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Cyanide Sunshine

by DisenchatedDestroya 2 reviews

You can make me smile. You always make me cry. Short poem that I came up with whilst pondering my Killjoy name.

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Cyanide Sunshine

Every up has a down and you’re no different,
Your hot words that make me blush,
Your mouth that turns to the rose’s thorn when your mind’s gone,
Your eyes that make my breathing slow and my pulse rush.
You’re just like cyanide sunshine.

Every smile hides a frown and you’re just the same,
Your sweet jokes that forever make me laugh,
Your heavenly arch turning to Hell’s gate at every chance,
You’ve strayed so far from you and you can’t find the homeward path.
You’re just like cyanide sunshine.

Every high has a low and you’re just like everyone else,
You’re so stunningly careful and understanding,
Your beam of hope that melts into a bullet whenever I’m open,
Your ‘love’ that blots out what you don’t like; the fact we’re flound’ring.
You’re just like cyanide sunshine.

Every love has a hate and we’re all uniform in that,
Your eyes that beseech me to trust and share,
Your jewels of beautiful care that smash into razors too easily,
You enjoy playing and so did I until you stopped playing fair.
You’re just like cyanide sunshine.

Gentle bruise,
Deceptive truth,
Blind views,
Distressing comfort,
Used fuse.

Soothing pain,
Proud shame,
Rising rain,
Joyful sorrow,
Broken chain.

Cyanide sunshine,
I’m yours and you’ll never be mine,
Gloriously and painfully mine,
Forever; my cyanide sunshine.

A/N: Thank you very much for reading; I don't really write a lot of poetry, so I hope that this was okay. Interpret as you wish. Thank you for reading and please review. :)
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