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Daddy And Me


Bandit and Gee finally have thier special trip!!

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Gerard laced up his hi-tops, and stepped out the door, with Bandit rocking a kids MCR shirt,some skinny jeans, and toddler hi-tops. Gerard grabbed his sunglasses, and andit smiled.
"What are we doing today?"
"Chuckie Cheese's?"
They went to the Trans-Am, and drove off. Bandit was laughing as Gerard rambled to himsel ff about Twilight, and Jeff Dunham.
"Hun, we're here."
Bandit got out of the car, and she ran for the ball pit.
"Hunny, be careful! I don't want you getting hurt."
She jumped in the ballpit. Gerard raced into it, suprisingly, no one was there. School was in session for most other kids.
"Daddy! Look!" she climbed up the play place, and went down the slide.
Gerard smiled, "Hey, I think we gotta win some tickets!"
He put a 20 in the coin machine, and coins came out.
Gerard and Bandit played Skeeball for 3 hours, then won 20000 tickets, the prize was a Nintendo DSi XL.
"Daddy! Its PINK!" She squealed.
"Yeah. I never thought 20 bucks would get us this many tickets. You really want it hunny? We dont have any games."
"Its got a camera Daddy! I can take pictures! I got music on it too!"
"Do you want me to stop by Gamestop, and pick up a game for you?"
"Daddy? Can I have Dora the Explorer?"
Bandit held her DSi all the way to the Gamestop. Gerard took her inside.
"Hey, I'm looking for a game for my three year old daughter? You guys got anything for a DSi?"
"We have Dora, Princesses, and if you don't want anything too expensive, the DSi store has a flipbook animation program for free.'
"B, does Dora sound OK?"
Bandit beamed.
When they arrived home, Bandit ran to her Mom and brother.
"Mommy! Mommy! Look! I got a DSi!!"
"Hunny, Rodrick's sleeping."
"You wanna see it?"
Bandit thrusted out her DSi proudly.
"Wow, how'd you get that?"
"Daddy and me won it at Chuckie Cheese's!!"
"Gee? How did you get enough tickets for a DSi?"
"Three hours of skeeball," He rubbed his eyes.
"I'm worreid Gee. You don't look to great."
"I'm just sleepy, night."
He kisse dhis wife and two kids, then ambled off tgo bed.
z*AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bandit is happy! AND SHE GOT A FRICKEN DSI!!
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