused yes, but not scared. And I had no intention of running from them.
For the first time I didn’t feel so lonely, I like these people, these killjoys. They were nice to me, they truly cared for me.
Maybe this world wasn`t so bad after all…

Hey there guys, me here. Look I`m kinda loosing confidence with this story and to be honest I have the end planned but not the middle so I am really considering putting it on hold. I don`t really even know if people are even reading this anymore so yeah...I`ll try to update soon if you want but if not..well I`m considering quiting. Sorry about this note. xoxodakota
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