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Me and Gerard had to stand in front of a big white sheet that had all the light shining on it for the photographer work out what lighting suited us best, a good 10 minutes later he started ordering us around, Gerard was obviously used to this but I wasn’t. I had no idea what to do.
He shouted out an instruction like ‘be normal together’ and I just stood and Gerard hugged me, how can you be normal on demand? I was hating every minute of this and then it clicked,
“Gerard kiss me on the head” I said,
“What?” he asked
“That’s normal for me, you do that all the time…”
The photographer agreed with me and thought it’d be cute, Gerard grabbed both my hands and kissed me on the forehead and I instantly smiled and giggled, the photographer loved it. After three or four shots we had to move, now I sort of understood, I decided it’d be a good shot if I jumped on Gerard’s back, I suggested it and the photographer said yes. About 60 shots later we were told we could be interviewed now and un-luckily for me, the interviewer was the photographer. We sat down on a really itchy black sofa and then the interviewer sat a table with his notepad,
“So, you’re Gerard’s new women then?” he asked,
“um..” I mumbled “I guess?”
“So you’re not sure?” he was already twisting my words, I looked to Gerard for guidance,
“Yeah we’re an item” he said,
“Right…and How did you meet?”
“I live next to Frank and my family’s is close with his, and we met through him”
The guy scribbled down something on his note pad, I hated this, but if it meant I got to be with Gee, it was all worth it.
“Oh and how long have you lived near Frank?”
“About…2 and a half months” I smiled,
“So you’ve know Gerard what? A month?”
“Two months actually”
“Oh wow, and how long have you been single Gerard, of course up until now”
“Two months” Gerard answered,
“Not long then…Do you think this could be just a rebound?”
As soon as the words left his mouth I felt like somebody had stabbed in the heart 3 billion times, Gerard replied almost instantly though which cheered me up,
“Well no actually. Emily makes me feel so, alive. We connect, you know. I really like her and I definitely know that she is not a relapse”
I smiled, the interviewer did not,
“I mean…You and Lindsey were together…four years?” Gerard nodded, “ so you can move on like that?”
Gerard sighed, “ I guess I didn’t hold onto it because it was a case of she cheated on me and I’d never go back to somebody who could do that. I believe if you do it once you’ll do it again”
“Oh right…Emily do you think it’s too soon?”
“I think if it’s right for Gerard then whatever”
“who asked who?”
“I asked. I luckily got a yes”
I blushed,
“Did you know he was going to ask?”
“No not at all, I had no idea. Took me by surprise completely but it was perfect”
“Sweet, have you said the ‘L’ word yet?”
“No, I mean it’s only been four days” I say,
“Though I can definitely say that the feelings are developing” Gerard finishes,
“Oh. What about you Emily? Are your feelings developing?”
“Well, I have known Gerard for two years, he just didn’t know me, so I guess mine will develop faster and Gerard understands that”
“So you are a fan?”
“Well yeah”
“Is that going to change now that you are more of a fan to Gerard?”
“No, I would like to think I don’t need to change for him. The first night I saw MCR, which was during the Honda civic tour two nights ago, I was like an ordinary fan, I was in the crowd. I’m no different.”
“I see”
The guy scribbled more notes on his note pad, spoke to Gerard some more and then we were done, and allowed to go. As we got outside I said to Gerard,
“That was hell”
Gerard laughed, “ I don’t like him. I was hoping for the girl but I can’t complain”
“He’s interviewed you before?”
“Yeah he’s one of the main writers for Kerrang!”
I stopped walking, I had just been interviewed by Kerrang! The magazine I had dreamed of one day working at! Gerard turned around and looked at me puzzled,
“I’m going to be in Kerrang!?” I asked,
“Er yeah…Meddy hasn’t told me all the details but it’s going in some sort of feature for the whole band aswell”
Gerard laughed and wrapped his arm around me and we walked to the box room.

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